Christmas Memories… ~ by Gabby Angel

We all have them, don’t we? Hopefully more good than bad of those Christmas memories. I have shared more than a few in the last couple weeks. The sharing, that is so easy for me…Maybe I over share sometimes? No, couldn’t happen…Wouldn’t somebody have told me by now?!

Autumn and I were talking about the family and Christmas memories. We wondered if any of you kind readers might by chance want to share a small one of your own? It’s a thought, that’s all I am just  throwing  it out there…It will be entirely up to you.

One of my favorite memories I would love to share involves our family and one special tradition. Autumn has one, too…A very short one, of course. Maybe I should have had her write in a form of a poem. 😉 Let’s first share the twinnie’s Christmas memory…This really is a good one, too. Listening to our Dad  tell Christmas stories and most especially “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. We would have the Christmas tree lights on and everybody got comfy. He and Mom would set together on the couch, and Dad would start reading.

At the beginning Autumn and I would set on either side of them. As more sisters came along, we of course spread out! Mom would sometimes pitch in with a line or so sometimes, it was such fun. It’s one of her most favorites and she asked me to tell this one.

Mine is special and kind of short actually…What a surprise I know! Once we got old enough, one of the Christmas memories I really do treasure is a simple one. Autumn and I once we were 13 or 14 years old got to stay up later on Christmas Eve. We would play a board game with Dad and Mom, monoply or scrabble, some kind of board game. We always got to choose and oh my goodness…It made us feel so grown up!

We all ate a few Christmas cookies and had hot cocoa. After the game was over, we would help Dad and Mom by leaving cookie crumbs on a plate for the younger sisters to find! It was nice seeing them the next morning with their eyes all big, saying “Look Santa left crumbs”! It was a heartwarming thing to see those little sisters be so thrilled. Well, there you have it…Autumn’s Christmas memory and one of my favorites, too.

Now, it’s up to all of you…Care to share one of yours? The twinnies would love to hear! 🙂 🙂


Who Loves to Wrap Presents? ~ By Gabby Angel

I know…A strange question, isn’t it? Sometimes, it seems that’s what I’m here for! It’s another weird thing Autumn and I were talking about earlier. We really do have some odd conversations, trust me …This one was fairly normal compared to some! 😉 We twinnies can get carried away with our array of subjects and topics.

Autumn, as well as me kind of enjoy wrapping presents from time to time. But…Big confession, we also have been known to resort to those handy gift bags whenever possible! Autumn gave me this idea for a “blog/survey/let’s share” latest writing, so here we go!

Would you kind readers like to share your thoughts? Let Autumn and I know your thoughts on wrapping presents? Do you have fun and relish the task? Or do you like us resort to those lovely and ever so handy gift bags? You really can quite jazz them up you know! Perhaps some of you pay to have those gifts wrapped? I know, some stores do offer that alternative. I could never do it for a living, it would drive me somewhat crazy…Too much pressure! Never would I judge, either would Autumn…Because everyone has to do it their way after all.

So, if you do opt for the store gift wrapping, I say go for it!  We twinnies have our reason for not taking that route. Why, you ask? Well, because they look so perfect everyone knows you couldn’t have wrapped it yourself! 😉

Come on, let’s do be real they will know…Unless you are like our one sister! Hers look perfect, always…We fondly call her the Martha Stewart clone, too. In a nice way of course…She is undisturbed by it, honestly she is. So, if you would like to share your gift wrapping thoughts…We twinnies would appreciate it. 🙂

Oh yeah, if anyone thinks this was a dumb blog idea…Blame it on Autumn! 😉 🙂

Memories of Christmas Trees… ~by Gabby Angel

Again, I am writing about a Christmas memory. I talked this over with Autumn and we agreed it would be fun for me to write a few more Christmas memories. What is anyone else thinking of the idea? Please do feel free to voice your opinions, you kind readers. We twinnies won’t hold it against you, honest…We firmly believe in speaking the truth. Autumn will still be writing her lovely poetry, so no changes there!

This is a memory of trimming the Christmas tree, a time of during the twinnies younger days. We, as a family always had so much fun trimming or decorating the tree. Our Dad and Mom made a really good time of it, there were a few rules of course.

We all kept them fairly well, too I have to say. This one year in particular is one our Mom had me strolling down Christmas memory lane with. Dad got the tree all set up in the stand, it was a real tree and well over six feet tall. We had Christmas music on the stereo, everyone was singing…Mom was sorting  through the boxes of ornaments with Autumn and I carefully helping. Dad was getting around to checking all the strands of lights…I even remember the song that was playing.

It was “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”…I will always remember that song and connect it with this memory, too! Autumn and I were about 11 years old, that would make the other sisters 71/2, 6, and the baby sister in residence not quite 2 years old. You would have thought she may have been the one who decided to misbehave…Nope. It was the middle sisters L. & T. as they were referred to in a couple other blogs.

Dad had just finished getting all the lights on the tree, those two sisters had been dancing around with their favorite stuffed animal. Dad had already warned them not to get too close to the Christmas tree…Well, L.’s stuffed animal had bumped into T.’s stuffed animal. By mistake? Well, probably not…That is all it took T. gave L. a big old shove, L. shoved back and oops! They had gotten too close to the Christmas tree! So, oh no…The tree started to topple, by some miracle Dad stopped it from falling completely.


He righted the tree, L.and T. were now in their little  rocking chairs way on the other side of the room. They were scared into silence by the way, and warned to stay put…They did. Mom and Dad gave them quite a lecture, but didn’t have the heart to send them to their room. Dad decided to secure the tree to the wall, it was in a corner and I’m not sure how he did it but the tree got safely anchored.

That started a new tradition…Every year the tree got safely anchored, Dad was no fool. Anyway, L. and T. still were not speaking to each other, giving one another dirty looks…But the tree trimming got  pretty much nicely, calmy done. With even a lot of fun and it turned out just beautifully…

What a memory. Ever since this year that the Christmas tree almost toppled, I am reminded when I hear that one Christmas song.Yes indeed, never do I hear “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” without flashing back to that event. I still love the song, it just makes me chuckle a tiny bit. 😉 🙂

The Twinnies and the Angel Tree Topper… ~by Gabby Angel

This is a one of those memories you just have, that somehow never goes away. In sharing this one, I hope someone gets a smile. Autumn and  I sure always had a lot to say…It started young and has never gone away.

Our Dad and Mom, so blessed to start out with us twinnies and have four more darling daughters after us. Very brave, our Dad and Mom! If nothing else we got them geared up to deal with anything. Always full of questions, opinions and what if’s…That was Autumn and I.

This memory concerns the Angel Tree Topper that graced our family’s Christmas tree for years. It was quite lovely, as angels go…Our only problem with it? Well, the angel had blond hair! It was fine, until both Autumn and I at almost  6 years old insisted the angel should have dark hair, like us! Asking all kind of questions…Weren’t there dark haired angels? After all all not everyone was blond and what about the red haired angels…Were there any of those around? Did God only make blond haired angels, if so why…It didn’t seem right!

One good thing for our parents sake, little sister was only a bit under 2 years old. Too young to get her on the bandwagon with us twinnies.So, on our non stop questions went … Our Dad was quite helpful, trying to humor us nosy , relentless twinnies.He came up with what he thought would perhaps stop the questions. Yes, he told us…Angels came with all colors of hair, but our Angel happened to arrive with blond hair. She was a special tree topper angel just for our family…She had her own magic. Wow, she was magic…Autumn and I bought into that for a couple weeks. We twinnies were chatting among ourselves, still wishing the angel had dark brown hair, after all that might bring her a bit more magic to our thinking.

We were just so bugged by the whole hair color thing, I know we were some wacky young twinnies, weren’t we? Dad and Mom overheard that little conversation…Well, what do you think we saw by the time Christmas morning dawned? Yes, you may have guessed… Tree Topper Angel had turned into a brunnette! Now that was some heavy duty magic! Autumn and I danced around in delight, clapping our hands and all smiles. All was right in our little world…It was a happy day.

The things parents do for their kids sometimes is touching, giving  and the the loving  things that make some beautiful memories. Most especially appreciated by this set of twins! 🙂