Thoughts…I Have Many

Yes I certainly do, I will never be accused of not thinking enough that’s for sure. I know everybody has thoughts, I just seem to have an overabundance. Well, how do I know that is a true fact? There’s not some thought- a- meter that can check you out for that kind of thing. You know what I’m saying kind readers, right?

Anyway, my thoughts…One certain one stuck in my mind earlier. I was thinking of daylight savings time starting here in the United States, it’s on March 11th. I was going over all the clocks and watches I have to change so they can “Spring Ahead” an hour. Setting each and every watch and clock ahead an hour. For an ordinary person, it may just take a short while…Not for me I’m afraid.

In the fall when we did the “Fall Back” thing, setting them back an hour I wrote a post about this. Also telling of my many clocks and watches, which over the years spells out I have a lot of both. I won’t get into all that here, but I kept thinking about the chore of doing it all over again. There’s no escaping the chore, but I was thinking that maybe there was a short cut of sorts to doing this time consuming task. I pondered and I wondered about it…Notice I did not say obsessed! 😉 There is no shortcut, there just isn’t!

I was actually considering maybe giving some of the clocks away, I had to banish that thought very quickly! That’s just not going to happen…Many of the clocks have sentimental meaning. The majority of the clocks and watches, too have memories of Dave attached to them. I thought about that and took my stroll down memory lane. My husband left this earth way too soon, evil cancer and I won’t got into it all many of you kind readers already know. Giving clocks away, not an option…Banish that thought forever is right!!

I just thought about it all realisticaly, I would be cheerful and make it a fun happening, Yay! I will do just that. sometimes thinking does pay off, doesn’t it? I am thinking I may just have a small group of family and friends over to make a party out of it all, it’s a nice thought isn’t it? Well, it was until I told Autumn. That Twinnie laughed herself silly for just way too long! 😉 OK, maybe it was a wacky thought and I have a feeling she just may be right, maybe. Autumn pointed out a very kind fact…Did I really want to draw attention to all my clocks and watches to the family and friends again? Is that ever true, they all do tend to worry about the clock/watch collection. Why have them all over to my house? Each and every room looked at with all the clocks, just not the best idea. Hmm…Autumn has a good point, I think I will celebrate the clock setting ritual all by myself. It’s my final thought on the whole matter…I think.   P.S. Was anyone paying attention to each and every time I said thoughts and thinking? *Counting the last 2 and also the one in the title, it was 17…That’s a lot of thoughts and thinking I do believe! 😉 🙂


Did You All Set Your Clocks Back? By Gabby Angel

Here we are again, time to Fall Back! Did you all get your clocks set back? Well, I did and what a fun chore that is…So many clocks to deal with. It is one of my quirky habits, I love clocks and watches…But when the time change occurs? Then, I meander through my house setting them forward or backwards. In this case it was backward, I should have timed myself to  see how long it really took me. It did seem to go on for so long, but it was an adventure of sorts.

I used to have a hard time with remembering…Is it Fall Back or Spring Ahead? Or vice a versa, that little rhyme could be confusing, is anyone with me?  I wrote a post awhile back “Time is a Four Letter Word”, I don’t know how many of you read it. I seriously do love all my many clocks and watches, I still haven’t figured out my “time infatuation”.

By all rights I should be embarassed to admit to owning so many clocks and watches…But I’m not. There’s no shame in being honest, right? Share with the world my odd and no doubt unusual quirks. We all have them after all, don’t we? Please somebody, assure me I am normal! 😉 Well, maybe wrong choice of word…I don’t think I will ever be classified as “normal” by any means.

My twin sister Autumn? Heavens no, she is by far no means “normal” either. That’s OK with us, we both have buttons that state “I Don’t Do Normal”, for real we really do. We found them in some out of the way little shop, laughing ourselves silly and just had to buy them.

I must state here, Autumn my beloved twinnie does not own this amount of clocks or watches. Don’t worry she does have her own quirks though. Maybe better save that for another blog though?

I digess as usual, I was on the subject of setting back our clocks. It means one more hour of sleep on the upside. The downside, it gets dark earlier and winter is truly upon us. Being an optimist, I will go with it being a plus and not a minus. I just have to, being an optimist is good and makes those pessimists wonder why and get bummed out. They can’t  rain on my parade

. So, back to setting my clocks…All done sucessfully. If any of you haven’t rememberd to fix your clocks, time is of the essence! 😉

Time Is A Four Letter Word… ~ Written BY Gabrielle Angel

Time, I seemed to be preoccupied by it. That thought occurred to me the other day when I made the rounds of AA battery replacing in my many clocks. Yes, it is kind of quirky but then so am I. Thankfully, I am not alone…My sweet twin sister Autumn is, too. Quirky can be fun! 🙂 I am not sure when it started exactly, but I kind of started collecting different clocks and watches. For myself as well as other people, wonder what that means?

Something, maybe nothing…I just got to thinking about it when changing the batteries. Four different clocks needed new batteries and I realized I only had two clocks that didn’t take batteries. I also thought about it when talking to Autumn and our Mom earlier today.

Mom was saying how much she loves and wears the angel watch I had gotten for her years ago.She was saying how she just had the battery replaced the other day. That  got me telling the battery changing thing with all my clocks. Then I got on the subject of why did they have to stop making wind up watches? Autumn and I had been given one of those as our first watches as kids. The same with clocks, why do so many of them take batteries? When did the plug in clocks go by the wayside? The alarm clocks still plug in though, don’t they? But whatever happened to the wind up ones?

The truth is I do have quite a few clocks throughout my house. It can be time consuming when changing batteries and also when the daylight saving time changes. It takes me forever to get all those clocks in sync! They are all never really in sync, always a few minutes off they all are. That used to irritate me, it no longer does. My thought was it really didn’t matter, I have other pressing things to concern myself  about. But, I do seem to have a fascination with time. The funniest part of that is I am usually late for things, how embarassing to admit that. Well, I am being honest as always. It was why I picked the title of this blog, a light take on my being on time!  Wouldn’t you think someone with so many clocks and watches would be on time…Think about it. 😉

One of my other memory is Dave and I joking around “about freezing time”. He put a wind up clock we had in the freezer, it cracked us both up and we laughed like crazy over that one. That is until the next day, we discovered the clock in the freezer! We had forgotten to take it out, oh well these things can happen. It was in the very first years of our marriage and we did get sidetracked, I will say no more. I bet nobody who is reading this has ever done such a thing. What are the chances? It says a lot of Dave’s and my sense of humor perhaps.

Back to my clocks, I will admit to having over a couple dozen clocks or maybe more…But some of them are really small. 😉 Like that matters, right? Watches, well about the same amount.

Anyway, time is relevant  and time is of the essence, there’s no time like the present. Just think about how many phrases there are about time, too! Now, that will give you all something to think about for the day! 🙂