International Gourmet Coffee Month is Now!

It’s here, it’s finally here…Yay and Hooray! I love this whole vibe like crazy…An entire month set aside to celebrate COFFEE!! 🙂 🙂  A whole month to enjoy this ever so very popular beverage so many of us adore. Come on kind readers…Who is loving this special month and raising their mugs? I have a good feeling it’s quite a few and think about it…All over the world this is a month known by millions. I do so hope some of you have heard of International Gourmet Coffee Month already…But if not now you do know! 🙂


Just always do remember try to pace yourselves this month and don’t go real wild and crazy please! 😉  We can’t over do and find ourselves literally bouncing off the walls and all…We could end up wide awake for simply days or maybe the whole rest of the month! Think of the friends and family that won’t be smiling over that one, as they try to put up with the over caffeinated selves of what this month will have turned us into. 😉 I for one will be celebrating sensibly as always and of course since it’s technically “Gourmet Coffee” Month I will make sure to enjoy some of the world’s finest.


Anyway, Autumn is now into drinking coffee since we got into making some of our own wonderful iced coffee mixtures this past summer. The Twinnie does limit herself to maybe just a couple of mugs a day…I know she pushes it to maybe three once in a while and that’s all she admits to. I find it best not to quiz her down about it all, but thank goodness that darling man of hers has shared! He is surely a keeper I say…He shares! 🙂 So there you have it kind readers let’s all who love and cherish coffee celebrate in style and with a smile all month-long! 🙂 🙂

It’s National Caffeine Awareness Month

Another interesting thing for the month of March, isn’t it? I was quite impressed with the talk of caffeine. On one hand does it mean we should be aware of what caffeinated beverages we are drinking? Is it telling us to lay off caffeine all together? Heavens no, and let’s do perish that thought entirely is what I say! I love my coffee, lattes, etc. just way too much for such foolishness. Regular tea has almost as much caffeine in it as coffee.

Sorry to report the Twinnie’s much loved chai tea has caffeine in it, too. I can’t say much bad on the chai tea subject, I am really starting to love it more each day. First it started because Autumn so wanted me to try it…Now, it’s really grown on me! I actually do drink a mug or two a day now. Oh  no more caffeine for me! As far as coffee I really do hold it down to 2-3 cups a day most of the time. Oh no, even more caffeine! How much am I up to anyway?!

Caffeinated sodas, they have quite a bit, too and I don’t drink the stuff personally. Please don’t be offended by that statement any kind readers that like it and drink it. Remember we all like different things! I won’t even get into the aspartame thing in the diet sodas, it’s not too good for anybody…But again, not my business to preach. If anyone wants to check it out, it might be a good idea is all will say. Chocolate has some caffeine in it…Sorry, I am not giving up my chocolate either. Common sense tells me the month of National Caffeine Awareness means just that. Just be aware, try to use caffeine wisely I would think. You know, practice moderation! 🙂

Do any of you kind readers drink (or eat) too much caffeine? Please do feel free to share! The only thing in the caffeine category I would be afraid to over do is Red Bull or any of those drinks. That is because of the bad things that can happen to you from abusing it. I have read some bad things on those drinks, again I am not really doing any preaching…Look it up for yourselves please if you disagree. Just keep in mind, my opinions are “my humble opinion only.” 🙂

I honestly think the month of March being National Awareness of Caffeine is a good thing. We can all look at our own use of caffeine and take it from there…Just be aware. Awareness is always a very smart thing I think, how about anybody else? Any of you kind readers have any thoughts on this subject? Sharing is always fun I say! 🙂 🙂