May is Get Caught Reading Month!

May is “Get Caught Reading” month, Yay! I am so embracing this one because I just love, love, love reading! Right now I have 3 books started, they are all different genres and I am going to finish them all. That just may sound rather odd, but it’s another quirky side of me, (I have many) but they all are so needing to be read! Like I said, I will get to them all…. I always do.

This Get Caught Reading Month was launched in 1999, as a nationwide campaign by the AAP (Association of American Publishers). It has now stretched all over the world and that is just so exciting! The program is also now supported by schools, libraries and booksellers. Lots of activities and events are happening and all geared toward the promotion of literacy, Yay! All such good and wonderful things

I must say. Autumn and I I have a very deep love for books because growing up at our house we started reading very early! Dad and Mom, both lovers of the written word encouraged us all to always get caught reading. It was such a blessing, and besides listening to music we all are to this day avid readers. TV was honestly not big at our house although there were a couple TV’s in residence. The stereos and books outnumbered the TV’s I must admit! It all just seemed to pale in comparison to reading and music and that has stuck with me, Autumn is the same of course…Did anyone doubt it?

How many of you are going to be caught reading this month? Come on, we all need to be on board!  I have a good feeling most of you kind readers will be. Just think of all the wonderful blogs we all read everyday from our fellow bloggers… That sure counts, too! The writing and reading go hand in hand of course, Autumn and I both started writing at age thirteen. I was thinking about that, too and I wanted to ask all of you how old were you when you started writing. Anybody who wants to, please do share! Any input is also so greatly appreciated and I sincerely mean that. So, that’s it from me for today and I do hope you all will get caught reading! 🙂 🙂


The Twinnies Take on the Principal~ by Gabby

This is a true story, no matter how obnoxious it sounds…I remember it all too well. When Autumn and I were 5 years old, 4 months shy of our 6th birthday we started first grade. It was a bit early, I know! Here in our area, back when we were this age they didn’t have kindergarten or pre-school. Being a bit advanced for our age, our parents decided to start us in school. It was good in a way, but little did everyone know…We started quite early bucking the system. By all rights, I should be embarrassed to tell this one. Well, I’m not and Autumn agreed with me it was too funny not to share.

OK, we twinnies were excited when we heard about going to school and were all for it. Our Mom and Dad had talked to us all about it, what fun it sounded. Our Mom took us to the first day of our first grade, all was not fine! The principal had talked our Mom into putting us in separate classes, as there was 2 first grade classes. Autumn and I did try and go with the flow, honestly we did. A few minutes after our Mom left we started separately sniffling and tears were flowing. The teachers were busy comforting other students, their mistake.

Neither of our teachers noticed this stunt right away, I am serious. Autumn, the bold twinnie that she is took it upon herself to right this major wrong! Without permission she trotted out of her classroom and into mine, grabbed my hand and off we went! Where you ask? Off to see the principal, of course…Where else! Did we stop and think about being scared for being so gutsy, of course not. We made our way to the principal’s office, not stopping for any teacher who noticed.

The school nurse tried to get us back to our classrooms, too. She had no luck whatsoever! A few of the foolish enough teachers to ask where we were going…Autumn spoke up to them with no fear. That twinnie merely answered, “We are going to see the principal and you can’t stop us!” I know it sounds rude, we weren’t trying to be because we were raised quite well and taught respect. You have to understand, the twinnies were not being separated and that was final. Another answer to a poor teacher from Autumn…”Somebody made a mistake, the principal needs us to talk to him.” Nobody stopped us either, what were they thinking? Maybe that we were harmless and wanted to see the show?

We twinnies reached the principal’s office and got quickly ushered in. Our parents knew this man, our Mom had pointed his office out to us, poor Mom she really wasn’t expecting this to occur, obviously. Mr H. tried to get in the first word…But on we twinnies went with our speech. Telling him how we needed to be in the same classroom. He needed to fix the mistake and we didn’t want to quit first grade but we would if he wasn’t going to listen. Mr. H. called our Mom after calming us down and Yay, we got our way and Mr. H.. had seen our side of the story.

The downside of all this, it was talked about for years to come by the principal, the teachers and the school nurse. Even as adults, they still reminded us…Oh well, it was a small price to pay. Never again did the school try to separate the twinnies! You see, TF <3=Twins Forever had started quite young for us and will remain! 😉 🙂