Happy National Fairy Day

Wow, those cute little fairies have their own special day! 🙂 Yes indeed, those magical fairies that Autumn loves to write about and honor, Yay! The fairies are dancing and twirling and just plain honored at this special day made for them all I hear. Autumn is one happy Twinnie today, she has been smiling and celebrating like crazy…You would have thought she designated the day herself! 😉

For all who just love those fairies, from Tinkerbell to all the fairies in the whole world will embrace this day! 🙂 I know I do and I really love fairies and yes, I do clap because I believe in them…You already know Autumn claps, too! Remember that line in the movie Peter Pan…Clap your hands if you believe in fairies. I hope you are all clapping, clap harder if you can kind readers so we can hear you! 😉 🙂

It’s too much fun, I keep smiling myself just thinking about it, because it’s such a lovely idea. I’m not sure how it all started, who started it and all but did they ever designate one awesome day. The fairies pave the way for everyone to smile, maybe dance and just love all things magical, mystical and mysterious! We have our Fairy Godmother, the garden fairies, the fairies come in all sizes, too! We have the fairies who do this and that, whatever you may need  and guard and protect. I don’t want us to forget the much-needed Tooth Fairy… Flying here and there. She collects all those precious baby teeth that are lovingly placed under pillows, put in trinket boxes and all and money is left behind to make the little boys and girls content at parting with those baby teeth. So many wonderful and happy things all these fairies do! Bestowing amazing things and magical acts…Autumn has told me all about them so I know these things, Yay Autumn! 🙂

Fairies have their own day, they sure do need to be celebrated and we Twinnies are embracing the day and overjoyed. Make a wish, it just may come true today of all days…It doesn’t hurt to give it a whirl! Oh, Autumn reminded me to tell you…Don’t you dare forget to clap because the fairies have to know you certainly do believe! 🙂 🙂


If You Could Make One Wish…

What would it be? One wish that’s all you get, we can’t be greedy! Let’s just say some nice Fairy Godmother wanders in and says she will grant each and everyone of us one wish. Wow, what to wish for and it has to really count, too…Only one wish that’s all we each get. I got this idea for a post while chatting with Autumn about magical things. It only takes one thought and I am off and writing, plus the Twinnie thought it was a fun idea. After all, we do have a lot of happiness, magic and just plain good vibes rolling on our blog here. So, why not a post about wishes?

One or two stipulations…Not anything of evil is allowed, or wanting to do away with anyone. It has to be of the good kind of wish only type of wish kind readers. No wishing for anyoone’s demise or bad fortune…It isn’t going to happen and you will lose your wish for sure. The Fairy Godmother will be very upset, she may even bop you over the head with her magic wand! So, be forewarned and play nice…I hear tell the Fairy Godmother can just get a tiny bit testy.

Rumor has it she does have a temper of sorts, even though she is of the “Good Fairy” variety.  I for one am being very careful because I want my wish to count! I will go first in telling my wish and then we will hear Autumn’s wish. I love this free wish idea, I really am anxious to hear any of you kind reader’s wish…So please do get ready to share! OK, my wish is for as much sadness, despair, fear, loneliness, anger, and that sort of thing to be done away with. Knowing the Fairy Godmother can only do a certain amount with my wish and cover only as many people as she’s permitted…I still want that as my wish! Yay, she is on it and Thank You Fairy Godmother!

Now for Autumn’s wish…She has a simply wonderful one, too! Autumn just wished for all the animals suffering, abuse, unfair treatment, etc. to be ended! I love it and the Fairy Godmother is getting on this immediately, too…Another Yay! Our wishes are from our hearts and the Twinnies had to make the best wish each for sad things and happenings to be brought to a halt. Now, we are waiting to hear about your wishes kind readers…Do share!

Do go with the first thought and wish that comes to mind, if it’s a wish for a million dollars for yourself just wish your hardest! Hmm…I guess you all better be prepared for one thing I forgot to mention. Oops, how did that happen? This particular Fairy Godmother does kind of favor the more unselfish type of wish…So good luck to everyone and wait and see what happens when you make your wish! 🙂 🙂

My Fairy Godmother ~ by Autumn Sunshine

She’s around me all the time

keeping things in line

with magic wand aglow

she has lots of magic to show

all is alright

she flies through the night

watching over all things

so happiness will ring

and she seems to bring

the sparkles and the sun

for she’s just lots of fun

all is safe and sound

when she flies around

lending a helping hand

anytime she can

she’s magic as you can see

watching over me …

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