Fairy Princess all in White …

More hugs and love, Fairy Princess, Bonita Β πŸ™‚ Autumn Maasi

Fairy Princess dressed in white
what a fun filled night

dipping her toes in the stream
it’s not a dream

The butterflies follow in a bunch
they have a silly hunch

Hmmm, the moon smiles, too
they know what the Princess will do

She giggles and twirls
such a silly girl

she flies around
and laughs with glee,
as she lands on the ground

A splish and a splash
and not one crash

She dances through the water, it’s fun!
Then she looks up and sees the twinkles have begun

More magic floats in the air
and weaves through the Princess Fairies hair πŸ™‚

She flies for a bit
the sky is all lit

What a lovely time she had this night
so much magic and just like that
she’s off in her flight
She whispers “goodnight” …


Animal Friends and Magic

For Bonita, with love and smiles ~ Autumn Maasi β™₯

The magic flows

and the animal friends know

their fairy princess sprinkles love

and lots and lots of hugs

A puppy and kitty

they’re just so pretty!

A turtle and a bear

they have more fun to share

they whirl and twirl

and sometimes swirl

a magic dance, it’s true

the fairy princess loves it, too

smiles so sweet

tapping their feet

there’s magic in the land

those four clap their hands!

The Fairy Princess and her Pony

For the best fairy princess ever, this is for my beautiful niece, Β Bonita β™₯ love Autumn Mashee

All dressed in pink

What do you think?

The fairy princess and her pony stand

they are looking all around the land

Where should they go?

Do you know?

magic to spin

and races to win

they ride the best

they’ve passed every test

Magic dances on the breeze

making the little pony sneeze!

How silly is that,

the princess almost lost her hat

off they go for a ride that’s fun

galloping into the sun …

The Fairy Princess

For my niece, Bonita, the best fairy princess ever!! love, Auntie (Masi) Autumn

Bonita is Soma’s daughter, and we all know who Soma is πŸ™‚ that famous writer πŸ™‚

She is magic through and through

she talks to the animals who all knew

that she loves them all

she’s such a doll!

The unicorns come to call

they nuzzle and prance

what a happy dance

She wears her crown

and never a frown

always a smile

all of the while

She is pretty as can be

and a friend to all animals, you see

they love her a lot

without any thought

The mommy unicorn knows

the fairy princess shows

love to all that visit the magic land

where the castle stands …