February is National Wedding Month!

I seriously didn’t know this fact and was rather surprised to hear about this one. February isn’t the warmest of months in our area or a very popular one for those choosing a wedding date. The other surprise was…Dave and I got married on February 5th and we never knew it was National Wedding Month. Well, as some of you kind readers know already that Dave is in Heaven now, losing the battle to evil cancer 9 years ago. So, I can’t actually tell him about this fact in person anyway…But I’ve got a feeling he already knows the news.


Anyway, to be very honest we also didn’t want to get married on Valentine’s Day because seriously everybody aims for that date. Please don’t get me wrong, no offense to all of those who select Valentine’s Day as their wedding day! Dave and me, well we wanted to stand alone and have our wedding date very special and as unique as we were and it was, too. 🙂  Anyway, I was thinking about weddings after reading the fact that its National Wedding Month…Of course inquiring questions kept popping into my head.

Autumn answered one of the questions for me which was thoughtful of her. She said her Darling Man and her will be marrying in one of the warmer months and certainly not on Valentine’s Day or any celebrated holiday. Well, still no date out of the Twinnie and her Darling Man isn’t talking either…They really haven’t set a date yet and that really is the truth of the matter!

How about any of you kind readers thoughts on weddings. It will be fun, chime in with the month you picked to marry. If you haven’t married yet, do you have any particular month in mind? Anybody else marry in this month of February? Do tell please…Sharing is so much fun! 🙂 🙂


National Laugh- Friendly Month is Here! ~ by Gabby

Yes, how really fun and exciting this was to learn. I know, the month of February holds a lot of significant other things as well. Don’t worry, I will get to them, too! 🙂 😉  But for sake of something to make us smile on the first day of the month… I just had to announce it’s National Laugh-Friendly Month. It will make our February much brighter, I just know it! 🙂

Since it’s also leap year we can enjoy 29 whole days of laughing friendly, Yay! I like this idea. But, wait a minute is there such a thing as “not laughing-friendly”? Hmm…The thought just crossed my mind. Well, banish that thought it will be laugh and do laugh very friendly month! 🙂 Maybe I need to talk to those in charge and have them change that. Perhaps just to be more specific?

Anyway, who is with me? I say we have a good 29 days to laugh, have a good time of it while being friendly, too. Maybe make some new friends? Maybe make up with some old ones you may have annoyed? 😉 It  means we can practice being extra friendly and do it with a smile! Maybe a very big smile at that. I do so love that concept…A whole month of nice, happy vibe feelings. 🙂 It could work you know…Spread it around the world! After all, we live in many different parts of the country kind readers, and this could really catch on. Now I am really excited! Who wants to give this a whirl? We can all try, right? 🙂 Who will be joining Autumn and me in our quest…Of course the twinnie is with me! Did you ever doubt it? 😉

Do let us twinnies know, come on kind readers do your part, let’s make a start! 🙂 Again, I must say Yay! National Laugh-Friendly Month is here! 🙂 🙂