We have … ~ by Autumn Sunshine

We have  walked in the sunshine

over and over again

and danced in the rain

picked wild flowers

during a Spring shower

We have done so much, seen a lot

listened to the lessons we were taught

from those so wise and sure

so now we have a love that’s pure

we have laughed in the shadows of  night

wandered hand in hand through the moon light

shared so many lovely sights

We have hiked a mountain so high

heard the wind sigh

and through it all

we’ve never said goodbye

We have made a promise this is true

We have agreed to say…. I do

The best of love ~ Autumn Sunshine

We really have the best of love

the stars above

do shine

yours and mine

So we are here

with so much cheer

another surprise it seems today

flowers for me and kisses coming your way

the wonder that is you and me

is plain to see

Dazzling rays of sunshine and wishes that come true

How did we get so lucky and who

would have ever known?

now time has shown

the seeds of love are sown

“Follow the sun”, the winds whisper aloud

the sages are proud

of a couple so loving and alive

there is magic afoot, just listen

the sun will glisten

and we will smile …

Who would have guessed? ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Who would have guessed

We’d be so blessed

a fortunate quest,

So here we are today

and we both can honestly say

things are going our way

You are the man who holds my heart

I knew it from the start

now we are together, forever

for worse or for better

hand in hand we walk along

right where we belong

Who would have guessed?

We would have such success

Today and tomorrow

Not one bit of sorrow

We have angels watching over us, I know

and maybe some magic also will flow

through the Sunshine and the snow

Love is ours, forever more …

ami tomake khub bhalobashi = I love you very much

Thankful ~ by Autumn Sunshine

I’m thankful for so many things

the stars above, the birds that sing

for loved ones near and far

and a beautiful shooting star

I am thankful for love so sweet and fine

he’s darling and he’s mine…

He makes me laugh and smile

for more than just awhile

I’m so thankful for the flowers that bloom

and also for a shining moon

So many things around me

are lovely and I will be

so grateful to have this life so blessed

for lots and lots, more than could be guessed

I think that we should all begin to say

we have these feelings for more than just one day…

Sunlight ~ by Autumn Sunshine

I really have got to say

if I may

You are the sunlight in my day

My forever man

you make me stand

so happy and content

rays of sunlight sent

all around


us both with safe keeping


through and through

as I always knew

could happen some day

so much joy

we just enjoy

Today that is ours, yours and mine

It’s our time to shine

As we walk along our beach

we reach

for what we love the most

we never boast

for the fortunes can change

and rearrange

We just smile and walk into the sunlight

hand in hand …

In tune ~ By Autumn Sunshine

You and me, we’re so in tune

it’s so real and I feel

the whole deal

is the very best

and has been put to many tests

so no more or less

we begin our walk through time

and this is yours and mine

to share and learn

as the hands of time turn

the future lies ahead at last

the die has been cast

our love holds fast

so strong, so bold

as it once was foretold

long ago and far away;

the wonder of us is here to stay…

We can do anything ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Fairy tales and stars so high

close your eyes and just try

Don’t say you can’t, just twirl

and swirl

and spin


One more time

and say the magic rhyme

it will be just fine

never say never

not ever!

You can do anything you wish

no one can miss

the chance

or the dance

take a stance

You dream it and you can make it happen

It’s the magic that is you…