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A Smile For the Day ~ By Gabby Angel

This happened yesterday and I am still laughing to myself. My neighbor and I met up while I was hanging my Christmas wreath on my door. She was heading for her car, her little granddaughter who is about  6 years old in tow. I can never get over how chatty this little girl is, she just talks so much! Being pretty chatty myself, I can only say Katie, this ever so cute young girl is off to a great start. Not a shy bone in her body, Katie will sometimes share  a bit too much information.

She came over to give me a hug and her greeting to me friendly as always. Her words spilling over each other I need to add. “Hi Gabby and how are you, how’s Autumn, haven’t seen her for awhile,all ready for Christmas, Christmas is my total favorite!” On she went…Your wreath is pretty, I am getting a new baby sister or brother and not sure which, but I want a sister.” I answered all her questions and statements, I think.

While Emma her grandmother chuckled and gave me a smile, saying how excited they were about the expected baby. Also telling me how bad her daughter’s morning sickness was, but hoping it would pass. Katie barged in to the conversation with “morning sickness means the barfing thing, yuck”. Emma and I laughed as Katie kept rolling…”I bet it’s a boy, they can make you sick sometimes”.

On she went about an annoying little boy in her class and how he always was telling her how pretty she was and had even kissed her on the cheek! Gutsy little boys in first grade these days it seems. I don’t recall them being quite so bold in Autumn’s and my young school days!

Anyway, Katie said this funniest thing about how said little boy Jake told her he loved her so much he just couldn’t say…Emma and I were both laughing again on that one. Kind of cute expression, I have to admire that boy he seemed to have quite a way with words. Emma told Katie it was time to get going, that they had to get to the grocery store. OK Katie agreed and gave me a nice hug goodbye, Emma and I exchanged goodbyes and she led Katie to the car.

I was still smiling and chuckling to myself as I went inside my house, little Katie…She is so funny and made my day. Oh, to be a kid again! 🙂

Christmas Cards… ~ by Gabby Angel

Upon checking my mail today, oh my goodness…Quite a few Christmas cards had rolled in! How is this possible? I know we are only about three weeks away from the big day, but I haven’t even started mine yet. Wow, some of my family and friends are quite the early birds or am I running late this year? Hmm…I it could be either way, I’m not sure.
November flew by and here we are on the very first week of December, how did that happen? I do feel somewhat hopelessly behind now, opening that mailbox caused just a tiny bit of panic. Sometimes it doesn’t take much with me! I do feel like I am perhaps slacking maybe a little, or am I?
The variety so far this year just amazed me. All so pretty and cheerful with lots of handwritten notes on most of them, I am blessed I know. Well, the relative who will remain nameless had the usual Family Christmas Letter. It was wild and hectic as ever, making me ponder. How in the world do two adults and two teenagers have time to do all that stuff over just one year’s time? I am not kidding, it was rather exhausting just reading it! All these busy people, already having the Christmas cards sent out…I will start mine later, or tomorrow, maybe.
How many of you kind readers already have your Christmas cards sent out? Is it a bit early do you think? I am wanting reassurance, Autumn is also wondering. The twinnie hasn’t touched her lovely boxes of cards yet either, by the way. We twinnies bought ours at the same time a couple weeks ago.Reassuring each other we would have them done early this year.
Let Autumn and I know…Are your Christmas cards sent out yet or are they patiently sitting in their boxes? No pressure, inquiring twinnies just want to know. 😉 🙂

The Magic of Christmas Lights ~ Gabby Angel

There really is something so magical about Christmas lights, it makes you smile. What am I talking about? Guess it would be good to explain…Here goes.

Last night Autumn and I decided to take a little cruise around our home town, where she lives. As kids we always took rides around town to look at Christams lights, such magic and so awesome.There used to be one street where the whole entire street was decked out, every house coordinated. Lights were strung all over, I have to say that street takes the prize for pure magic. They even changed the street name during the Christmas holidays to Candy Cane Lane, for real they did!

I am only 3 miles away from Autumn and our home town, but we do live in separate towns. I know, go figure? My little town has some nice lights and all…But it really is a very small town. One main road through town and no traffic lights, what does that tell you?

Does anyone remember as kids, even as grownups driving around looking at the Christmas lights? All the houses glowing brightly. Decorations and almost every house all decked out…It is just plain magic! We really did have a wonderful time, it was relaxing and uplifting. It seems more houses were light up this year…Some very unusual and quite lovely. So, we twinnies cruised around just having a good old time of it.

We laughed about the most decked house with millions of lights and also those huge blow up lawn globes. It was just a tad overdone, but everyone does it their way right? What memories does anyone care to share…We twinnies would love to know!

The one bright moment was Autumn and I didn’t have the GPS system on and we didn’t get lost! That’s where everyone needs to laugh…It would be quite pitiful getting lost in our own hometown wouldn’t it? 😉 🙂

Angel ornaments and Dave… ~Gabby Angel

I got out my ornaments today, in hopes of getting my Christmas tree decorated. Doing kind of OK until I opened one box. There they were, the lovely silver angel ornaments my husband Dave had gotten for me. It was in 2001, he died May 30th of 2003.

There are a half dozen beauful angels, very unusal and I loved them upon first sight. He got to enjoy them with me for two Christmases…That’s a happy memory. Big mistake on trying for the tree being decorated today, it’s exactly 8 & 1/2 years to the day I lost him to that evil beast cancer.

I try not to pay attention to the 30th of every month, but I usually fail. That may sound rather strange to some people. It’s just the way I am, I make no apologizes for my feelings about Dave to anyone. Anyway, these angel ornaments…Just looking at them reduced me to tears again. The tears dripped onto the angels making me feel even worse. Such a beautiful and loving gift, I feel guilty because Dave doesn’t want me to be sad. I miss him… he was my husband, soulmate and to be taken so young.

It is more difficult at the holidays…It always is, sadly I never quite get used to that. I ended up putting all my ornaments away, maybe tomorrow I will be able to decorate the tree. Maybe tomorrow…I will feel stronger. Maybe tomorrow I won’t cry. Maybe the angel ornaments will work their magic and I can smile. Some days are just more difficult than others. Anyone reading Autumn’s and my blog, you must realize I am an optimistic person.I strive to somehow reach for the upside, the positive. To find a degree of happiness and joy every single day I am alive.Unless you have felt my loss, which I wish on nobody…I suppose it’s hard to understand.

I will round up my twinnie to help me decorate the tree. Autumn will help me make it more joyful, perhaps we will find things to laugh about. We can hang those angel ornaments up together. She is my twin sister, I am blessed…I never take that for granted, never. She knows how I am feeling and helps me as she has been doing since Dave was diagnosed in 1998. Thank you twinnie, for always being there for me…I love you, TF <3=Twins Forever.

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1. Hmmm, 7 random things about us, well Autumn and Gabby both love cats!

2. We both love music

3. Autumn loves chai tea 🙂

4. Gabby loves coffee

5. We both think being an identical twin is loads of fun 🙂

6.We are both random 😉

7. We love writing, magic, laughing, shopping, etc. 😉

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Don’t You Ever Just Want to Sing it Out Loud?~by Gabby Angel

I sing in the car when driving along to anywhere and everywhere. Of course I have a CD I am singing along with…The looks I get? 😉 OK, I must admit they are mixed, not that any of it matters to me. Because I really and truly aways “Have to Sing it Out Loud!” Growing up with music and having Dad always be singing is no doubt a lot of where this comes from.

Being married to a musician, perhaps strengthened it quite a bit. What brought this thought to mind…The other day when I was on my way to Autumn’s house. My car window was down,  it had turned into a warmer day than I had thought it would be. I was as usual singing along and when stopped at a red light I had some guy sitting on his porch yell question to me. It was “Are you talking to yourself or what?” It made me laugh, but he seemed concerned so I answered. “No, I was singing along to a song and don’t you ever just want to sing it out loud?” He smiled and laughed, said he was a bad singer so no.” But you carry on, you look happy.” Adding a thumbs up with his comment. The light turned to green and I drove on to Autumn’s house. I told her of this happening and we laughed, singing along to us was normal and quite second nature.

We set off to a store in town, both singing to my CD. 🙂 We were shopping around picking up the few things we each needed. When a favorite song of both of ours came on , the store had a lovely radio station tuned in. I started singing along softly without really thinking, honestly. Autumn joined in with me…The next aisle over a kind older gentleman smiled at us. Remarking “It’s nice to see you girls enjoying the music”. His wife had by this time joined him and smiled and said “You girls don’t need to stop singing on our account. You have lovely voices.” Autumn and I exchanged looks, now somewhat feeling embarrassed. We thanked the nice couple again and moved along, last aisle to go!

Another favorite tune came on and I couldn’t help it I started singing Very Softly. Autumn had joined in…It was a song Dave and Craig had sang in their band days and we both really loved it. We again got a comment from a guy who was walking toward us and shopping. “Wow, what a duo you are! Great tune isn’t it? Man, you two have got to be twins…You look familiar!”

Thankfully Autumn answered and turns out he did go to school with us, after all. We had a brief chat with him about school days and music. I had to ask him my question…”Doesn’t the music just ever make you want to sing it out loud?” I am so naive actually how I innocently ask things, but always seeming to never be able to stop myself. After all he could have replied rather unkindly or thought we twinnies really were a bit off the wall. “Yes it does make me want to sing along, but don’t quite have the nerve. My voice isn’t all that good, not like you two have anyway!”

Oh, come on I thought to myself…another person claiming to have a not so good voice? Maybe us twinnies were indeed alone in the wanting to sing it out loud after all. We do march to the beat of our own drummer and always have. We nicely thanked him and chatted a few more minutes…I nudged Autumn hurrying her along with me. Off to the check out line for us. A nice younger girl we know was there, both Autumn and I happy to see her. She was singing along to the song that was now on! A kindred soul, Jess was and we all had a nice little chat while she was ringing up our purchases. Jess is one highly amusing and just one happy 18 year old! She is just a joy to know and always in such a positive frame of mind. She waved us off as we were opening the door to leave, reminding us to “Remember to always sing it out loud!”

It’s nice to find these kindred souls, isn’t it? Autumn and I both will continuing looking for them as we travel through our days. 🙂

There Are Two of You! ~ By Gabby Angel

I was pulling into Autumn’s driveway earlier today. Nothing new, we see each other quite often since we only live a few miles apart. We were heading out for an early dinner and some time together.
 I noticed the little next door neighbor boy in his front yard and I waved. He is a nice little boy about 7 or 8 years old and is always friendly and ready for a chat. His name is Garrett, and he had a friend with him who I had never seen before. Politely as could be Garrett introduced his friend Sam, telling me that Sam was a new school friend. The boys and I chatted for a few minutes, Autumn had must have seen me pull up because she came out of the house. Sam’s eyes got very big, looking back and forth between Autumn and me several times. He finally stammered out “There are two of you!”
Autumn and I both started laughing, we had heard this often throughout our lives. Too many times to count to be quite honest! Garrett piped up and was laughing, He told his friend with a big smile “Cause they’re twins Sam!” That kind of made poor little Sam speechless, he was too busy still looking at the both of us. Autumn feeling sorry for the poor kid, explained we were twin sisters and the whole concept. That seemed to satisfy Sam, who then shared with us all a funny little story.
It seems Sam had an older sister who was fond of telling him he always was imagining things. That made us all smile kindly, the poor child must have a real peach for a big sister. Who would pick on a little brother with such statements? Yeah, I know it happens…But it struck me as rather mean. Autumn and I chatted a little longer with the boys and then bid them goodbye.
Once we were settled in the car and I had pulled out of her driveway we both burst out laughing again. We took a stroll down memory lane of the reaction we have gotten with the “twin thing” over our dinner. It used to be more of a novelty when we were those boys age, being twins I mean. I thought there were more sets of twins, even triplets and mulitples floating around these days.
Well, we do live in a small town so there are a few sets of twins around, but not many. Throughout our school days, we were the only identical twins in existance…We got many looks, questions and some down right heavy duty staring.It seems we still do! Anyway, it really is fun and very much a blessing for us to be twins and always have our best buddy never too far away. We will always probably attract attention of some nature, but for Autumn’s and my sake I hope it is in a good way!
How many of you readers know twins, are twins or have any twin tidbits to share? Autumn and I would love to hear them, we really would! 🙂

Dad’s HomeMade Ice Cream~ BY Gabby Angel

I was having a scoop of my favorite ice cream tonight, it was good. I do love ice cream and do indulgence from time to time. But, what I was remembering was Dad’s homemade ice cream. Oh my, no brand has ever come close to how good Dad’s was.He started making this delicious ice cream when Autumn and I were so young. We kind of grew up with this, so all other brands did kind of pale in comparison.
Of course we had store bought ice cream, too. Dad just couldn’t be making it all the time! Dad really did have a magic touch with home made ice cream though, he experimented with so many different flavors. They were all outstanding, I remember one time in early fall he made pumpkin. That was one of my favorites, I still search for a pumpkin flavored that comes close, I have again found one that comes close!
Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, yes Dad made those. Sticking with the basics at first, but he was quickly branching out since everyone had an idea of what might be tasty. Back in the early days, it was so much fun taking turns cranking the handle on the ice cream maker. It was kind of an adventure all by itself, or maybe it was just Dad making it exciting and an adventure somehow! I was thinking of how it was just Autumn and I when we started, then all the little sisters came along to share in the fun.
Dad along with Mom really did come up with such awesome happenings when I really think about it. We were all quite blessed having them as parents, I do need to say. One of Autumn’s and my favorites was chocolate malt, it still is actually. We did find one brand in our area that is pretty good! What an excuse for taste testing ice cream, trying to find one as good as Dad’s homemade! Mom had a couple flavors she remembers fondly, chocolate mint was one and a peach one. Of course you can buy these two flavors, but I swear Dad’s were still the best!
 We were talking about this and it is funny when we reflect on the many different flavors  Dad made. We used to tease him from time to time that he should market his ice cream, obviously he never did. That would have been a pretty cool family business though, wouldn’t it?
So many childhood things were so special at our house, I am sure any of you reading this can remember your own, I sure do hope so. As I always seem to be saying, aren’t family memories so nice and comforting, too? But they are, they are some of  the best times of our lives. For Autumn, my sisters and I anyway. I hope the same goes for all of you reading this one, too.
Hopefully this all made you smile and perhaps sent you racing to your freezers or favorite ice cream store as well. Let me know please! 😉 🙂

The Twins Love Camping by Gabby Angel

This business of camping, we were born into a family with Mom and Dad both loving the outdoors and the mountains. Our first camping trip would have been maybe at 5 months old! Obviously neither Autumn or I would have memories of that. We were so blessed to have a family owned cabin in the mountains, it was so beautiful set in a breath taking setting.

All our lives both Autumn and I have always been most serene, calm and completely at peace in those mind blowing mountains. It’s where you find yourself able to think, meditate and at times find answers to problems. Anway, the trip in particular I am going to tell you about the twinnies are about 8 years old. This trip was set for the whole entire weekend, it was going to be so much fun. It was going to be Mom, Dad and the twins along with 2 little sisters.

Dad was taking off early Friday and we took off about noon with Autumn and I dancing about with excitment. We helped Mom pack the car and ready to roll when Dad got home we were! Off we went with and within one half hour we saw the cabin in sight, yay we were here! Autumn and I helped put clothes, food and things away because we loved to help. 🙂 We would first have a little picnic because everything tastes much better outdoors.

Dad got to grilling and Mom got salads and things ready, happily eating because after that a hike to the little creek just a short walk away. Which was best because each parent had ahold of a little sisters hand, but keeping their eyes on Autumn and I. Stopping to pick some wildflowers, those little sisters picked more stems and grass blades than flowers.  We thought we had taught them better than that! On to the creek where we happily played in the water, skipped some stones with Dad and just had a good old time. Autumn who had gotten a little too spunky took a tumble in the creek, I followed trying to grab hold of her. It wasn’t deep but we carried on because we had scared our little selves. Dad hauled us out of the creek and as it was a nice sunny warm day our shorts and tops dried quickly. Small lecture for us again, even though we knew about water safety an how this was not a planned swimming aventure. Autumn and I nodded our heads solemnly and were back to the edge of the creek with Dad trying to catch minnows.

Never, ever a dull moment with the two of us and how embarassing the little sisters were being good. Soon we headed back to the cabin and played some outside collecting little stones because we found them fascinating for some odd reason. We entertained ourselves while Dad snoozed in the hammock and Mom lounged on a blanket with the little sisters. Before we knew it time for supper and after that time for bed. Mom and Dad got some alone time to chill out and relax on the enclosed porch. All of a sudden a big racket, what was happening? Autumn and I woke up, the little sisters woke up and Mom came in to settle us all down. It was a pair of racoons that had showed up, tipping over the garbage can and whatever other mischief they could find! They are very curious creatures after all and we had been told that often. Dad scared them away and took the garbage can and locked in the shed. Sadly for Autumn and I we had missed them and were sure they just might return the next night. We all fell asleep soon after the racoon adventure, with another fun day to look forward to!

Dad went off fishing downstream and we all played in the water, this time we didn’t miss the next animal excitement. Way down close to where Dad was, we saw a big old bear running away as fast as it could over the bank heading away from Dad! It shook us all up a bit, but Mom and Dad herded us off back to the cabin, not quite sure what the bear was up to. How cool in a strange way to see a bear and thankfully running way, not towards us. Something that sticks with me to this day, happy we saw it but glad it didn’t come close to check us out!

The rest of the weeked uneventful with the animal scene, but fun and before we knew it we were packing up to come home! Another camping trip over , but many followed this one and no, we never did see another bear!