Garden Angels

The garden angels big and small

watch over the growing, from Spring until fall

the magic weaves

and such healthy leaves

they make sure the veggies are so yummy

for everyone to have a happy tummy

they watch the tomatoes turn a beautiful red

and tuck the new growing carrots into their bed

chasing the weeds that dare to grow

those things ruin the growing as we all know

so each day and night

in the dusk and the light

the angels fly and check each one

this year, growing season has just begun …


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Magic Garden ~ by Autumn Sunshine

A magic garden, it’s true

a place to relax and renew

the flowers in all shades of blue

the trees, a pond

of which everyone is fond

the swans have made a bond

where the flowers bloom

there is a special tune

one can hear anything  it seems

it’s just the magic, that’s what it means

like a walking, waking  dream

Peace and love and all special things

that’s what this magic garden brings

birds that sing

and fairy rings

come visit and you’ll see

that all that dwells within is free

come join in the fun

and dance beneath the sun …