Some Hello Kitty Magic… ~ by Gabby

Hello Kitty is doing so well these days. She is very busy, happy and spreading the magic all around. With a wave of her wand she is just having a good time of making magic and bringing smiles. Who would have guessed, right?  Isn’t that just wonderful news about Kitty? I knew she was special, but now to come to realize she is  also being a part-time good fairy of sorts! Yay Kitty, you are the sweetest and doing such good deeds, too. Fixing hearts that are broken and mending frowns turning them into smiles wherever she goes. I hear tell she loves turning the frowns right upside down, left and right. She loves spreading happiness around! Kitty can make just everyone laugh out loud with a touch of that magic wand! 🙂 What a busy girl that Kitty is. Such a good news update,  isn’t it?Autumn and I were just a bit troubled about the last rumor of perhaps too much indulgence of the pink beer. Well, if there was trouble there, it has disappeared, Yay!

Mimi is being the supportive twin sister and has only stepped in here and there to lend Kitty a hand. She has had to, Kitty was exhausted with those long hours of magic!! She had traveled all over the globe, each and every country was visited, nobody and I do mean nobody was missed! That is a lot of traveling…Even with the help of a magic wand!

Shh…Because that is very top secret, so let’s  don’t spread it around! Mimi only stepped in as any good twin sister would, happily changing which side her bow was on. It was easier when she got to put on that nice little crown of stars though. What a trooper to be so very unselfish, don’t you all think? Both Kitty and Mimi are just so special to many of us. We just happened to know the top secret info from a friend of the family who told us twinnies that tidbit of news. It really is nice to have an inside source every now and then sharing the happy things about Kitty and Mimi. Better than last report, which we won’t speak of. All we will do is share this picture of Kitty waving her magic wand and thankfully her little wings weren’t the slightest bit crooked. She has a very good fashion assistant I heard, which is a good deal. We all could do with one of those, couldn’t we? Anyway, there you have it..The latest on Hello Kitty and her lovely twin sister Mimi! All happy and It’s all good…May it continue on that way, too! 🙂 🙂


A Hello Kitty Rumor… by Gabby

It’s what I heard…So we will call it a rumor. There is no concrete proof to back up this latest on Hello Kitty, it’s really just heresay. I’m just hoping like crazy it isn’t true, that’s all I can say! In talking this over with Autumn, she feels the same way. OK, I will spill the news but just please remember…It’s just between us! 😉

Well, ever since Beck’s Beer started this Hello Kitty Pink Beer…I hear tell Kitty’s been sampling too much of the said pink beer. She is of age after all, she is 37 years old. You would never know, she still has such a youthful look about her, doesn’t she? Or is this Mimi we’ve been seeing? I have to ask, they are twins and identical at that! Poor Mimi, what does Kitty’s twin really think of all this? I have a feeling she isn’t too pleased, Mimi doesn’t even like beer! I know, what was Beck’s ever thinking? It really does put a little bit of a damper on Hello Kitty’s wholesome image. Not to mention the beer mugs, coasters and beer magnets bearing Kitty’s image! Then, hearing of a red beer Hello Kitty necklace?

Oh, Hello Kitty…Tell us this all just an ugly rumor! If indeed Kitty has been overdoing it with the pink beer…Well, we all need to support her. Encourage Kitty to put down that evil bottle once and for all, who is  with me? 🙂 Mimi of course probably has been hard at work seeing to this already, that’s what a twin should do! I have a feeling Mimi has been standing in for Kitty on more than one public occasion. She is no doubt ready for twin sister Kitty to shun those green bottles filled with pink beer! I hope it hasn’t gotten to the point…Dare I say it? Is Hello Kitty in rehab. by now? It will remain all just rumors…I fear it’s all up to Mimi. So far she isn’t talking, she may have this situation handled! She is the level headed one after all, for all we know…Hello Kitty has straightened up her act already, right? I will say, let’s just give Kitty the benefit of doubt until we hear more… Pink beer just cannot get the best of Hello Kitty! Not as long as she has her twin Mimi anyway…That’s my last thought on this ugly rumor! 😉 🙂

Hello Kitty’s Secrets ~ by Gabby Angel

I am just playing devil’s advocate, this post is just for fun! These are my own ponderings, my somewhat wacky thoughts…In no way am I bashing Hello Kitty! 🙂 Actually I just simply love her, what girl of any age doesn’t? If any of you kind readers remember, I wrote about Hello Kitty on November 21, 2011. This is just kind of more follow up wonderings and also ponderings of that post, just for fun. 🙂 Something to think about is all.

I was surprised in writing about Hello Kitty being a twin, that so many people didn’t know  she was a twin! Mimi would take much offense…If she only knew, that is. Wonder if she gets told such things…Wonder if Kitty and Mimi are close buddies? You know, like Autumn and I are….That’s what the twinship is all about after all. You always have a best friend in each other, you know you are not alone!

Anyway…The question bothering me is this one. Just where would Hello Kitty be without Mimi? I am sure she is her biggest and best supporter. It bothers me so much sometimes…Maybe I should start a protest! 😉 Let the world know everything about Mimi! Let Kitty stand proudly beside her twin sister Mimi and be photographed! Wonder if I am the only one troubled or bothered? Well, besides Autumn,  that is. The twinnie agreed with me when I had a chat with her about this Hello Kitty and semi hidden twin sister Mimi business.

My other thought is that Mimi just might stand in many a time for Kitty? How would the world know, even the biggest Hello Kitty fans? Come on, we all know they are identical! All Mimi would have to do is change which side her bow is on! Perhaps this is why Mimi stays in the background…It is a big secret and she steps in for Kitty more times than the world knows! I just want to say directly to Kitty of course… come on Kitty get real, get honest and share with us!

That’s all, what do all of you kind readers think…Who wants Hello Kitty to bring Mimi out of seclusion? Who wants it to be” Hello Kitty and Hello Mimi” ? Wonder if it’s pushing my luck to have Kitty and Mimi sign notes to each other TF <3=Twins Forever? P.S. Autumn and I do for real, I am being serious on that one! 🙂 🙂

Hello Kitty…Who Knew She has a Twin?~ By Gabby Angel

She is an icon, Hello Kitty. Loved by girls of all ages, and still going strong at 37 years old! Her birthday was November 1st, she looks pretty good for 37 I do need to say. The question is… Who knew Hello Kitty has a twin sister Mimi? I am sure the die hard Hello Kitty fans do know this fact of course. Isn’t that quite interesting to know? But, why is Kitty getting most of the spotlight?

Well, rumor has it  Hello Kitty is much more outgoing, where Mimi is shy…Likely story! 😉 Anyway they really are twins, Kitty always wears her bow of choice on her left ear. Mimi on her right ear, so everyone can tell them apart.  Does that mean they could switch which side their bow is and nobody would ever know? Twins have been known to resort to such things, I hear. 😉 Mimi could be stepping in when poor Kitty gets tired or needs her privacy!

Of course I am intrigued that Hello Kitty has this twin sister, who is rarely heard about. In my humble opinion only they should have introduced these twin sisters from the get-go! Of course because I am a twin, I would have to toss that in. Regardless, Hello Kitty has quite the huge cult following. One of my favorite things about her is, she doesn’t need a mouth…She speaks from the heart! That is so sweet, some people could take a lesson from Hello Kitty…Something to ponder.

The products Hello Kitty’s image is on just boggles the mind.Jewelry, make up, clothes, tattoos, games, dolls, wallpaper…The list goes on and on! I did almost forget, Hello Kitty’s most unusual new product…It’s pink beer, marketed by Becks’s beer. That one did take me a bit by surprise, I know she is 37 years old and all…But still, beer? I don’t drink, but I am and will always be a fan of Hello Kitty. Autumn of course is also a fan, she is the one who broke the news to me…Hello Kitty is now on a beer bottle label!

I still wish Mimi would be more present, who is with me on this one? My twin sister Autumn will be I am quite sure…We are of the thought that twins are fun and need celebrated! Long may Hello Kitty (and Mimi) be with us.