Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Yes indeed, St. Patrick’s Day is here and who will be celebrating? What will you be up to? I just have to ask…Did any of you doubt it? I have a curious and inquisitive mind, so does Autumn…So, I am not alone!  There are so many things going on with this holiday it seems. Parades, Festivals, Parties and  Shamrocks are all over the place! We have the tradition of wearing green, if we so choose to do. I am wearing green, but it’s my favorite color luckily…I am not lacking in green in all shades of clothing. How about you kind readers, who is wearing green today? Autumn is on it, she has a very pretty green top on today, too.
Irish foods will also be eaten…Lots of Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish soda bread, Irish stew, Irish Coffee and most anything green I hear tell. Another fun thing…Leprechauns, very magicial indeed!  Keep your eyes open, you might catch a glimpse of one or two! Let’s see we also have drinking of the green beer, since the Twinnies don’t drink any type of alcohol that leaves us out. Thoughts on green beer, it’s entirely up to the beer drinker…to each his or her own I say. If you don’t find it repulsive drinking a tinted green beer, have fun but do drink sensibly and have a designated driver and do be safe! I had to say it, I can’t help myself on that one.
Autumn and I aren’t do anything out of the ordinary or special. But we do wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In celebration of the day I will leave you with  two very nice Irish Blessings. “May God grant you always…A Sunbeam to warm you, A Moonbeam to charm you, A sheltering Angel, so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you, Faithful friends near you, and whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.” The other one is just as nice…”May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be ever at your back. May the Sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand.”   🙂 🙂

Valentine’s Day ~ by Gabby

It’s here, February 14th has arrived! It does that every single year and Valentine’s Day is here once again. How is everyone celebrating? Any plans or thoughts on the day? It is a day to celebrate love, so of course the Twinnie is on board with this one. Autumn is just glowing everyday with the love and she doesn’t need a special day. How do I feel on this day? As some of you kind readers already know…My husband Dave is in Heaven. Well, I am of course missing him as always but I do celebrate the day. Dave wouldn’t want me to spend the day being sad. I had a good many Valentine’s Days that are very cherished memories we spent together.

I won’t be sad, after all I do have two very special Valentines! Who are they? My two youngest and very special nephews, they make sure to give me a valentine and a special drawing and sometimes other little surprises. How sweet is that I ask? 🙂

When Autumn and I were young, but old enough to understand Valentines Day we learned how it was done! Our Dad gave us Valentine cards along with a little heart-shaped box filled with chocolates or some other little treat, right along with our Mom. 🙂 That is such a treasured memory, it started with Dad giving us twinnies the special Valentine gifts. It continued with each new sister that came along, too. Six sisters and Mom, Dad was handing out lots of special Valentines through the years!

Well, didn’t we all get a head start on what to expect from the boyfriends and husbands to come? Yes, we sure did and if they were slackers woe on to them! The either got a good talking to or…Yes, Autumn once dumped a boyfriend over the Valentine’s Day neglect. That Twinnie sure didn’t fool around…Thankfully she won’t have to worry this year with such things. Her darling man is quite the romantic and also a very nice guy, he asked me for hints over a month ago concerning special gift choices for her. 🙂 I know, Wow he is a keeper for the Twinnie! In case he didn’t give her the special gift, I just better keep his gift choice to myself. Maybe she will share with us though! 🙂

Well, how about you kind readers? Anyone care to share their plans or perhaps some thoughts? Sharing is always fun I say! Aso we twinnies are wishing all of you a very special and Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂 🙂


Here we are…It’s Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas Day. Autumn and I would like to take this time to say Merry Christmas to all of you! We hope you have a beautiful day filled with smiles, magic and also the making of wonderful memories. May everyone be blessed, happy and well. Whatever way you celebrate, may it just be a beautiful day. The twinnies need to thank all of you who have been so kind to us. Reading our work, being so supportive with comments, Likes, feedback, friendship and also the surprise awards! It all means more to us than we can ever say. Hugs to all of you…You all have been one of the best gifts we could ask for!! 🙂 🙂 ~  Autumn and Gabby ~

Wishes on a Turkey Wishbone… By Gabby Angel

I was thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving day, it made me recall some funny times. I was actually laughing about some of the amusing wishes made on those turkey wishbones.

Autumn and I being the oldest and being twins, we started out with the wishes made. We never really had an argument over the wishbone. Over who won by getting the largest piece when pulled and got to make their wish, we kind of took it all in stride. Well, because secretly we had more belief in wishes made on birthday candles! We were kind of strange that way, I remember having that discussion as young twinnies.

We might make a wish on a turkey wishbone, but didn’t put much stock in those wishes. On to the next sisters, they were 4 and 51/2 years younger than Autumn and I. Those two sisters used to clash over many things…Maybe it started with the wishbone tradition. Who knows? Happily they get along very well now that they’re grown up We will call them L (the older one) and T (the younger one).I must not give out their names, since they wouldn’t appreciate this tale being told.

This one year it was their turn to pull the turkey wishone, and it really did get kind of ugly pretty fast. Those two middle sisters took their wishes quite seriously, the poor delusional girls. Anyway, the youngest sister T won and sister L  just lost it. Stomping and throwing a fit,  sister L who lost carried on about the whole deal…She was not a happy camper. Must have had a heavy-duty wish in mind?

All that sticks in my mind, was the huffing to the door and tossing her wishbone piece. For real, sister L did that! Then she proceeded to tell T that her wish would not come true, because said wishbone was gone. Well, thankfully Dad and Mom got them settled down. They were now just down to muttering a few nasty things between each other. I am ashamed to say Autumn and I were just laughing ourselves quite silly over the whole deal. We really couldn’t help it, you maybe had to be there to appreciate the humor. To us twinnies, how ridiculous causing such an uproar over a silly wishbone.

The next two sisters that came along didn’t ever get all upset over the silly wishbone tradition. Well, maybe because Autumn and I had those two girls hip to the fact that birthday candle wishes were more important. What a funny memory that one Thanksgiving is.

I have to remember to tell Autumn no teasing the two middle sisters this year, they both still get a bit touchy over this story! 😉

The Sweetest Day~BY Gabby Angel

What is it? Has anyone ever heard about this day? The Sweetest Day is a holiday of sorts, really it is. Of course this holiday will be already familiar to some of you reading this. I personally just simply love this…Another day to celebrate our loved ones! 🙂

This day is well known to all of you living in Ohio, because it all started in Cleveland. Now being celebrated in the Great Lakes region and other parts of Northeast US. Maybe in other parts of the US by now, too. Because everyone has got to love the idea of this sort of holiday. At least I surely do hope so! Who is it for? Everyone, that’s who!

That is the nicest part of all. It could be husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, girlfriend and boyfriends, realtives, friends of any and all kind. Also it could be used to acknowledge those who have been a wonderful help, those who kindness has been much appreciated.

There are so many people who lovingly are always such a help to others, remember them on The Sweetest Day. 🙂 What do you give someone on The Sweetest Day? Why, sweets of course…Chocolates and candies and maybe flowers, too. How about a nice Fruit Basket,  those are always warmly welcomed. How about cookies or cupcakes?

They have cards for this day, too by the way. Write that special someone a poem! The gift ideas are endless and it doesn’t have to be big, showy or cost a lot of money either. Keeping it simple is best sometimes. I really must embrace this idea of The Sweetest Day, I do love to honor those who are special to me!

It will be celebrated this year on October the 15th, it varies each year so you need to check. The Sweetest Day is always on the third Saturday in October. I hear tell it’s becoming more popular and gaining ground and that more people are choosing to clebrate this day. Wow, kind of a mini-Valentine’s Day of sorts.

It really will cheer up anyone’s fall/autumn day, just think of it. Sometimes the let down of summer ending, and the fall/autumn days are depressing to some people. OK, well maybe lots of people when you think about it.

Anyway, it’s a lovely thought and a lovely holiday. Who will be celebrating? Care to share your plans, thoughts and opinions anyone? Oh, and before I do forget… Have a Happy Sweetest Day everyone! 🙂

Pumpkin Patches~Written by Gabby Angel

Pretty Pumpkins

This time of year my thoughts turn to all the good memories of those younger years during this fall season.  All the exciting things that we used to do as kids, those wonderful memories. When young, we looked forward to leaves falling and jumping into the piles.  Helping 😉  Dad rake them up after all the fun was over. Autumn and I always did love to help, our Dad was patient.

We loved the approach of this time of year, it also meant cider, getting pumpkins and also plenty of apples! Autumn and I simply loved cider, especially while eating popcorn. We twinnies always did have some unusal tastes.

The Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch, was so exciting…We got to walk around the pumpkin patch and pick our very own! We used some for decoration and some to carve as Jack O Lanterns. Every holiday at our house was special.

We were so big on decorating and making our house as festive as could be. The pumpkin patch, that was just plain magicial to us! It just made Autumn and I more than ready for the outing and the sooner the better.

This one particular day in early fall our parents took us to do our “pumpkin shopping”, we were close to 7 years old at this particular time.

Youngest little sister was only 21/2 years old and she was coming along, too. Well, Autumn and I knew Mom and Dad would keep a good eye so she wouldn’t cause trouble. 😉

Baby Pumpkins

We arrived at the Pumpkin Patch and off we went, walking around and looking for the best pumpkins we could find. So many pumpkins, big small and in between sizes, how would we decide? We picked out some bigger ones, we did a fine job. We were all smiles as Mom assured us we made some darn good choices. Dad carried them to put aside and paid for after Autumn and I decided on the few little “baby pumpkins” as we liked to call them. Autumn and I had very particular thoughts and ideas. We got so giddy just looking at all those baby pumpkin choices, we got a little too silly for own good.

Don’t dance with Pumpkins

We each had picked up a smaller one, and started doing a little dance. Never dance with pumpkins, I am telling you all for your own good. A few minutes later, we bumped into to each other and down we toppled. Those poor little two pumpkins went flying, and splat. Autumn and I looked at each other, we started laughing like crazy.

I know, not the reaction everyone would have, but please remember we were quite young. 😉 Wrong thing to do, Dad was at our sides in record time and not with a smile on his face either. He got us under control and the giggles stopped in short order. He quickly picked out a couple baby pumpkins, not letting us choose and told us we were homeword bound.

Well Autumn and I were sad, so much sniffling and many tears later we were all back in the station wagon and back home before we knew it.. Quite the lecture we twinnies got, it happened a lot and we should have been used to it. We really had been quite the embarassment for Mom and Dad, also a bad example to our little sister. Autumn and I basically were good little twinnies, most of the time anyway. 😉