There Are Two of You! ~ By Gabby Angel

I was pulling into Autumn’s driveway earlier today. Nothing new, we see each other quite often since we only live a few miles apart. We were heading out for an early dinner and some time together.
 I noticed the little next door neighbor boy in his front yard and I waved. He is a nice little boy about 7 or 8 years old and is always friendly and ready for a chat. His name is Garrett, and he had a friend with him who I had never seen before. Politely as could be Garrett introduced his friend Sam, telling me that Sam was a new school friend. The boys and I chatted for a few minutes, Autumn had must have seen me pull up because she came out of the house. Sam’s eyes got very big, looking back and forth between Autumn and me several times. He finally stammered out “There are two of you!”
Autumn and I both started laughing, we had heard this often throughout our lives. Too many times to count to be quite honest! Garrett piped up and was laughing, He told his friend with a big smile “Cause they’re twins Sam!” That kind of made poor little Sam speechless, he was too busy still looking at the both of us. Autumn feeling sorry for the poor kid, explained we were twin sisters and the whole concept. That seemed to satisfy Sam, who then shared with us all a funny little story.
It seems Sam had an older sister who was fond of telling him he always was imagining things. That made us all smile kindly, the poor child must have a real peach for a big sister. Who would pick on a little brother with such statements? Yeah, I know it happens…But it struck me as rather mean. Autumn and I chatted a little longer with the boys and then bid them goodbye.
Once we were settled in the car and I had pulled out of her driveway we both burst out laughing again. We took a stroll down memory lane of the reaction we have gotten with the “twin thing” over our dinner. It used to be more of a novelty when we were those boys age, being twins I mean. I thought there were more sets of twins, even triplets and mulitples floating around these days.
Well, we do live in a small town so there are a few sets of twins around, but not many. Throughout our school days, we were the only identical twins in existance…We got many looks, questions and some down right heavy duty staring.It seems we still do! Anyway, it really is fun and very much a blessing for us to be twins and always have our best buddy never too far away. We will always probably attract attention of some nature, but for Autumn’s and my sake I hope it is in a good way!
How many of you readers know twins, are twins or have any twin tidbits to share? Autumn and I would love to hear them, we really would! 🙂

The Twins Run Away From Home~ By Gabby Angel

The twins at 5 years old took a bold and gutsy move. We ran away from home!Thinking of this still makes me laugh at our silly selves…We up and ran away clear down the block to our Nana’s house. Yes, I know but when you are 5 years old and pouting at your parents you just throw caution to the wind! 😉 Why were we pouting? Well, if you are following my twin memories…You will remember Autumn and I got a new baby sister just the year before. We loved her, thought she was cute and all..But she took up a lot of Mom’s time.

OK, I admit we were good and huffy, just stomping our feet (literally) mad at Mom and needing attention! How embarassing to think of it now, we had Dad but he was at work this fine early summer day. Autumn and I just got it into our heads we would just take ourselves on our own little jaunt. Right straight to our beloved Nana. This gets dramatic, we packed our smallest little girl suitcases with an odd assortment of clothes and of course our favorite treasures. Mom was of course listening in andhearing our every complaint. “Mom will miss us when we’re gone”, “We won’t come back until we are good and ready” Ha, we’ll show her”. On it went with each complaint accompanied with a stomp, I have to state here that stomping was not encouraged at our house either!

Autumn and I gathered our belongings, dramatically making our exit. We were thought we were quite slick, but Mom was watching our every move. Watching us as we trotted off hand in hand to our Nana’s, Mom was on the telephone with our Nana the whole time! Nana hung up when we amid a flurry of drama waltzed our sorry little selves through the door. She greeted us with hugs and smiles like always, saying “what a nice surprise girls!”

She was behaving like nothing was wrong, so of course we pipe up with our complaints! Nana proceeded to distract us with baking cookies, playing with her kitty Pearlie and later hanging out under our favorite spot the willow tree. After all was said and done she had us forgetting all about our huff at Mom!:) Our beloved and special Nana, well she fixed our sad little day and reminded us we were loved by many and jealousy was not attractive. We promised to be good big sisters and she walked us back home. Hugs for Mom and Dad who was home from work now, all was fine in our little worlds once again! We promised not to run away again without permission ;), laughable because we saw our Nana almost everyday.

! I have to add, it was of course a blessing to have our Nana and the parents we had because patience goes a long way when it come to us twinnies! 😉

My Dandelion Memories ~ by Gabby Angel

As very young girls Autumn and I would pick dandelions to be used in making wine. As we were young, it was just fun because we were helping and we did love to help!  We learned you picked the dandelions in late morning to early afternoon when the flowers would be fully opened. *No, I won’t be boring and tell the whole process, you all can look it up if you feel compelled to get the recipe! 😉 Autumn and I watched all the time, love and patience put into making this wine and how it all was finally put into bottles to set for months.

I do need to say, while in that crock while brewing those dandelion heads and orange slices looked harmless dancing about together!  What is truly the key to how stong the wine gets is “the longer it sits, the stronger it gets”, well here I am  rhyming without intent!  Watching the grownups drinking this (not to excess) and enoying it just seemed so elegant in those pretty wine glasses.

When you are a young child, you listen when they say “this drink is not for children”. Well, as you get a bit older and hit about 15 years old, you just get more curious…At least that was the case for Autumn and me. Those bottles on the shelf seemed to be calling our names! So one fine Friday night, after everyone else was off to bed while Autumn and I were still awake chatting and listening to our music. When we clearly heard those wine bottles calling…”Gabby, Autumn come have a taste!” We got out those pretty wineglasses and felt ever so grown up and adult, filling those glasses full. I will confess I was pouring for us, Autumn was being far too giggly and dancing around over the new experience and adventure we were embarking on. We proceeded to down a few glasses, still chatting, laughing (everything seemes so funny!) and dancing …Just having a good old time of it. Before long, we were both feeling a bit tipsy, of course getting louder and Autumn was posing with her wineglass saying, “I look at least 18 now, don’t I?” Which cracked me up, giggling so hard and loud as guess who cranked up the music? 😉 Naturally it woke up our parents after awhile…We were being so quiet and careful just how did it happen that our Dad suddenly appeared? Much to our surprise Dad was kind of funny and said “Enough girls, you aren’t in trouble now but you will be in the morning” as he herded us off our beds.

. Leave it to bold Autumn, after Dad closed our door to say giggly and proudly…”I just knew it, see Gabs we aren’t even in trouble!” What a true joke that turned out to be, for real. Saturday morning rolled around and Dad rolled in waking us both up Very Loudly, singing a tune and saying “Come on girls, let’s rise and shine!” We both were awake by then, feeling lousy, headaches and just plain miserable.

Whining (No pun intended) ;), both of us carried on to Dad to let us sleep, we feel sick! “Of course you do, this is your lesson”, said Dad…”You found your own trouble, your punishment is one you brought on yourselves and now time to get around and get to your Saturday morning chores”. Dad was a wise one all right…Mom and him knew we wouldn’t need grounded or in any big trouble. Instead we got to haul those hangovers along with us as we did our chores! Yuck, it was a miserable day to say the least and these type of lessons learned sure do stay with you, trust me! 😉 🙂

Twinnies and Rollerskating Memories~BY Gabby Angel

Rollerskating not for the faint of heart! Autumn and I started rollerskating quite young actually. We took to it like little ducks to water. Perhaps it was the getting around faster on skates, than walking or running! 😉

Our first attempt on rollerskates, we were about 5 or 6 years old. Those first tries are a bit pitiful to write about, lots of falling, scraping body parts and lots of crying. 😦  We thought first time out we would be these little pros, that wasn’t going to happen! But we learned and we got  pretty good, if I do say so myself! 🙂 This particular event happened at about 8 years old, it’s a funny one indeed and why I feel compelled to tell it. Hope you all do enjoy it and get chuckle.

It started out an early spring day, got our skates on and ready to roll! 😉 We were joined by our favorite little boy neighbors Tim and Alex. Having gained our parents permission off we set to our neighborhood playground. It was a nearby school only a block or so from home, with huge stretch of open playground. Oh joy, we had the whole entire playground to ourselves this particular morning!

Lots of smiles and cheers were exchanged by us all. We first skated by ourselves for awhile then went off in pairs. Alex and I were the more subdued and cautious skaters. The same could not be said for Autumn and Tim, the two of them were out and out dare devils and risk takers! While Alex and I enjoyed making up our own special routines like we had watched on television. OK, I admit that may sound boring but we played it safe. Does that make us the boring pair, well not really right??

We watched Autumn and Tim as they got wilder and crazier, skating faster ans faster! Perhaps some might say those two were a menace to each other when paired up together. After all, remember the toad incident and backyard fun? 😉 Before we could stop Autumn and Tim off they went skating like wildfire to the forbidden hill! Alex and I tried yelling the crazy pair, they ignored us off course. Oh no, they were skating out of control and still holding on to each other’s hand. those two were flying!!

Well, Alex and I watched in terror and awe as Autumn and Tim  crashed! We got to the pair as quickly as possible, both scraped up badly, bleeding and both crying. They had landed in the grass, which was kind of fortunate. The not so fortunate part was Tim appeared to have a messed up arm. Yes it ended up being broken. 😦

Autumn had fared slightly better having landed better, she sported serious scrapes and her little finger looked swollen. No, it didn’t end up broken. 🙂 Alex and I ran home for our parents, I do mean running, we had taken our skates off. After Autumn and Tim’s bloody, sad scene we got literally scared out of our skates. Once home we rounded up both Dads, who had to take the wild pair to the ER. Well, they were each fixed up by the kind Doctors and sent back home with the Dads.

You guessed it the pair of Autumn and Tim were grounded by their own doing, for a few weeks anyway. What a lesson we all shared that day! After Autumn and Tim mended they did settle themselves a lot…So ends that day of rollerskating. 🙂 We all shared many more and I am also happy to report no more injuries! 🙂

The Magic of the Secret Relish and More~BY Gabby Angel

The relish Dad and Mom made for years is still considered magic. I kid you not, this relish is very special. Mom, Autumn and I along with our youngest sister were talking about it recently.

Autumn and I have both helped her make it since Dad’s been gone, but neither of us has attempted it ourselves. For anyone reading about our Dad for the first time, we sadly lost him to cancer eight years ago. Our one sister and her husband did make a batch of this relish , but quite honestly…Not  quite as good as Mom and Dad‘s. I would not hurt their feelings and say this, but I feel it was my parents own touch together that made it so unique.

Please be forwarned I will not be sharing the receipe, so don’t ask. 😉 Dad must have made sure Mom had enough of the magic to pull it off so it remains the same. So many times they cooked together, which was so sweet. They worked so well together with such joy! Not everyone has their husband helping in the kitchen after all. I was blessed my husband Dave thought it great fun whenever we teamed up in the kitchen.

Dad, he was forever fooling around and inventing some fabulous dish that had everyone talking. Always pulling off the unexpected with many different food combinations. I treasure the recipes he passed along to me, in his own handwriting. Please don’t misunderstand Mom is a fantastic cook herself. She admits  she’s not quite as creative as Dad was.

Back to the relish, it is seriously so good. If you get used to it you are ruined for all store bought relish because it pales in comparison. It takes good on hot dogs, hamburger, sandwiches and so much more. Even the younger of my nieces and nephews adore it, they refer to it as Grandpa’s secret , magic relish. I love these types of family traditions so very much, does your family have these special secret, magic recipes? I hope so, we all need these in our lives. Dad used to say in cooking you put in a lot of love and some good wishes, too.I love that memory and can still hear him saying along with that joyous and contageous laugh of his.He was the Italian one and used to joke around saying he taught Mom the Italian dishes from the beginning. I imagine this as so much fun for them at the beginning of their marriage.

This year again I will be, along with Autumn I hope be helping Mom make a big old batch of this delicious relish. I am praying for a touch of the magic to be tossed our way and maybe one of us will be able to pull off the special, unquie relish for ourselves.

With enough love and wishes it will perhaps turn out like our wonderful Dad’s. I want to keep these traditions going and always, forever more keep Dad’s loving memory alive. 🙂

Twinnies Can Find Fun In Our Own Backyard~by Gabby Angel

Yes indeed we could, fun and adventure without even leaving home! 😉 This one again brought to you be Gabby, the girl with the memory of an elephant. 😉 Yes indeed us twinnies could conjure up an adventure right in our own backyard! 🙂 This one was Autumn and I with our two favorite neighbor boys having a little innocent swim. Well, that’s what it started out as anyway. Autumn and I were joined this sunny, summer day by Tim and Alex. Tim being our age and Alex only 1 and 1/2 years older than us, these neighbor boys were our best guy friends back then. This particular adventure we were about 6 or so years old, still needing a bit of supervision!

Mom & Mrs A. (the boys Mom and also Mom’s friend) were keeping an eye on us from our enclosed backporch. Thankfully it had a nice big window because keeping watch on us was important! 😉 Our pool at the time was maybe only 2 feet deep or so & the boys and Autumn and I were splashing about having good times. Tim got splashing Autumn a bit too much and she started crying and yelling at him. It got a bit ugly, but Mom was out the door to straighten them out. Alex and I were looking at them in disgust, Tim and Autumn seemed to revel in getting each other stirred up. She did end up dumping a bucket of water over his head, this done with Mom still standing there. Well, Mom had them both saying their own “I’m sorry’s” & they both did settle down enough for poor Mom to return to the porch!

All was OK for about 15-20 minutes, then it was my turn to howl, bringing both Mom & Mrs A, racing outside. It wasn’t the boys or Autumn, I had stepped out of the pool to go have a drink. After all, I couldn’t drink the pool water! 😉 What happened I had stepped on a bee and was seriously not liking this pain and everyone sure knew it. Mom got me set down on a nearby chair, while Mrs A. had retrieved tweezers and baking soda, boy were they both moving fast! Mom got the stinger out and Mrs A applied baking soda to take some of the pain of the sting away and to reduce swelling.

Autumn was out of the pool beside me, holding my hand and consoling me and also had started her own crying in sympathy. Our poor Mom and Mrs. A, getting us both quieted and calmed while those poor little boys looked on with both their little mouths hanging open. They were used to us, but Oh my, both the twinnies howling loudly at the same time was not a fun sound! Shortly , probably seemed hours to the boys, Mom and Mrs A. but really only made 10 minutes in Real time, the twinnies settled down and the howling, crying sniffling had stopped. Autumn, the boys and I were all sitting at the picnic table having ourselves a popsicle by then, everyone smiling chatting and laughing! 🙂 So ends another adventure, oops I did forget just one little thing.

After the popsicles were  eaten Autumn and Tim had wandered off to admire the new rocks in the flower garden. Tim discovered a baby toad and before we all could stop him tossed it on Autumn! 😦 She was screaming and jumping up and down telling Tim he was an evil boy, well who could blame her…Yuck!! Mom and Mrs A. back to the rescue both deciding time for the boys and Mrs A. to head back home. Well, not before Tim said “I’m sorry” about 5 times & had given Autumn a true friend hug. All was happy and we waved a goodbye to Tim, Alex and Mrs. A.

The bad news was this started poor, dear Autumn’s fear of anything toad and frog like. 😦  That is also another whole blog, maybe? Pease, anyone reading this Do Not tease Autumn about her fear, she may get testy! 😉  See you back here tomorrow and thanks for reading! 🙂 🙂

The Twins Get A New Little Sister~BY Gabrielle Angel

Autumn & I were a little bit over 4 yrs old, our parents had been preparing us for months of the arrival of a new little sibling. Back then, no ultrasounds were done so we weren’t sure if it was going to be a girl or boy sibling & of course we were routing for a boy baby! This particular memory came rolling back when I was again looking at old pictures.

Picture this, there we were for over 4 yrs the twin princesses having both sets of granparents to ourselves, not to mention countless aunts & uncles! OK, I admit it Autumn & I were perhaps a “tiny bit “spoiled by all this attention. 😉

We were blessed with very kind & thoughtful parents, they just wanted a big old family & were going to try their best to make it a positive & joyous event. Mom was in the hospital with a C section & Dad had 5 days to get us geared up to happily 😉 be welcoming home a sibling. First disappoint…Dad tells us it’s a new little sister, we were secretly wanting a brother as to not steal our thunder so to speak.

I must interrupt myself…When you are 4 yrs old, you can’t comprehend pregnancy, C sections & all the rest of it. You all knew this of course I’m sure, also the quetion…How does she remember this at such a young age? My blessing, I remember vividly & clearly things back to 18 mths of age. Anyway, back to the story. Little sister was born in early March, we live in PA & luckily Dad pulled this next adventure off, it was late winter time & no snow was on the ground, tempertaures weren’t too cold. Clearly some divine intervention I believe. 🙂

Dad packed a nice little lunch in his lunchbox he carried to work everyday, this lunchbox was special to us because more times than not he would be bringing us home little surprises…Did I mention we were somewhat spoiled? 😉 Dad bundled us both up nice & warm…”we are off for our very own adventure girls!” said with big smile & humming a happy tune & off we went!

Headed to one of our most favorite spots Pine Creek, maybe 10 miles away where we had lunch at a picnic table…while sitting & chatting Dad told us of the news…Tomorrow your Mom will be home with our baby sister. Well, he made it sound happy & all important…You will be big sisters now!

Many sniffles, tears & “We dont want her Daddy, send her back!” That is shameful  what we put our Dad through that day…He hung in there, so patiently & gently until finally he had us agreeing it would be much joy, happiness & fun. Dad has a bit of magic about him to pull this off…Maybe it was all the singing, laughing & Autumn & I having our Daddy alone one last time before the baby sister rolled in

So, there you have it…We really were quite pleased the next day to see our Mom & the nice little sister, Dad had pulled off a miracle! Yay for Dad! Can’t say it was all smooth sailing, but thankfully we accepted her because 3 more little sisters would be rolling in after her…My ever so brave parents. 🙂 Autumn & I took delight in “the big sister role” & the bossing around worked! Might I say We all lived happily ever after?! 🙂 😉