The Wheels

The wheels turn

as we still learn

the lessons here and there

we all should really care

so wheels spin around

a whirling sound

we learn as we go

it is how we know

that wheels turn

but rarely burn

we need to try

as days go by

that this world needs more

from shore to shore

and place to place

we all should face

the chance to change

and rearragne

the wheels will turn

we all have got to learn

yes, the time is now

let’s get it right somehow …


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There is hope ~ by Autumn

We can look around and plainly see

that a peaceful world is what we need

the hope still lives

and there is so much to give

to make things  right

and no more fright,

the endless fight

for peace on earth

it can happen, for what it’s worth

Never give up and never give in

all we need is to simply begin

to care for each other

sisters and brothers

every woman and man

we can do it, we can!

The light is still burning

we all should be learning

that this is life, not a practice run ..

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The World is Changing ~by Autumn Sunshine

Here and there

and everywhere

one can see the signs that many care

we all should dare

wonder how this world will fare …

lessons learned

through the ages many have turned

and burned

with rage

if only we could gauge

the fate of tomorrow

and not waste time to borrow

a thought or two

of what is true

we open our eyes

and should have no surprise

The world is changing

and rearranging

we are in danger

of losing so much …

hold out your hand to a stranger

and just try, it can’t hurt you know

it only will show

that many still really do care

if we all can just share …

Perhaps we can … ~by Autumn Sunshine

Perhaps we can …

Start a trend

so it never ends

a dash of sunshine

and a sprinkle of love

mix it well

and we can tell

them all

it’s easy

just say

you can …

just give it a try


I know we danced

this dance


but this time

I am letting

you lead …

and I will