Inner Child Alert!

This is my own personal idea and no it’s not a bizarre or unusual holiday. I made this one up all by myself and I am proud of this shout out. Listen up kind readers…It’s a day for all of us to let our inner child out to play! 🙂 Come on, it’s a good day as any and we all need to give this one a whirl!

I am inspired today, I was in the park near my house. Wow, what fun these kids were having! Such smiles, and happiness just flowing like crazy. I was over at the park walking around and just having a peaceful hour, but these kids got me so inspired. I met up with the sweetest young mother and her two daughters, they were a pair of 5-year-old twins! I loved seeing a set of young twinnies play and jump about with all that excitement. They were just having a blast on the swings, then were just having a grand time on all the other playground equipment. I have to admit I joined in taking a turn on the swings myself and then I was in for a quick game of tag.

The twins and their Mom thought it was so awesome that I was also a twin…It took me back to Autumn’s and my younger days! 🙂 A few more kids arrived at the park and soon everybody was just having a fun time of it all. I find myself reverting to childhood among these young kids…Not one ounce of an embarrassment coming from me! I am either the silliest person you would want to meet or just a free flying kid in the disguise of a grownup. 😉 The whole concept of letting our inner child out to frolic for a little while today or any day is just such a great idea. Or have I been bitten by the Peter Pan Syndrome bug? Nope, I think not…I just like letting my inner child have a turn every now and then.

It was a fun hour or so, I plan on taking an hour or so each and everyday to let the inner child within me go for it! Yay, for our inner children…Do any of you kind readers agree with me? Think about it and let me know what your thoughts are on this one if you would like to.

I talked to Autumn a short while ago, she simply loved the idea! Also she was so loving hearing about those young girl twinnies. So Autumn is joining me for a time tomorrow for a walk in the park near her house. I am so looking forward to it! The park by her house is a bit bigger than the one near me, think of the possibilities. 🙂 We will let  everyone know how our inner child twinnies do and if you don’t hear from us…Well, we promise we will be back as soon as we can reel in those inner child twinnies! Everyone join us, it’s time to let those inner children loose, Yay! 😉 🙂


Today is a Holiday~ by Gabby Angel

Yes it is, I checked into it! January 11th is a holiday, of sorts anyway. The name of the holiday you ask? It’s “Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day”! You never heard of it? Neither did I quite honestly, until I stumbled on bizzare holidays for every day of the month. Somebody was bound to have thought of such a fanciful idea like this! Of course you won’t find this holiday on your calendars, but let’s embrace it all the same, shall we? 🙂

This one struck me as quite amusing, so I just have to write my take on it. I know it is a bit weird, but humor me just a bit. It might be worth a laugh or possibly two, I hope. 😉 If any of you kind readers didn’t already realize… You just have to go with the flow on this blog, kind of always expect the unexpected.) 😉 We make our own fun and do cherish and simply love to laugh!

OK, stepping in puddles and splashing…What fun it was when we were kids. Just having a good old time, dancing through those puddles! Splashing in a puddle as an adult, still fun…For the young at heart anyway! Splashing your friend? Not too nice I would have to say right off hand. Unless your friend has a very good sense of humor and doesn’t mind such things, that is. The other drawback to this wacky holiday is…In some parts of the country puddles are frozen! I know they are here in Pennsylvania…So no splashing will be going on around here. Splashing in puddles in my youth, I did it all the time and so did Autumn. How many of you loved jumping in puddles and splashing like crazy when you were young? How many of you still love splashing and jumping in puddles? How many of you made someone a bit mad while jumping and splashing, and they maybe got wet? How many of you would care to tell us about it? I perhaps do ask a lot of questions, don’t I? I can’t help myself…It’s just all about the sharing! I still love to jump in puddles, and so does Autumn we freely admit it! 🙂 We will never grow up in certain areas of our lives it seems, which is probably a good thing I say! I think it’s really all about bringing out the inner child, what do you all think? Isn’t it rather fun to let that inner child loose?

I say yes, let’s all make it our goal to have that inner child just run wild for 2012, what does everyone think? Twinnie says she is going to give it a whirl…Didn’t everyone not already guess this? 😉 Come on, let us know…Are you with us? Remember…Inquiring twinnies just need to ask! 😉 🙂