A Friend in Trouble

I know this is so unlike any of my other posts, but I need to write this. Hoping to perhaps get feedback from you kind readers and get these thoughts of mine out there. Autumn and I have a dear friend we grew up with, she has been our friend since we were such very young kids. I, of course will be using her first initial which is L. Well, L was always one spunky, funny and just a smart and also such a brave woman.

She married young and has a daughter by her failed first marriage, raising her as a single Mom much like Autumn did. All was going well, she dated and all but was wise in her choices of men. About 12 years ago she started dating this guy and ended up marrying him. I must honestly say neither Autumn or I cared for him, neither did her family or other friends. My husband Dave was so  concerned because he had heard more about the guy, how controlling he was and some other unattractive qualities. Of course none of us could talk her out of the marriage, because in her eyes this man was wonderful and she just fell under his spell.

After the first couple years he was discouraging phone calls and visits from friends and family…I know, it’s the typical thing these types do. But, L is intelligent and she is letting him start to just take over because he needed to be star and center in her life and how is this happening? It’s been a frustration as well as a sad thing, we all miss her company and times together also her old happy self.

Autumn and I have had sporadic phone calls, visits (always at one of our houses) when L can sneak away from Mr. Control. Tonight’s phone call was the worst, L was crying and saying she had to get away from him because she has finally had it and was scared. Of course I offered help, as did Autumn but L is so upset he will hurt her or anyone who tries to help. This is starting to remind me of the movie “Sleeping With the Enemy” about L going on about how she would have to disappear, change her identity because he would never let her go! In this day and age, why has it come to this and why all this fear and threats? I am so angry, so is Autumn…We Twinnies will not let L keep on this way. What makes me angry, too is the police scoff at getting involved and think L can just up and leave him, no problem. That was disheartening, L can’t get an abuse order from the courts either because Mr. Control has never been physically abusive. Yeah, well what about the emotional abuse?!

I am just so beyond upset and heartbroken for L, as is Autumn. She wishes L would do as she herself did in an awful and verbally abusive marriage…Just leave and have no fear. Friends and family will always be there to be supportive and Mr. Control doesn’t get his way! Here’s the question, how do we convince L to leave and just get out and she doesn’t need to go to extremes…How to convince her to just get away before God forbid he does start getting physically abusive, what are the right words for this friend in trouble?

I told L that I was writing this post, and she was anxious what you kind readers would say. Maybe one of you has the magic and right words for her, if so please do share with us Twinnies. It would be so appreciated, perhaps we are too close to the situation and one of you will have the right answer. In the year 2012, why is this type of thing going on? Any thoughts, opinions or ideas…We would love to hear what you kind readers think. Thank you all who took the time to read this, our friend in trouble needs help!

April is Stress Awareness Month

April  is a month when we celebrate Stress Awareness! I really thought about this long and hard when I realized it was a whole month dedicated to Stress Awareness. What an awesome thing it is for all of us, it will get us thinking! So many people have stress in their lives, too much of it!

Some is self-induced unfortunately, some is brought on by how hectic and busy life can get. Some of it is caused from taking on too much, some of us worry needlessly and that causes stress.Over our work, our home life, over just anything and everything it seems. It’s bad for our body and also very bad for our minds. But we all know that already, don’t we? Of course we do, but we still meander our way over to the worrying and stressing side just way too often. Trust me, I know this well because I do it myself. I usually do try to catch myself though, and think positive thoughts instead. It works, at least the majority of the time and it’s something I try so much to be in touch with.

I just know the high blood pressure, the headaches, the anxiety, the sleepless nights, and all the bad things that come from stress just aren’t good at all. I hope we can all start to think about it when we start getting stressed. Maybe say a little prayer and also concentrate on happy and good vibes instead. It’s worth a try, right? Why let stress win? That’s what this Stress Awareness Month is all about, in my humble opinion only and for what it’s worth. I say it’s time to stop that awful stress right in its tracks!

I discussed this one with Autumn and she was in agreement, Yay! That Twinnie really is much like me, we want to stay healthy and happy. We just both know we have to make a conscious effort and be aware. I’m sure all of you kind readers are with us…Let’s do be aware and say goodbye to stress! Stress Awareness Month is a good thing! I’m glad I discovered it and I hope you all will also give it some serious thought, too! 🙂

International Boost Self- Esteem Month ~ by Gabby

This is a good subject! So when I stumbled on this fact, I thought it was a fine idea for a post. Well, self- esteem is very important and worth drawing everyone’s attention to. February, this month of International Boost Self- Esteem is one we all should pitch in with. Do you know somebody lacking in self- esteem? Are you yourself in need of a boost of self- esteem? I think we all should pay close attention to keeping our self- esteem on an even keel. It keeps us emotionally healthy and well.

When the self- esteems suffers people can tend to do some not very wise things. I believe you all know what I’m talking about, it can be a sad thing. Making some not so smart decisions. Sometimes in relationships, sometimes with the picking up of some not so good habits. There are so many ways the lack of self- esteem just can destroy a person. I just wish it wouldn’t work like this, but sadly it does. I think another idea is, if you do know someone who could do with just a little boost…Try and help them!

I am all for helping others and so is Autumn. I think one thing we could point out to somebody in need of a boost of self- esteem is point out their good qualities to them. The things you admire about the person. You know state some positives about this person. We all need to be comfortable in our skins, it’s very easy for some and quite difficult for others. Anyway since this is boost self- esteem month, let’s all take stock of our own. If we are doing fine, let’s look at some of those who need a boost! I am not saying we should take it upon ourselves to be a therapist, physchologist or anything of the kind! Some things are better left to the professionals, you all know what I’m saying.

Just give a little boost here or there, it could help somebody out…It never hurts to try! Just spread some positives vibes, they are catching…Trust me, they really are! Spread a little here and there and everywhere, that is what the Twinnie has to say. Notice she had to make sure it rhymed? Who is with us kind readers? Any thoughts on boosting self- esteem month? Feel free to share, because sharing is always nice! 🙂 🙂