Kissing Under the Mistletoe… ~Gabby Angel

How did it begin anyway? Who started this  Christmas tradition anyway? Does anyone know? I for one didn’t, so I did some investigating. Kissing under the mistletoe, so romantic and so many people hang that mistletoe faithfully every year. It seems to be it is a magical and mysticial plant…

But, here’s a not so romantic thought! Mistletoe is labeled under the botantical classification as “partial parasite“. Yuck, no that doesn’t sound very nice does it? No romance found in the word “parasite” is there? The berries found on mistletoe are poisionous…I am sure others knew this. Oh my goodness,  this is sounding not so good. I am not trying to bash the heart warming tradition, honest I’m not! Dave and I hung plenty of mistletoe around our house every Christmas, same as I’m sure all of you do.

To lighten up the not so nice parasite thing and all, one story goes like this. Legend has it that mistletoe was hung in farmhouses and kitchens at Christmas. The young men had the privelege of kissing the young girls under said mistletoe. Each kiss, they had to pluck a berry, when the berries were gone the privelege of kissing stopped! Well, go figure and wonder just how many berries were on that bunch of mistletoe? Makes you wonder and ponder, doesn’t it? Thankfully it’s modern times and nobody has to follow any rules..Anything goes!

Happily hang that mistletoe and kiss as long as you want and keep that fine tradition going! After all, what happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe! 😉 🙂


Under the Mistletoe ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Decorating is so much fun

and ours has only just begun

The Christmas stuff is all around

the only sound

is the music playing “Jingle bell  rock”

I wonder if the mistletoe will talk ?

You never know

where the magic grows

What do you think?

Can a spell do the trick, or maybe a wink 😉

We dance across the room and twirl

A gentle sort of swirl

After all, I am a girly girl

So my darling man

always understands

as we rock around the room

I see the mistletoe loom

above our heads so close

and there we go

The mistletoe is silent it seems

the magic is working, just like a dream …