Foods of June

Wow! But June does have enough foods that are National and Celebrated…Hope all you kind readers are ready! 🙂 First of all I have to say the foods are all pretty good and I am wondering what everyone will think of these choices. We have 9 in all this month of June which did kind of surprise me, too…

Well, we will have more foods to talk about anyway and also perhaps be running off to our kitchens! 🙂 The monthly celebrated foods are 1. Corn, 2. Cucumbers, 3. Lemons, 4. Mango. They are all good and no complaint from either me or Autumn, how about all of you? Please do share your thoughts on the celebrated foods if you would.

Now, we come to the National foods 1. Candy, 2. Fruit and Veggies, ( I know, the celebrated foods fall in that category, too!) 3. Iced Tea, 4. Frozen Yogurt, 5. Seafood. I can’t believe these choices for June, I am hungry just writing about them I must say! 🙂 I did get a bit of a chuckle out of the Candy being on the list, I do believe we are supposed to enjoy that one in moderation though.

I really do love peppermint patties and peanut butter cups and so does Autumn, of course we like a bunch of others but we don’t need a big old list here, do we? So, for the sake of a normal sized post we will limit it to those two! 😉 Feel free please to share your favorite candy, we Twinnies would love to hear all about it! 🙂

Frozen Yogurt, that is just wonderful in Autumn’s and my opinion and perfect for these hot months of summer, right? We both really do love fruit and veggies, too and I am sure there are a lot of you that are with us…I hope so anyway because they are good for us all! 🙂 Salads with all kinds of veggies sounds awfully good to me right now and I think I will have to make one after I am done writing the foods of the month of June, seriously I mean it.

Wonder if it’s OK  to have some Candy or Frozen Yogurt after that healthy salad? Sure, why not is what I believe is the right answer! 🙂 Seafood, both Autumn and I love most of it except for calamari…Because squid is just yucky. Does anyone really like it! I know someone certainly must because there are a couple of them in our family who like it. How that ever did happen is beyond me and I need to say, it only proves how we are all different after all and one of those calamari lovers are married into the family. I just can’t talk about it any longer because I will lose my appetite for that salad!

Iced tea is also such a good drink and you can put all kind of sweeteners in it, too but I have to be honest I like mine with just a bit of honey. Autumn is the same way and that shouldn’t surprise anyone all that much should it? Anyway, there we have it for this month of June..all these yummy foods! 🙂 Please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and all if you would like, too since sharing is always fun. Let’s do talk food kind readers!! 🙂 🙂


Celebrated and National Foods for May

It’s time for the news about the foods of May. We have 3 National foods and 6 Celebrated foods and they are all interesting, in their own ways that is. How about I start with the National foods and see what you all think! 1.Eggs 2.Salad 3.Hamburgers and all I have to say is Yay about eggs and salad (Yay) and hamburgers get a thumbs down. I’m not downing hamburgers, the problem is I don’t eat red meat so I just can’t be on board with hamburgers. Although I will share that Autumn does indulge in the occasional hamburger and she also likes eggs and salad.

Of course with the eggs we both are careful, we keep that cholesterol in check! Salads are both Autumn and my total favorites, so they come in as our # 1 National Food. How about all of you kind readers, any thoughts on Eggs, Salad and Hamburgers? Please do share, Autumn and I would love to know what you’re thinking about those 3.

On we go to the Celebrated foods and we’ve got 6 of them to critique kind readers and here they are: 1.Carrots 2.Cauliflower 3.Kiwi 4.Limes 5.Potatoes 6. Sweet Vidalia Onions. I have to be honest, I have nothing negative to say about any of those 6 and neither has Autumn! We are on board with fruit and vegetables, how about you kind readers? Any of those fruits and vegetables to your liking, do share because we Twinnies need your opinions!

I must say Autumn and I both simply love kiwis and limes are good for all kind of things, some people even to like limeade. I hear tell it’s an acquired taste though, neither Autumn or me are one of those people I need to report. Well, lime zest and the lime juice in baking is good, so there’s a positive! The potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, sweet vidalia onions are are the best in our book.

Well, that’s it for the foods of May and please do feel free to give Autumn and me all thoughts on any of these foods. Stay tuned, I will be happy to be bringing next months Celebrated and National Foods. Don’t worry kind readers, I won’t let you down for the foods of June! You know, sharing is always fun…So please let’s talk food! 🙂 🙂

The Celebrated and National Foods for April

Here we are again, another month of Celebrated and National Foods. As always, I am very happy to share them with you kind readers. This month brings us 3 National foods and 5 Celebrated ones. The 3 National ones are very good and let’s do start with them! 🙂

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 2. Soft Pretzels 3. Pecans…Yay, not a bad one there I do have to say! 🙂 Come on, who doesn’t love grilled cheese sandwiches? Soft pretzels, another winner there…Well, at least Autumn and I think so! Pecans, they are very good and especially in pecan pie. I have a feeling not everyone will be agreeing, so do share your thoughts and feeling on those 3 National foods please!

Now, let’s move it along to the Celebrated Foods shall we? OK, right off the bat I need to say…Not everyone is going to like all these. I just have one of those feelings…The Twinnies have to put in their 2 cents and say a couple of these are kind of yucky. That’s to us of course, some of you kind readers really may like them. You never do know, everyone is different, right?

Here they are those Celebrated foods for April…1. Cranberries 2. Gooseberries 3. Brussel Sprouts 4. Cabbage 5. Soy Foods. I know right away I will tell you, Autumn and I both say Yuck to Brussel Sprouts and we both really love most veggies, too. Gooseberries, what are those and I really mean it! Cabbage comes in as OK, nothing real wild and exciting to us and nothing we Twinnies will rave about. Cranberries, we like them for real we do! Soy Foods…Well, Soy Milk is OK with both Autumn and I. Most especially the vanilla and chocolate! The rest of the Soy Foods…not too much there to say. Well, like I told you kind readers, the National Foods came in more to both Autumn’s and my liking.

Now, what do all of you have to say? Any among the National or Celebrated foods to your liking? Any of them you can say Yuck to? Do feel free to share any and all thoughts with us Twinnies please. We are both wanting to hear your opinions. Autumn and I both are seriously wanting to know… does anyone really like Brussel Sprouts? Nobody is going to make fun or be mean to you, honestly and it’s a good question. Well, there you have it kind readers…The foods of April! Never fear, I will be delivering the news next month on the foods of May, too! 🙂 🙂

Celebrated Foods for February by Gabby

This is an interesting food month! There are 8 different foods celebrated I found, seriously and sadly no drinks. For such a short month I find this very odd 8 different foods, well just go figure! January has 31 days and there were only 3 celebrated  food & drink, it is beyond my comprehension. Good thing I am reporting only the food facts. I wouldn’t begin to ponder how the number of celebrated foods change from month to month. Who decides the choices anyway?

Since there are 8 foods let’s get started with me telling you kind readers just what they are! It’s National Cherry Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Hot Breakfast Month. Those are the 3 that made it to “National Month”, the other 5 are only mere “celebrated foods”. In no particular order ( I always wanted to say that, it’s sounds so official and all!) 1. Avocado 2. Banana 3. Sweet Potato 4. Canned Food 5. Great American Pie. Wow, where to begin? As far as the “National Foods” go, Cherries are good and need to be celebrated! Very good fruit and versatile, too! Both us Twinnies say Yay to cherries. Same with the Hot Breakfast Idea, it’s a wonderful way to start your day! Do I always follow that rule? Speaking honestly no, but that’s what Carnation Instant Breakfast is for! The same goes for Autumn, along with her chai tea!

Grapefruit…I am sorry I detest grapefruit and so does Autumn. Anyone have any thoughts about the “National Foods”? Does anyone really like grapefruit? There has to be somebody who does, right? I wasn’t bashing grapefruit, by the way…Please do know that. Maybe you like it a lot… If so, please share!

The other “Celebrated Foods” of February, well I have to say Yuck to Avocados! The Twinnie echoed my thoughts, just in case you were wondering. I know, some of you kind readers probably love them. If so, please share! Bananas, good fruit and good for us. Both of the Twinnies love them! Thumbs up to Sweet Potatoes, too. Again, Autumn and I simply love sweet potatoes! Canned Food, I am sorry to be so down on the stuff…But it really isn’t very healthy or good tasting and some of it, just loaded with sodium! Autumn also does agree, by the way. Last but not least, in my book and the Twinnie’s we have Pie…Love it! Who doesn’t? If not, please do tell…What’s not to like?

So many flavors, so little  time…I have to say I couldn’t narrow a favorite pie choice down to just 1, either could Autumn. Wonder if we are alone on this one? Pumpkin, Apple, Cherry, Lemon Meringue, Blueberry, Chocolate Cream and I will stop at these 6 favorites of ours. Who has a favorite pie flavor, or like Autumn and me more than one? Do share, let us know please!  Well this was fun, now I am off to go have a small slice of pie! 😉 🙂