Take the Time to Laugh …By Gabby Angel

It is the music of the soul.  Think about that one…Take the time to laugh, it is the music of the soul. It really and truly is! Laughter is one of the best and most uplifting things we can do for ourselves. I have been a firm believer in this one all of my life. How healing laughter can be!

I actually own a pewter plaque with this saying engraved on it. I have it hanging in a spot where I can see it often. Just a gentle reminder to myself.  It was a special gift to myself just a few years ago. I found it in a craft shop and just knew I needed it as my own. It just seemed one of those things that speak to you and you just need to own it! Of course growing up in the family I did there was always a lot of laughing.

My Dad, who we lost to cancer eight years ago. Well, this one one of his favorite sayings also, so it reminded me so much of Dad. My Dad’s laugh was so magical and so very contageous and just somehow just very joyful. I can close my eyes and just hear his laugh and picture his face, what a happy guy he was!

Autumn and I were talking about this just last night. It was after we recovered from a wild bout of laughter shared between us. Oh my, the twinnies that we are, we can crack each other up quite easily. Most times in an appropriate place and sometimes not.  When we settled down from the laughing jag, we talked about how Dad’s laugh was a guarenteed smile, a wonderful memory, too. It was his thinking, why waste time crying when you can laugh instead. Having six daughters, I bet Dad must have said this every single day if not more. Well, we did grow up laughing quite a lot. We were very blessed, we got an early start to a positive look at life. Of course there were tears, we are only human after all.

In my travels through this life I have noticed so many people do not, just will not smile and laughing…Well, forget about it! They are the people I feel the most sorry for. How sad and empty their lives must be. I believe working with the public for so many years really showed me the many faces of happy vs. unhappy. Smiles vs. frowns. Being the type of person I am, it was always a quest of mine to get those with frowns or unhappy expressions to smile. Not necessarily to make them laugh, but just to smile…Sometimes it worked but the majority of time it didn’t.

Managing a small store together, Autumn and  I once spent one entire day taking our silent survey for ourselves.The pitiful percentage was there were honestly more of those unhappy expressions than there were of the happy ones. Even trying our best, we just couldn’t get a smile out out of those frowners. That bothered both of us so much. I know we are kind of strange perhaps. I just hope those reading this will think about it. Please everyone, try to laugh more! You will be so much happier and healthier, I just know it. Give it a try, what have you got to lose? 🙂

*  PS I need to add this tidbit of information,too. I typed the words “Take the time to laugh” into my favorite search engine. I discovered an interesting fact indeed. The words “Take the Time to Laugh, It is the Music of the Soul” were written on the wall of Missionaries of Charity Children’s home. Calcutta, India


How Many Times Was the Window broken?~Written by Gabs

I was cleaning my own picture window today, not one of my favorite jobs. Come on, is it anyone’s favorite chore, doing the windows? If any of you said yes, I would love to hear from you! Maybe you have good tips to make the window cleaning more fun or excitement or go any faster?

As I was spraying and polishing, I had this thought that took me back to younger days at home as a kid. This does happen to me quite often it seems, my memory bank overflows. In my childhood home, where Mom still lives there is a huge picture window.

I reflected back to that window and the 3 times it got broken that I could recall. I know, it’s quite pitiful to say, yes it was broken more than once. The worst part is we had a overly large backyard to play in.

The side yard was where the largest picture window is. OK, Autumn and I were warned so many times to keep it in the backyard when playing any sort of ball game. Obviously we didn’t listen, or I wouldn’t be recalling the “times” it got broken.

I know the first time the window got nailed is one I will always remember. It was Autumn and I and our buddies and neighbors, Tim and Alex. We were all fooling around with a football, playing touch not tackle. Those boys would never dream of getting that rowdy with us, Dad would have been really quite upset with them. It was all so innocent, we were just going to play a few minutes. Honestly we were, then we were  going to go to the backyard…If only we would have only have just stayed there to start with. Well, Autumn and I too had many “if only” moments it seemed as kids. This time around, it wasn’t just one of us who caused this broken window but really all four of us.

Tossing a football around, well at 8-9 years old it’s something Autumn and I thought was fun. Later, we were just too much the “girly girl” types to dream of touching a football.

I still to this day just cringe thinking of us tossing that football around and it going out of control and the crash. It seemed so loud and we all just stopped in our tracks as Dad stormed out the door. He was steaming mad, who could blame him? Then, before any of us could even speak out stormed Mr A. from their house.

Oh boy, it was big, big trouble for the four of us! Everyone getting lectures, allowances being taken away, all of us grounded for so, so long. New chores being handed out, those Dads just kept rolling! It sounded like our lives were pretty much over for months. Well, we all survived but it was a very, very bad day. Autumn, Tim, Alex and I never played ball in that side yard ever again. For real we didn’t

! So, however do I reflect on at least 3 times of the window geting broken? Well, we had 4 younger sisters. And yes indeed, each set of those sisters and friends had a turn of breaking that window.

Shame on all of us, poor Mom and Dad…They actually managed to stay sane with all 6 of us!