Fairy Lights

For Bonita, I hope you smile, sweetie 🙂 love and hugs Autumn Maasi

Fairy lights

Oh what a sight

Pointy ears

are rather dear 🙂

A splash

and a dash

of color so bright

whirling with all its might

A princess fairy so true

through and thorough

she’s cute as can be

so many sparkles to see

a sort of cover on her hair

some people stop to stare

but I love her look

she doesn’t go by any book

she has her own style

all of the while

she twirls and waves goodbye

Visit me again, you must try !!


Princess on a Swing

For the Sweetest Fairy Princess ever, that would be YOU, Bonita 🙂 love and hugs, Autumn Maasi

She swings on a leaf
Happy as can be

Dressed all in flowers
hoping for no rain showers

She’s sitting up so high
she sees the moon passing by

with pretty flowers in her hair
she hasn’t got one single care

She swings and sings
the magic rings

all around the flower, and she smiles
she can see for lots of miles

A petal here another there
floating in the air

She’s having lots of fun
but now she must run

Time to get home now
she’ll be back tomorrow anyhow 🙂

Off she goes
dancing along on her toes

Goodbye she yells
time to learn another spell …

Fairy Princess rides along …

For Bonita, you are the best Fairy Princess of all 🙂 love and lots of hugs, Autumn Maasi

On her horse so white

she rides in sight

of the flowers and all

the big and small

the fairy close by

magic that flies

The princess has her magic at hand

she whirls it all around the land!

Her magic horse has eyes so bright

what a lovely sight

flowers in her hair

she rides without a care

having so much fun

her day has hardly begun

so much to do and say

flowers to pick and music to play

off she goes

she already knows

a wonderful day awaits

with a super hand of fate …

Among the Flowers

For Bonita, you are the bestest fairy Princess ever 🙂 love and hugs Autumn Maasi

On her unicorn she rides
She never hides

Among the flowers and star dust
she has so much trust

For her fairy friends stand
Among the flowers and magic land

They keep a watch over her
Can you feel the magic stir?

It’s floating around
never a sound

Sparkles and shine
pretty and fine

Princess Fairy, looking so proud
she sings out loud

La de da I say
it’s time to play

She giggles and grins
and the fairies all spin

They sing along, too
for magic is true

It’s a place they all love
it has all that sparkle flying up above

Time for the princess to go for now
She waves, and all the fairies bow …

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Magic Night Light

Bonita, this looks fun 🙂 a ride on a lily pad! Love and hugs, Autumn Massi

The Princess floats at night
on a lily pad with its own light

look at the sparkles on her wings
she is ready to start to sing

Her tiara pretty and new
it shines through and through

Look at the moon in the sky
that’s it, up way up high

It follows along
humming a song !

It’s magic after all
watching over the Princess, she won’t fall

She looks happy as can be
under the branches of the trees

What a lovely sight
as she wishes with all her might

a smile and a spin
time to begin

her flight back home
no more time to roam

She sings a happy tune
and waves goodbye to the moon …

Fairy Princess and Friends

To my beautiful niece Bonita, you are the best fairy princess of all!!! love and hugs ~ Autumn Maasi

She leads the way
Oh what a day !!

Fairy princess and her friends
flying everywhere, it just depends

How the magic goes
and where it grows

all in a row
wouldn’t you know

they’re flying so high
without even a sigh

The Fairy Princess is so kind
wonder what fun they will find?

Look at her magic wand glow
sparkling all around and below

Yes, her magic is strong
as they fly along

they see the stars so bright
now it’s become a lovely night

It’s getting late and time to go
they can fly back tomorrow

“Goodnight” they call out loud
we’ll be home on time, we’re so proud 🙂

The Castle so Grand

I wish you a happy day, Princess Bonita and magic all around 🙂 love and hugs Autumn Maasi

It is a castle so grand
with beautiful land

A unicorn so pretty with a purple mane
She loves the princess who has much fame

Their magic whirls all around
with a musical sound

The princess and her bunny
are a little bit funny 🙂

A mommy deer dances by
and the swans watch the butterflies

Is that a frog I see?
he’s ever so green as he can be

Flowers grace the grounds
of the very magic town

A rainbow in the sky
and the clouds float softly by

A happy place
and not a trace

of anything sad
everyone is always glad

The princess is glad that’s it’s home
and she’s never alone

she has her Mom and Dad,
they know all is good, never bad

A magic place
so filled with grace …


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