The Good Luck Charm

a short story~written by Autumn Sunshine

This is the story of a magical puppy named Charm, and her Mommy and Daddy. They lived in the land of Puppyville, in a very cute little house. It was just those three for now. Charm was a girl puppy and she was definitely one of a kind. Just wait till you hear all about her.


Her Mommy and Daddy named her Charm, it was a good choice since she was their “lucky Charm” and she was a girl puppy that did all sorts of things to bring happy times to others with her magic.

Charm was indeed blessed with magic from the day she was born. Her Mom and Dad were also magic, but Charm seemed to have been lucky and had heaps of good magic. She learned to point her right paw and close her eyes and One, Two, Three, Magic!!!! it was just super. If she pointed her left paw there was magic, just not so strong.

Magic to Spare

One day Charm was playing in the cool and sparkling little stream beside her house, her Mommy and Daddy were sitting under the tall pine tree talking to each other. Yes, they talked, they also could bark but talking was way more fun 🙂

On this day Charm was dancing through the stream and looked up. Oh my goodness, it was a baby bear, it must be lost. Charm shut her eyes and pointed her right paw. The baby bear smiled a big smile, there was her Mom!! She thanked Charm and off they went.
Wow, Charm was amazed at how big the Mommy bear was.

Charm frolicked off to join her parents. They both were smiling at her, they had seen her help the baby bear. Charm knew she did good, she’d learned quite young never, ever to leave her parents and wander off on her own. It was just being careful and being smart. After all, little puppies or any babies still had lots and lots to learn.

There were other times that Charm had done good things. Growing up in Puppyville she knew all the puppies that lived around. It was a magic sort of place and everyone was friends.

Charm’s Best Friend

Charm had her bestest friend ever, her friends name was the next door neighbor puppy named, Bear. He was all fluffy and brown, and he was her best friend ever. They were very close in age and had actually grown up together.

Bear was always around to scamper around and have good times with Charm. They played and played in the yards, since they lived side by side they saw each other every day. What fun they had and Charm taught Bear a bit of her magic 🙂 He was doing good, he only had made a few small mistakes. He had once turned the grass in the yard pink by mistake, but Charm fixed it really fast.

Day by day Charm and Bear grew they were not quite a year old, but they were learning and learning lots of things. Their parents were proud of them, for they had done a few things that were kind of not too good, but they really were well-behaved.


One warm summer day Charm and Bear were playing and Charm had a great idea. She thought it would be great fun to “fly” them up on a branch in the big pine tree in the yard. Hmmmm, she closed her eyes and held Bear’s left paw and pointed her right paw. Zoooooom, up they went, higher and higher and Charm got them stopped up very high on a big branch.

They both looked down at the ground very far away. Ooops indeed, they were way up almost to the top branches! They got the giggles, and they looked around. Oh no, they were in big trouble, their parents saw them.

Charm held on to Bear’s left paw and off they went, she zipped them up by mistake and then got them turned around … Yes! A soft landing on the ground. As their parents rushed to them and hugged them both, Charm and Bear just smiled. They knew another adventure was on the way, just around the corner all sorts of magic waited 🙂


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A Bicycle Ride to Remember~Written by Gabby Angel

I was watching a couple kids in my neighborhood riding around on their bikes. Oh my, but these kids were having so much fun! It reminded me of Autumn and I when we were their age. They were about 8-9 years old and just having a good time of it, just like we used to. Well, those were the days, childhood memories rushing in and overtaking me. A story to be told and tell it I will, here we go on another twin adventure! 🙂

Autumn and I had been riding very well since we were about 6 years old, those training wheels didn’t last long on our first bikes. We were ready to roll, literally and in no time flat and giving our parents all kinds of headaches. Pretty soon they were OK with us and they gave us certain boundries, how far and where we could and couldn’t ride. We did listen very well, who wanted to cause our parents more worries.

This one special day, we took off on what would beome a bike ride we would remember. It was a Saturday in early fall, about this time of year as a matter of fact. We were given about an hour, so Autumn and I were going to make the most of our time. Off we pedaled, side by side and smiling happily.

We were having a nice ride, a few neighborhoods or so away from home. When a pile of leaves moving about in an empty lot caught our attention. Of course we stopped and went to investigate, what did we find? It was a puppy, but where did it come from, whose was it, where did it belong? It was a cute little black and white puppy, very friendly and seemed so happy to see us, too. It was happily thumping it’s little tail and licking our hands, loving the pats and petting from us twinnies.

Autumn and I sure wanted to take it home, but we knew better. It was clearly somebody’s lost little puppy and Autumn and I checked the collar, there was the owner’s name and the puppy’s name! The people who owned “Sparkles”, (that was the puppy’s name) lived only a block over from where we were now. Oh Yay, we said it was going to be a happy ending! We had to push our bikes and take turns holding the puppy, it seemed to like both of us so much. 🙂

Autumn and I  finally arrived at the lost puppy’s home & knocked on the door. A lady answered and started smiling so big when she saw us with her puppy. You found her, Sparkles and I were playing in the backyard when she was chasing her ball, then noticed a squirrel and just kept running! Turns out she had only been gone a short time, well all’s well that ends well. Autumn and I said our goodbyes to nice Mrs D. who ended up of course knowing our parents and gave them a phone call to tell them where we were. We gave Sparkles hugs and told Mrs D. goodbye, telling her we would be back to visit. Off we pedaled on our bikes, getting back home in no time. It was such a fun ride and what a joy it had been to find Sparkles and return her to Mrs D.! 🙂

Happy endings are so nice, aren’t they? 🙂