True Love

True love never dies

it’s no surprise

to those who have a love that’s true

it something they always knew

a love like yours and mine

grows stronger over time

there may be ups and downs

as the tides turn all around

but love so strong

can’t go wrong

a love that’s true

is never blue

just believe and trust

it’s a must

that you understand

and walk hand in hand

you see, true love never dies …


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Lost in Love ~by Autumn Sunshine

We show, we grow we know

that wheels will turn

and bridges will burn

Knowing the pace

and winning our place

is the prize,

and to realize

that not all are as lucky as we are

we are following a lucky star

So we go along on our way

making each day

the best it can be

as we are free

and love is here, so near

and very dear

forevermore we have to see

that all we are today is the way it should be

Tomorrow awaits…