Click Your Heels…written by Gabrielle Angel

There’s no place like home! Dorothy‘s best line in the Wizard of Oz…Wearing her Ruby Slippers. She clicked her heels 3 times and said “There’s No Place Like Home“,  with every click. What a great movie, what a classic and those Ruby Slippers? They were just plain awesome, weren’t they? Making every little girl want a pair just like them! 🙂

How am I stuck on “The Wizard of Oz today? Well, in fessing up I am semi-addicted to one shopping network…Yes, it’s QVC! I confess, I watch this shopping network now and then. 😉 OK, more often than I care to admit…

Also browsing their website. Great fashions, Chaz Dean’s “Wen” hair products, Philosophy beauty products, and a few other really good products. All at a great deal, too! 🙂 Trust me, lots of savings when you compare their prices to retail, honest. Maybe one of my blogs will be about my favorite products from QVC? 😉 I’m not the only one who checks out QVC, surely not! 🙂

I happened to be watching today when the host was showing Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, on a necklace. How cool is that? No, I didn’t order one…But I was mighty tempted. They were patterned after the real Ruby Slippers and so sparkly and shiny. I am nothing if not honest through and through, even at the risk of embarassing myself. Maybe my beloved twinnie? Nope, she is never embarassed by me…I have found her some marvelous boots on QVC! 😉

Anyway, I hadn’t been keeping up very well with my reading and discovered Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers were being auctioned off in a couple months. The original pair worn by Judy Garland, how much were they probably going to go for? A mere two million or upwards of that amount, anyway going to be bidding? 😉

Autumn and I had watched the Wizard of Oz every year, along with each little sister that came along. It was nice family fun, well except for the nightmares of the Flying Monkeys!  That Wicked Witch of the west, well she wasn’t exactly what pleasant dreams were made of either, was she? I was more scared of them then brave little Autumn, another honest fact. A couple of the little sisters really did freak out over the Flying Monkeys, too. So, I wasn’t the only wimpy girl in the family. How many of you reading have your own fond memories of this movie? How about not so fond? It was a good movie all in all, it brings back wonderful memories of home. Dad, Mom and all the girls sitting and watching the same movie together. The Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man! How about those Munchkins? Anyone have a favorite they feel like sharing?

Who doesn’t adore the song sung by Judy Garland and many others after her… “Somewhere Over the Rainbow“? I have heard so many singers who really made that song come alive, haven’t we all? I know it happens to be one of Simon Cowell‘s favorites…He used to be the American Idol judge. Everyone’s got to know that already I’m sure and he’s now brought X- factor to America. Oh my goodness, that man is brutally honest! And I do mean brutal. Sorry, I was lost in the music…back to those Ruby Slippers and the thought of “There’s No Place Like Home”.

There really isn’t, is there? All kidding aside, it’s a lovely thought to me…Ours was a happy home, with the very best Dad and Mom! Autumn and Me and our sisters as well, we were all so very blessed. Even if we never got those beautiful Ruby Slippers! 🙂 😉