Pick Your Snowball Battles Carefully! by Gabby

Once again, I woke up looked out the bedroom window…Another dusting of snow. So very pretty, but no real accumulation to speak of. The window that I was looking out, I saw the neighborhood handful of kids waiting on the corner for the school bus. They really all pretty good kids and get along well. Imagine my surprise when I saw a couple of them tossing snow at each other. What pitiful little tiny snowballs they were, too…It did make me laugh but seemed they were having fun. It reminded me of snowfalls we would get back when Autumn and I were their age. Oh my goodness, we had some major snow…Often so much school was cancelled. The days we all dreamed of naturally!

So many times we had snowball battles, built snowmen and snowforts. My mind does work in a way all it’s own…What made me remember a snowball battle from us twinnies youth? Probably seeing the neighborhood kids, they were about the age we were back then, maybe 10 years old or so. Autumn and I had neighbor boys we were good buddies with, their names were Alex and Tim. Boys we grew up with, they were always fun and we all got along quite well.

This particular day, school was cancelled and we were all over the moon! Alex and Tim came over to play in the snow with us. We all had great fun building a little snow fort, a snowman to stand guard. I was pretending it was the prince and the twinnie talked Tim into building a snow unicorn. It honestly did resemble a unicorn, Alex and I were kind of surprised. We always had a thing about magical beings and all that, those poor boys! Anyway, all was fine until Tim and Autumn got a little rowdy with tossing snowballs…Wait just a minute who said we were having a snowball battle?! Pretty soon the snowballs were just flying like crazy…I wasn’t happy.

I should be embarassed to admit it, but I could be a bit snippy about getting too wet. The snow was in my hair, too and not making me at all happy. Plus my snowman prince was now missing part of it’s face. I wasn’t trying to ruin the twinnie’s unicorn, honest…But oops, there went the head flying off. Alex had come to my rescue…A snowball gone wild! By now Autumn was crying, I had joined in and those poor boys were just trying to get us to calm down. Tim and Alex comforted the twinnie with fixing up her unicorn, then mended my snowman prince. Wow, those boys sure worked fast…Anything to shut up the crying twinnies I fear.

Anyway, order was restored and we all decided to trail inside for hot cocoa and I simply had to fix and dry my wet hair, too! These are the wacky and weird things that just a small ground covering of snow made me take a stroll down memory lane.The good and fun old days, they make me smile, then laugh out loud. Then, just grab the phone to call the twinnie to ask her if she remembers…She did! 🙂 😉