People Make Me Wonder…~By Gabrielle Angel

That’s the thought I am pondering for the day, people make me wonder. Yes, they surely do and I am starting to question this world around me even more. Being a person who tries to look for and at the best in people, against all odds sometimes. Well, my spirit is now starting to not respond the way it used to, I am feeling a bit troubled. I am the type of person who would never hurt anyone on purpose, thoughtful to a maybe ridicoulous extreme.

What has now dampenend my spirit, the demented actions of others. Why was I a target, I am kind and try to be cheerful to all I encounter, while minding my own business. I had an angel statue setting outside my door for quite a few years now. It was comforting and I liked it sitting there, it was my special angel. Well, imagine my surprise when opening my front door today and there’s the angel trashed and in pieces. Who would do such a thing, why this destruction? My neighbors and I get along, or so I thought and this has left me just a bit shaken. Nothing else was touched, just the angel statue.

That is just something that crushed me to the core of my being, it made me cry. Not for the money involved in the cost of this beautiful statue, but for the invasive feelings that now haunt me. Is nothing sacred, I live in a small neighborhood and who could have done such an unspeakable act? Someone who hates angels, hates me or perhaps just a very unhappy and troubled person?

I don’t like the word hate, I rarely use the word. Of course the police being called, what can they do? They offer their sympathy and regrets, also knowing I am a person of peace. They will keep their eye on the small neighborhood, maybe ask some questions. It is a surprise to everyone that knows me…Why, Who and How did this happen? There has been a stir of problems between neighbors about Halloween decorations, but I wasn’t involved in any of this. I just honestly try to be at peace with all of those around me, some minor vandalism has gone on with pumpkins and decorations being trashed at some other houses. But why my angel? I used to feel at ease living here, it is a very small town, nothing that bad or evil ever happens. Oh my goodness, doesn’t that sound so cliche?

Nothing bad ever happens here, well looks like times are a changing. It just has left me needing to find some realm of peace back within myself. An alarm system perhaps, I have one on my car but only because it came that way. I feel as if I have lost something so precious, not the angel as such…Although I do think someone was quite troubled to do such a thing

. I would love to hear what others have to say about this, will anyone comment to this post? I would only like to hear some opinions and thoughts, what does anyone by chance reading this think? I know one thing, I will now be more watchful, does that mean I should stop trusting also?

I really do forgive whoever did such an unspeakable act…It helps, forgiveness sets me free. But how do I stop the hurt and these new questions lurking in the back of my mind? All I know is, I feel violated now and just not quite as settled anymore. Yes indeed, people really do make me wonder…

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I would sure appreciate them. Thank you so very much to anyone who took the time to read this.


Dad, His Love of Birds and the Collection That Kept Growing…~By Gabrielle Angel

It all started so long ago and quite innocently. Dad loved birds, he really did but did that ever kick off quite the collection. When Autumn and I were maybe 7 or 8 years old we took his love for birds to a whole other level.

We decided he would simply love and cherish a bird statue for his birthday. Mom took us shopping, that’s what we picked out for him as his gift. It was a beautiful little bluebird, he was going to just love it!

Well, of course he did because Dad loved anything us twinnies could pick out. That’s the sign of a wonderful Dad, isn’t it? No matter how weird, wacky, or wonderful…They just love the gift their kids present them with.

Dad was always quite amusing how he used to guess what his gifts were, while they were still wrapped I mean. That made it kind of more fun for Autumn and I, then the little sisters that followed us.

Back to this bird collection…It got totally out of hand! With each Birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day that followed the original bluebird statue he kept receiving more bird statues. Some of us searched endlessly for the one of a kind and most unusal bird we could find. From robin, dove, owl, penguin, cardinal, yellow canary, blue jay, pheasant, love birds, swan, finch and a wren. Oh my goodness, that’s only twelve I’ve listed. But trust me this list could just keep going on and on and on. I am not kidding, there are tons of birds in Dad’s collection.

Even though he has sadly been gone for these eight years the collection still resides in our childhood home. Mom still lives there, she keeps the bird statues company. 🙂 She may not think that was so funny, the collection is literally well over 100. What one sister didn’t find for Dad, another one would. We would all try to outdo each other in the unusual or different bird, how embarassing that is to admit, but it’s true. It was just almost too much for the rest of us the year one sister actually found a very unusual and very colorful macaw! We were of course all secretly envious in wishing we had been the one to find it.

Dad kept smiling and gracefully accepting all the bird statues, bless his heart. After awhile he resorted to building shelves over each picture window, the one shelf is the size of a whole wall. He also made assorted cabinets, somehow all the bird statues found a home and spot of it’s own.

I would have to be at our childhood home to count the birds actually. I just know there are many, many, many birds and all given to him by us 6 daughters and the grandchildren, too.

It all started with a bluebird that Autumn and I just knew Dad would love, it makes me smile. The twinnies started the whole thing rolling!

I remember having a chat with Dad about the birds and he was amazing how he could still remember who got him what. I also had to ask if he really wanted a bird collection, he laughed that contagious and joyful laugh of his. “of course I did, how could you ask such a thing?”

I miss you so much Dad, don’t worry your bird collection will stay safe! Well, of course you know that already Dad, you are watching over all of us (and your birds) from Heaven, after all.

The Angel Collection … Written by Gabby Angel

The Collection

It keeps growing. I thought of this just today, when I made my dusting rounds. Again promising myself I didn’t really need anymore. I have so many angels, the statue variety I mean.

Guardian Angel

Also  a guardian angel, who is always hanging with me. I can’t see her, but sure do hear her loud and clear sometimes. I also hear tell I have a few more that tend to hang around me, too. Which is a blessing, I can use all the help I can get.

Calm and happy

About my angel statues, it’s a fairly large collection. I have them scattered all around my house. A large white ceramic angel sets outside my door, standing guard so to speak. I know she’s a special angel … So far nobody has been tempted to make off with  her! 😉

These angels really do bring me comfort, and an unexplained calmness. Off and on over the years I have picked up statues of these beautiful beings. When when of them catches my eye and not all of them do by the way. For the ones who speak to me, I just need to buy that particular one and it and bring it on home with me. Most of them are quite unique in some way, I am not really drawn to the line produced variety. If I’m going to collect something, I have to do it my way.

Angels Everywhere 🙂

My husband Dave could pick out an angel here and there, he had the touch. Autumn also actually had one comissoned for me as a surpise one Christmas. It’s a hanging type, fairly large stained glass angel. 🙂  It is simply the most beautiful one I have ever seen, I will always cherish this angel she is a special on for sure.

I of course have a few pairs of angel earrings, being the collector of earrings, too. A couple of my angel globes are pretty awesome, each one plays a different tune. Having some shelves and cabinets here and there are quite handy for housing some of my angels. From time to time I look around, telling myself I don’t need anymore.

I try to resist the urge to multiply my collection, but some of them just seem to be calling out to me. In silent words maybe only I can hear 😉 I was kind of reaching on that excuse, No I don’t hear voices! No one needs to worry about me, honestly. 😉

Seriously, I could be collecting a lot weirder things…So far, I am finding plenty of space for them. From time to time I have given angels as gifts, especially to my nieces. They have been very well received, especially the one niece. I think I have her hooked, she’s got a very nice little collection going of her own by now.

My stuffed angel bear…It was  given to me by  my husband, that one  has a special place of honor. It sits on my own little childhood rocking chair. Anyway, I just love angels I am sure my collection will keep growing. I really and truly do just love my angels…My statues and also the ones I can’t see.  I have lots of books about angels and yes, I know and I’ve read quite a lot.


The angels we don’t see, or perhaps entertain unknowingly are the very best kind. 11:11