I can’t ~By Autumn Sunshine

I can’t

I can’t sleep
thoughts too deep
you reap
what you sow
so let’s go
somewhere fun
we can run
against the wind….
you love to run
and we love the  sun
I am the one
to show you the way….
a brand new day
has dawned– I say
we may
never have this chance
for our first dance….
I look into your eyes
and no surprise
it will be alright , I promise…..


Quotes ~about Happiness~by Autumn Sunshine

On happiness …

“All I want is forever with you … always and always …”

“Connections and reflections … this is really real”

“How did I get so lucky this time around, I found you … I’m alive …”

“I am happy, smiling, dancing, twirling … all because of you …”

“I am happy…today is mine … I love you”

“Our hearts beating as one … that is happiness”

“Sleeping, smiling in your arms … you chase away the demons of the past …”

“Sunshine and smiles to you my love … you are my happiness”

“The ending will be for real … they lived happily ever after … and we will …”

“The stars shine down on us glittering their happiness …”

“Watching the sunrise, the sunset with you … it is all new”

“You are my happiness at the end of a very long tunnel of grief…”

“You bring out the fire and the spark in me; happiness begins with a smile …”

“You take my breath away … sweeping me on wings of wonder”