April is National Humor Month!

I was so happy and just plain overjoyed to find out about this. Imagine that, the whole month of April devoted to humor, isn’t it wonderful? 🙂 I really do love finding out these things, because after all… Who doesn’t want to celebrate humor?

We can plenty of fun  laughing and just being in a lively, cheerful state of mind all month long. No time for sadness and gloom in this month of April, it just can’t happen! In telling Autumn at my latest findings of the fact of National Humor Month she thought it was quite awesome. As you already know kind readers, we Twinnies do have fun, magic and laughing with some happiness tossed in, too of course.We really do love having wishes, hopes, dreams and good vibes on our blog and try to make it a pleasure for everyone who visits :).

We Twinnies do crack each other up with silliness a lot of the time anyway, so for us we can just do it all that more often! Yay, laughing, smiles and all those good vibes floating around…Autumn said it was a magical happening! You all know how she loves her magic…Always weaving lots and lots of it here. 🙂 We both just simply love the brighter side of life, it’s better to laugh than cry and all that sort of thing.

It’s true you know, and also let’s always turn than frown upside down! Oops, I do sometimes get a bit carried away, don’t I? 😉 But there are so many, too many sad and serious sides and parts of life. Well, we just have to find something uplifting and humorous to balance things out. Makes sense, doesn’t it kind readers? Who is just smiling over this month of humor? Anyone thinking it’s not that special or shaking your heads in disgust? Well, I sure do hope not! 😉 Of course you can disagree with thinking it’s an awesome thing, this month being about humor.

That’s what makes the world go around everybody has different thoughts, ideas and all! I have got to say, doesn’t everybody have something that tickles that funny bone though…Hmm something to ponder! I can be all alone and find something highly amusing and just laugh, what does that tell us? 😉

I know I usually want to share something incredibly funny with Autumn, thankfully we do have the same type of humor! Well, there you have it my latest findings… April is National Humor Month! Don’t worry, I will be sure to keep everyone up on what else this month holds for us…Did anyone doubt it? 😉 🙂

Are we ever too Old?

In going with my title…I know it’s a kind of strange title perhaps but hang with me please! 🙂 The question is… Are we ever to old for having stuffed animals, riding a merry go round, eating animal cookies that come packaged in those cute little boxes that kids enjoy, licking the favorite flavored lollipop, dancing in the rain, skipping along on a sunshiny day, twirling around until you get kind of dizzy? This thought hit me when I was looking at the stuffed giraffe I have, I started wondering if I was too old to have stuffed animals.
I only have about a half-dozen or so now, I have given some of them to nieces, nephews or friends’ kids. Am I too old for still owning stuffed animals? I say NO… they are fun and really very cute…Sentimental value in every single one of them! 🙂 Too old for the merry-go-round ride or any of the rest? Again, I would have to say NO NEVER! But then of course I will always be young at heart, something nobody can  ever take away from me. Am I immature? No, not in the slightest, I have been through far too many sad and grownup things nobody wants to face.
Riding a merry go round…Am I ever looking forward to the spring and the carnival time, it’s time for a ride! 😉 Eating animal cookies, enjoying a favorite lollipop…Both of them perfectly acceptable to kids and some of us that are kids at heart. Dancing in the rain, well if it’s warm enough weather…What if somebody’s watching? Oh well, guess they will be watching and perhaps maybe wondering. Never stopped me before, would it stop you? Any of these things the stuffed animals, all of it…Who of you kind readers has a thought to share?
What does Autumn have to say about all these questions? This sharing what the Twinnie thinks is always good, isn’t it? Does she agree with me…The answer is of course! Because we are twins is she agreeing? Of course not, thankfully she shares the love of all these fun things! 🙂 We twinnies do share the living like a kid at heart thing. Are we crazy, or are we normal…Oops, no such thing as normal! 😉 I will rephrase that as are we behaving like undignified people? If we are, may it never change! 🙂
Who has any thoughts they would like to share…Are we ever too old for some things? For everybody’s sake, I sure do hope not. If so, you could be missing out on so much fun and so many good times! I will be waiting to see what you kind readers think, so will the Twinnie. We are now heading off…We have to go pick out some lollipops and the sun is out also,  so we will be skipping on the way! 😉 🙂

Is Silence Really Golden?

I know, what a title isn’t it? Once again pondering and wondering…Where does it take me? Well, I was reading something and the phrase “Silence is Golden” caught my eye. What if silence isn’t really golden, it could be silver perhaps. “Silence is Silver” has a rather nice ring to it, at least I think it does. 😉

How about any other shade in the vast rainbow of colors we could choose from? Silence is Violet, Silence is Teal, Silence is maybe Ruby Red? Think of a box of crayolas….What color would you paint silence to be?  Just a passing thought of sorts, you know how you get those thoughts? Or maybe you don’t, after all we really all are different. I’ve been told I can be really different…Hmm wonder if that was an insult or compliment? 😉

I know where the phrase originated, at least I believe I do. It was in the 18th century by Thomas Carlyle… That isn’t really the point though. Either is the point that the phrase means “It’s better to keep silent rather than say something you may regret”. I was thinking of colors and silence, sometimes my mind really does work in its own mysterious way. I had another thought about how when it’s noisy all around you and silence is so welcomed. Shut out those loud, intrusive people and all so you can think!

Silence isn’t golden when it’s bottled up inside…Lyrics from a song that I can’t recall who sang. But that is another thought, it’s not good to keep silent and have it bottled up and destroying your well-being. I guess I never have to worry about that one, I really do rather speak my mind more often than not. See what I mean about this phrase and what I’m saying? It can bring all kind of things to mind, can’t it? Look how only 3 words I read have me pondering and wondering like crazy. Wow, enough to write a post about it even! A mere little 3 words…Silence is Golden, look how you can play around with words and phrases! 🙂

Try doing that with a phrase, it’s fun and worth giving it a whirl, isn’t it? Please do share your thoughts and all if you so choose to…Sharing is fun! 🙂 🙂

Before You Leave Your House…

I know, it’s another strange title. I seem to be so noted for those it seems, don’t I? Or maybe you kind readers haven’t noticed any such thing? Or maybe you are so used to seeing my odd titles and really are thinking nothing of it! That would kind of be nice, or maybe they really aren’t all that odd after all. Oh my goodness, but I always can find myself digressing easily. Maybe none of you kind readers noticed that either? But you have, I do it and I am always pointing it out! Anyway, before you leave your house is there anything in particular you do? I don’t mean you make sure the door is locked either! We all do that, right? At least I hope so, if not please do start doing so!

I am talking about the one thing you do upon leaving the house. I don’t want to call it a ritual, that sounds just not right. Kind of too magical, mystical, mysterious…Let’s leave that to Autumn who writes those beautiful poems of magic and all, OK? I was leaving my house today and this thought just popped into my head.

Surely I’m not the only one who has thing to check or do before they leave their house. You know one of those quirks we do, by routine? Quirk is a fun word, we’ll go with that one… Everybody has them, I just know it! Wouldn’t it too strange if it was case that nobody has these quirks? No, it just can’t be!  Well, I know someone else who has the one thing they must make sure of before heading out the door. Yes, that other person would be Autumn. It’s not just a Twinnie thing, I just know you all have some little quirk! 🙂

If I fess up and then tell on the Twinnie with her permission of course, will you all share your quirk? I sure hope so, I really don’t want it to be only the Twinnies sharing. OK, here goes with my “must do” before I leave the house. Nobody needs to laugh either…Well, unless you can’t control yourself! I have a fairly large angel in my entryway…I have to check on my angel before I open my door to go outside. It does sound strange, but it has to be positioned “just so”. Oh no, do I detect laughter? It’s OK, when typing this out it does sound kind of nutty! Oh well, we all need our quirks is my theory. The reason I do this? It started before I lost my little 17 year old siamese cat Sapphire. I used to check on her before I left the house, so the angel has replaced that. I am not able to find it in my heart to replace Sapphire  just yet and I will know when the time is right. It wasn’t that awfully long ago, I am still grieving her loss. So, in the meantime I check the angel…Am I sounding a bit neurotic yet?

Which leads me to Autumn’s quirk, her two kitties Cassie and Shadow are still thankfully living, and yes she checks them. She has to make sure neither of them has got into a closet or another not good place…I know the feeling well. So maybe the Twinnie’s quirk  is more normal? Who’s to say, what is normal anyway is my other thought? Well, kind readers, any of you feel like sharing? I sure would appreciate it, Autumn is curious, too and sharing really is fun! Come on, it will be fun…Join in! 🙂 🙂

March 3rd is a Holiday!

It’s a good one, too and I just need to share the news! It’s “I Want You to be Happy Day”,  now that is exciting news isn’t it? Of course it’s not marked on the calendar as a real holiday, although I think it should be!  Just imagine a whole day devoted to wanting others to be happy! 🙂 I am so loving this day already and will be making sure I participate, too. Autumn says she is sure on board about celebrating this day also.

Who doesn’t want to say to everyone they know and love, “I Want You to be Happy”? Or you don’t even have to say it, just make sure everyone you run into or speak with is happy! That’s a nice thought, say it with good vibes if you don’t want to use those exact words. Maybe you are kind of shy and don’t want to blurt it right out. That’s OK, too but just be extra nice and thoughtful instead.It sure couldn’t hurt anything, right? I hope none of you are thinking to yourselves, what a ridiculous holiday…None of you kind readers would think such a thing would you?

Well, if sadly you don’t embrace “I Want You to be Happy Day”, do share your thoughts please. Both of us Twinnies are praying such a thing doesn’t happen, but we are prepared because it really could happen. What if you run into somebody you just plain don’t like? Well, it may just occur…You don’t have to wish them a “I want you to be happy day”. Maybe you could just give them a little smile. It’s worth a try I say, but again I am an optimist…So I will be fully participating! I can’t help myself, either can Autumn…We talked about this day in advance of me writing this post. Let me tell you the Twinnie was just as excited as I was with this news, we are positive it’s a day that will make a difference! 🙂 What do you say kind readers, anybody with us?

Who will be embracing I Want You to be Happy Day? Please do feel free to tell us all about it, we are behind you all the way! I am ending this post now because I am off to wish everyone I encounter an I Want You to be Happy! We Twinnies sure do wish all of you kind readers a very big I Want You to be Happy on this special holiday today…We are saying it with a smile and also a hug! 🙂 🙂

International Twit Award Month?!

I have discovered a rather amusing fact for this month of February! It is too funny not to share, so share it I will. For this month of February is International Twit Award Month…I am not kidding, it really is! What a laugh I got over this when I discovered this one, there is a reason behind it. I have for years called certain type of people I’ve unhappily encountered a twit. It’s the nicest word I could come up with for them and no I don’t say it to anyone’s face. Well, maybe a couple times, but they were asking for it. The word means a silly or annoying person, it’s rather a polite term compared to other words. I know, it’s rather an old fashioned word, but it so perfectly fits! 😉 I just can’t help myself, but if you think about it it’s a lot better word than I coud be using, right?

Imagine my immense surprise to find International Twit  Award Month…You will have no idea how I laughed myself silly! 🙂 I, of course shared the fact with Autumn as soon as I found out. What did the Twinnie have to say? Well, first she laughed nonstop, then got control of herself and said you have to write a post about this one! You gotta love how Autumn always encourages me! 😉 It’s harmless really and I have a perfect set of people to award the Twit Award to! We all don’t really know them, but they hide out in our blog comments section. Thankfully they are filtered out by Akismet, they have wiped out and destroyed well over 2, 000 on the Twinnies blog since September! They must really have some weird attraction for our blog, is all I have to say.

So the Twit Award goes to…(Imagine a drumroll here) all those Spammers out there! Come on, do you have nothing better to do with yourselves? I mean it, seriously? Shame on all of you is what I have to say!! Who is with me kind readers? They are evil and some are downright too disgusting to even have a glance at. Some are advertising something, some are just plain ridiculous, too. I must say that they actually make very little sense. Hey, no offense to you spammers, but how about you leave all of us alone? No, you say? Well, then do kindly take this award…Nobody deserves it more!

You have no acceptance speech planned you say? That’s OK, we weren’t expecting one, but you are the proud recipient of the Twit Award and you can’t give it back either!  And just guess what? If you still persisit in bothering all of us nice bloggers…You will get the Twit Award next Februray, too! Be forewarned Spammers…you heard it here first! What do you kind readers have to say? Come on, please do share your thoughts…Sharing really is fun! The Twit Award has been presented for this month of Februray 2012! 😉 🙂

What’s on your desk? by Gabby

It was a passing thought yet again. I seem to have plenty of those thoughts, don’t I? Well, I was looking around my desk. It got me wondering if I had all kinds of interesting things, what does everyone else have on their desk? The nice thing, I have a laptop now as my primary computer. I don’t always have to sit at my desk, I can wander to any room I choose. Yet, I still find myself mostly working from my desk. I also prefer to use a wireless mouse, I know some people do quite well without them, not me my friends!

Anyway, back to my desk…It’s a secretary desk and quite nice as desks go. I love all the kind of little slots and special compartments. They help me look so more organized, my desk doesn’t look too messy. All those nooks and crannies sure do come in very handy!

So, what’s on my desk? In sharing what’s on mine, I hope all of you kind readers might do the same. We can also get the low down on what’s on Autumn’s desk perhaps. That way we all be sharing. My desk is home to a nice lamp, a clock, a couple of candles that smell heavenly and an angel statue (they are all over my home, as are the clocks)! I have a cute little pot …The home of many pens and pencils. A picture of my husband Dave, of course…I glance at it often because memories are comforting and good. I have a spot for envelopes, tablets, stamps and all kinds of those type of things pretty well hidden in all those nice slots. I’m not sure if this is boring, wonder if my desk and it’s treasures are normal?

What do your desks look like? Are you organized, messy or a combination of both? Autumn is calling hers organized chaos, by the way! Her desk is the home of much the same as mine except with a different lamp, no candles and she has a lovely little jade elephant with its trunk pointing upwards. It’s from her darling man, it was very thoughtful of him…He wanted her to have a mascot of sorts! Last but not least, a picture of her darling man because her desk wouldn’t be complete without it! That about wraps up what’s on the Twinnies desks!

Who would like to share what is on theirs? Do you have some interesting or unusual things on your desk?  Come on, you are among friends…You can tell us! Remember, sharing really is fun! Of course inquiring Twinnies as always, would love to hear. 🙂 🙂