Another Year Older…

Oh my goodness, but the last year went by rather quickly! How does that happen anyway? Lately I’ve been wondering if dear Autumn’s magic has been at work! 😉 Makes you think about all the fairies and magical creatures she has around, doesn’t it? 😉 So kind readers, Autumn and I are now one year older. But it’s OK since age is only a number, right? Of course it is, the close you get to the once dreaded numerical age the more it  only just gets better.


So, this little post isn’t really about our birthday and begging for attention. Did any of you kind readers think we were like that? 😉 Hopefully that answer is…Of course you didn’t! The funny thing is, we both have been told for years that we never looked our real age. That is such a blessing and it sure saves lying our ages! 😉 🙂  I’m kidding of course! It’s a time for these Twinnies to just be reflecting on the last 365 days and how and what’s gone on. How we have learned those life’s lessons and all, how to make this year only better. To the best of our ability of course, since we can’t control unexpected events.

I have a secret to spill, too! 🙂 Autumn is planning a big year, her engagement will be turning into a wedding I hear tell. The date is top-secret 😉 I’m kidding they haven’t set it but we will keep  you all posted, never fear. Anyway, this is where we need to ask you kind readers a question! Do you embrace your birthday, how do you celebrate and also what thoughts do you have? Come on, it’s time to share…Humor the birthday girls! 😉 🙂


A Broken Mirror…

Yes, I broke a small handheld mirror! Oh my goodness, what a mess it was, too I must say…How did it shatter all over the floor like that? Does it mean I am going to have 7 years of bad luck? NO, and just why not you may be wanting to ask? Well, because I am not superstious…I never have been and never will be. I am kind of sad about breaking the mirror, but that’s OK because I do have others. I got it all cleaned up so I won’t be having any cuts on my feet, so I’ve got that angle covered. I am not at all vain, so I don’t make it a habit of admiring myself in mirrors, so all good there, too. I had to put that vain thing in this post…Because I don’t want anyone thinking I was perhaps talking to the mirror. You know…The mirror, mirror who’s the fairest of them all thing! I do of course check myself out in a mirror before I leave the house though. I’ve got to look presentable after all, right? I kind of think we all must do that…Or do we?

It made me think about superstitions that people have though. No offense to anyone who is superstitious either, after all we are all different. Everyone thinks what they think, you know? Far be it from me to ever try to change anybody! But some people are superstitious and they do have their reasons and I have mine why I’m not. My theory is everything happens for a reason and it was the mirror’s time to be broken. It must have served whatever purpose it was supposed to and that’s that… Now, it’s gone. I didn’t have any real strong attachment to it, so my heart isn’t broken over its loss. The time spent cleaning up all those little shards and bits of glass? Well, I guess it was time well spent and I won’t be having any unwanted cuts…I was seriously very thorough!

I had a chat with Autumn about the whole deal, that’s what Twinnies do, we share these strange little happenings. Well, Autumn isn’t at all superstitious either. She just said, it was good I wasn’t cut in cleaning up the mess. Also adding, the mirrors time is over and you do have other mirrors, after all. We chatted about me writing a post on this and agreed I just had to! So, this thing of being superstitious…I am just curious and I do have to ask. You must have known I would! Autumn is also now pretty curious herself, too!

Are any of you kind readers at all superstitious? Are any of you not at all in this category? Do you not have a superstitious bone in your body? Please do share…You can, you are among friends here! 🙂 Inquiring Twinnies both would love to know your thoughts on this topic! 🙂 🙂

My Dreams are Alive…

This is another one dedicated to my dreaming. I should clarify, I mean the dreams I have while sleeping. Of course I have daydreams and also the kind of dream we have about goals, life and all. Another title that needed explanation, seems I could be getting very well-known for strange titles alone! Well, it seems sometimes my dreams are so alive with Dave. Yes, that would be my late husband that I’ve written many other posts about. Evil cancer stepped in way to soon, but the divine order of things shouldn’t be questioned. Well we can question it but it really is how it’s supposed to have happened. Another thing, it can’t be changed…So acceptance is also good.

I can’t help myself, the writing about Dave I mean. These dreams and happenings they all really do have messages and meanings. I hope in sharing that somebody will perhaps take something positive, insightful and all from these posts. I don’t write about Dave to be sad, or to try to make others sad and I truly mean that with all my heart. Like the  post I wrote in the last week or so about how I found the note/poem/message in one of Dave’s books. That was so much a real amazing find…But I was supposed to find it at that time.

I feel I am very blessed to have the amount of dreams about Dave that I do get. I love that we are having these wonderful and just amazing good chats, one of those was last night. Some people tell me they never dream of loved ones on the other side or Heaven, I seriously thought everyone did. Turns out some of my family and friends don’t get these dreams. So I just have to ask… Do any of you? Well, kind readers… anyone want to give that question some thought? I know, it is personal but my curiosity is working overtime about this matter. So forgive me if that question is too much.

Anyway, back to my latest Dave dream I will go! We talked of how I am coming along in life, how we missed each other and the being together here on earth. He sang me songs, strumming his guitar as always and I sang along with some of the songs. We had a fun time dancing, too… A piano with a piano player appeared just for us! Then, Dave and I had a nice walk along a beach, his hand was so strong in mine. We chatted about this and that, it was so beautiful and it felt very real. I remember saying to Dave I didn’t want to go back, because he told me it was time for me to wake up. Well, we said our goodbyes and wake up I did. I felt well rested, too but my memories of that dream stayed with me all day…I just felt happy all day long. There was a gentle calmness about my day, it’s hard to explain or put into words. It’s how it always is when I have the dreams of Dave.

I have to ask you kind readers the same thing I keep asking myself…Are they “just dreams” or are they real? I think they are real, that some nights I fall asleep and wander off with Dave. Maybe it’s what happens in cases like ours and I really am very blessed.

Another Strange Meeting With a Neighbor…

I really have to start off by saying I do have mostly nice neighbors. The bad news is I seriously worry about some of their habits and thoughts and all though. I already reported about the neighbor Mrs Y who kind of likes to offer unwanted advice. She is probably good at heart, but sadly just a tad too in people’s business. Well, you know what I’m saying and I really do look for the total best in people. Thanks again kind readers for your input about Mrs Y! My lastest  meeting up for a short chat with a neighbor…Well, brace yourselves is all I can say. I was getting home about 11pm or so last night, my next door  neighbor is out on his front lawn. I know, sounds OK so far, right? The wacky part, he was shirtless and shoeless…Thankfully he had on a pair of jeans! If not, I would have  thought he lost his senses as he offended mine. It was bad enough the temperature was hovering at about 38-40 degrees, plus it was very windy, making it feel colder! Come on, who is only dressed in only in a pair of jeans at that temperature? What about shoes, what about a shirt?

He also never gets sick as he has informed me on several occassions. Yes, I was stupid enough to ask when I first saw him coatless in the winter. Well, there I was kind of bundled up… I had a long coat on. Also please keep in mind …Under my coat I had on a sweater and jeans. Oh yeah, I had a pair of boots on…In case anyone was wondering.

It is still winter feeling here in PA, at least in the evenings. Which has most people dressing still winter appropriate. Especially during the evening hours, during the daytime it’s gotten fairly warm on some of these days recently. Spring may be on the way, but it’s not here quite yet!  Anyway, this neighbor felt the need to explain what he was doing and turns out he was looking for his newspaper. He went on to complain about the newspaper carrier and then asked if I was dressed warm enough. You know, making light of his under-dressed state, like he was normal and I was a bit off. Anyway, it was a maybe 5 minute or less chat and I escaped…I was getting colder just looking at him.

The other thing was as I have stated before in my other “neighbor post”, I really do try to get along with neighbors. But kind readers I have to ask you all…Do any of you have a neighbor who goes shirtless and shoeless in the winter? I have a good feeling the answer will be no. Even if you live in a warm climate doesn’t it make you think it’s really rather odd, come on be honest now. No shirt no shoes in the winter?!

That is my latest encounter with a neighbor, hopefully my next one will be a better one! On that note, I am off to to turn up my heat and make a warm cup of tea! 🙂

Sometimes Tact Comes Into Play…

Another weighty subject…This thing with having tact. You know when you have to be gracefully sensitive and really do not ever want to hurt feelings. Then, inside you are asking yourself…Why did they ask me such a thing? That’s the thought I’ve pondering for the day, I have an explanation why this thought occured. Don’t I always? If you’ve been at all following the Twinnies blog you will know I can tend to pluck a happening out of my life and write a post on it. It also includes Autumn’s life, my family’s life, sometimes friends and in this case neighbors….Well, you get the idea.

I had the strangest little chat with one of my neighbors earlier, it really is still bothering me. I know she is an older person, my Mom’s age actually. But  Mom wouldn’t be asking me such kind of off the wall things on certain matters. OK, this neighbor and what got said…Here’s a sample if you all are ready, that is! 😉

It starts off with being outside at the same time as Mrs Y. as we will call her. She lives across the street, upon seeing me coming home she came over to chat for a few minutes. Which is fine, I’m not snobby but I tend to limit my time with certain neighbors. To save my sanity, my privacy and all that kind of thing…No escaping it today! As Mrs. Y approaches she is kind of smiling and I pray it will be an OK kind of talk.

She starts off by saying how I seem to be in and out a lot lately, what all have I been up to? I answered vaguely because I really haven’t been coming or going any more than the normal. Mrs Y asks if perchance I maybe was seeing a nice young man…Then goes on to say how it would be a good idea. After all, she was alone now (she got divorced!) and open to male company for herself. She sure did elaborate on that subject! I just said about how everyone was different, I had very much loved my late husband Dave,etc…You know kind of kept it light. She did have the nerve to say…That’s no reason, you are still quite young! I was feeling kind of disgusted and I wanted to say more because of the Dave and me bond she knew nothing of and I showed good contol and once again tact. She had only moved in a couple years earlier, she hadn’t know my husband Dave.

Then, on she went to how awful it was for people to be living together before they got married…I think she was alluding to one of my family members. I just again said everyone does what’s best for them. Then she was warming up to how lucky I was not to have children…Oh, that’s a blessing now? It hadn’t been to Dave and me! Of course Mrs Y was going on about how her kids weren’t visiting enough to suit her. Either were those ungrateful grandkids it seems…Because they were all just so selfish anyway. I know, can you kind readers believe this stuff?  It was just all starting to make me a bit sad and also at the same time feeling kind of stressed. She is one of those people who unfortunately looks at the glass as half empty, know what I’m saying?

I quickly decided I had been tactful enough and excused myself to get back to the house…I escaped very gracefully I must say. Closing my door, with a sigh of relief…Off in search for tylenol for the devoping headache! Do any of you kind readers have neighbors such as this? If so, what do you do? Do you practice tact like I do? I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts! Autumn’s kind opinion…Run like crazy when you see her coming! 😉 Anyone agreeing with the Twinnie by chance? 😉 🙂

Throw That Word “Coincidence” Out of the Dictionary!

This could also have the title of “Gabby Does a Rant”! Why isn’t that the title? Well, to start I don’t really do rants. It’s just not my style, I know people have them all over the blogsphere. *Please DO NOT take offense, I just want it on record I don’t do rants. Instead I would rather refer to what I do as debates. I was having one of these debates earlier with someone who is an aquaintance, not really a friend so to speak. Well, not that it makes a difference…But I got extremely irritated. Not that I think everyone should agree with me either! In my humble opinion the word “coincidence” should be tossed out of the dictionary. Because in my humble opinion again, there’s no such thing! Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that with all my heart. There are no chance happenings, an accidental event and all the rest. I am so leaving myself open to debating by actually writing this. But it’s been bugging me all day long, so write it I must!

Hopefully you kind readers will be nice about this post in giving your opinion on this subject. I don’t argue, I seriously only do debate and that is the truth. I just find the word coincidence so downright stupid and every time I hear it used I could scream. If I was given to screaming, which of course I’m not. But it is frustrating, does anyone think that there is no divine order of things? There has to be…Because everthing does happen or occur for a reason. It’s a common sense thing for me to say this…Just think about it! I have so long, so many years thought this and I really wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t passionate about the whole deal. I highly doubt the word coincidence will ever get thrown out of the dictionary…Which is too bad for me. It would save any further debates on my part. It was much easier when my husband Dave was alive, because he, too did not believe in coincidences.

It started very early Dave and I had the coincidence disscussion…How wonderful we agreed on the whole matter!  Like we ended up together because it was a concidence we got put in each other’s path? Did we end up married because of a “chance meeting”? Not hardly, it was meant to be and that I am very, very positive and so was Dave. Everything has to occur for a reason, call it because of life lessons. Because we are getting them as we wander through this life we’re living.

I am sure there are many of you kind readers that will no doubt disagree with me. That’s OK, everyone certainly can’t all agree all the time! Thankfully Autumn does agree with me, and not because I say so or because we are twins and it’s TF ❤ honest! I got her permission to state her opinion. Is anyone reading and by chance agreeing with me? I would love to hear from you kind readers, what is your honest opinion of the word coindence? Please do share…But please do be kind! 🙂 🙂

Thoughts…I Have Many

Yes I certainly do, I will never be accused of not thinking enough that’s for sure. I know everybody has thoughts, I just seem to have an overabundance. Well, how do I know that is a true fact? There’s not some thought- a- meter that can check you out for that kind of thing. You know what I’m saying kind readers, right?

Anyway, my thoughts…One certain one stuck in my mind earlier. I was thinking of daylight savings time starting here in the United States, it’s on March 11th. I was going over all the clocks and watches I have to change so they can “Spring Ahead” an hour. Setting each and every watch and clock ahead an hour. For an ordinary person, it may just take a short while…Not for me I’m afraid.

In the fall when we did the “Fall Back” thing, setting them back an hour I wrote a post about this. Also telling of my many clocks and watches, which over the years spells out I have a lot of both. I won’t get into all that here, but I kept thinking about the chore of doing it all over again. There’s no escaping the chore, but I was thinking that maybe there was a short cut of sorts to doing this time consuming task. I pondered and I wondered about it…Notice I did not say obsessed! 😉 There is no shortcut, there just isn’t!

I was actually considering maybe giving some of the clocks away, I had to banish that thought very quickly! That’s just not going to happen…Many of the clocks have sentimental meaning. The majority of the clocks and watches, too have memories of Dave attached to them. I thought about that and took my stroll down memory lane. My husband left this earth way too soon, evil cancer and I won’t got into it all many of you kind readers already know. Giving clocks away, not an option…Banish that thought forever is right!!

I just thought about it all realisticaly, I would be cheerful and make it a fun happening, Yay! I will do just that. sometimes thinking does pay off, doesn’t it? I am thinking I may just have a small group of family and friends over to make a party out of it all, it’s a nice thought isn’t it? Well, it was until I told Autumn. That Twinnie laughed herself silly for just way too long! 😉 OK, maybe it was a wacky thought and I have a feeling she just may be right, maybe. Autumn pointed out a very kind fact…Did I really want to draw attention to all my clocks and watches to the family and friends again? Is that ever true, they all do tend to worry about the clock/watch collection. Why have them all over to my house? Each and every room looked at with all the clocks, just not the best idea. Hmm…Autumn has a good point, I think I will celebrate the clock setting ritual all by myself. It’s my final thought on the whole matter…I think.   P.S. Was anyone paying attention to each and every time I said thoughts and thinking? *Counting the last 2 and also the one in the title, it was 17…That’s a lot of thoughts and thinking I do believe! 😉 🙂

What Would You Do? by Gabby

It’s another one of my list of endless questions it seems,  and never do  they ever stop! 🙂 Anyway, here’s the question…If you had one day, all to yourself what would you do for fun? It has to be something fun, the only drawback you are stuck at home. So, the answer has to be something you do at home. Just pretend, it either snowed a whole lot, you were feeling not quite up to par and took a sick day off work. In case you live where it doesn’t snow, again just pretend you have a day off…BUT you can’t leave the house! Just think about it, you can’t do work from the office you brought home either! It has to be just for fun, no working allowed and I mean it. 😉

Your kids are in school or your nice spouse took them somewhere for the day. Your spouse is busy with the kids, or off working, so you will be all alone. One other rule, no you can’t chat with friends or anyone on the phone. No texting allowed either!  Why? Well, it is strictly your day! Do you cringe at the idea? Does it make you feel happy? The other rule, no housecleaning and that sort of thing either…After all, it has to be fun!

Can you entertain yourself for 8 hours or so without being bored? What would you be eating…Again, hopefully it’s something fun like takeout or ice cream! Why make it something healthy, it’s your free to indulge in any food whatever your little heart desires. What would I do? Well, probably read for awhile, maybe some computer time, no emailing people allowed during this time by the way. If texting is out so is emailing.

I might pop a DVD I’d been wanting to watch in. After I did reading, computer time and the movie, I would be listening to music. I would get old pictures out and have a stroll down memory lane. I would maybe do my nails and paint those fingernails and toenails some outrageous fun colors, too. For my food… I would order in some Pizza and also have some other snacks and ice cream. Maybe I would make a sundae out of the ice cream to liven it up while I was at it. See, my day is involving no people, no healthy food…Sounds like it was a relaxing day for me! No exercising? Well, maybe a 30 minute pilates, maybe a spin on my exercise bike…Because it’s very relaxing. That’s the exercise limit of the day only 30 minutes, if you hate exercising…You get to skip it all together! Yay for you! That was my whole day off to myself…What are Autumn’s day off plans  you may be wondering?

Here’s what the Twinnie would plan for day all to herself. She would read some or most of that book she hasn’t had time for. She says she would be listening to music, too. She says her food to order in would be takeout Chinese! Mix herself up a milkshake, have some snacks at hand, too. Other than that…the Twinnie says she would go with the flow and make that day to herself count! What about you kind readers? What are you going to do with that day off all to yourself? Please do share, it will be fun to see what you all have planned! 🙂 🙂

It’s February 7th… ~ by Gabby

I know, it’s another bizarre and unusual holiday!  But, I indeed have to share this one…It’s a good one! 🙂 It’s called “Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day”. Can you just believe it?

Imagine my surprise when I was checking into the bizzare and unusual holidays for this month. I figured we could just have some fun with this day, too…Why not? Waving at neighbors, that is always nice. It’s a good practice, wave, smile and stay on good terms with your neighbors. Waving using all your fingers…Well, please do be careful on that one. Just a warning, no using just one finger…You know what I’m saying.

Flashing the peace sign? I suppose that could work, but the holiday does say…Wave ALL your fingers. We don’t want to break any rules on this special day, do we? Waving like a queen or a princess, you know the “royal wave”? I have a feeling that’s not what they mean either, that could perhaps look just a bit too snobby. We want to be doing a nice wave to the neighbors! 🙂 Just a good old wave, wiggle all your fingers if you want to. Show some enthusiasim, make the neighbors know you are aiming for friendly! 🙂 It will make for happier times I do believe.

Of course I have been known to be called the overly optimistic one, by family and friends. If you don’t like the neighbor at all…Well, maybe it’s time to think about moving? I’m kidding of course! We can all co-exist fairly well, I hope! So, everybody have fun, wave all your fingers at your neighbors and remember to smile! So far it’s worked for me pretty well. Autumn, too has reported a couple nice waves she gave her neighbors. Let us know how your waving goes today, too! 🙂 🙂

I Strayed… ~by Gabby

Did I lure you in with that title? 😉 It’s nothing sordid, trust me! What in the world am I again talking about you may be asking? I strayed and I never, never will again…From my favorite brand of Greek Yogurt, that is. My all time favorite is Oikos by Dannon…I will not budge on this ever again! I am quite passionate about this, I can’t help myself. Wonder if that sounds perhaps just a bit on the wacky side? Well, if does then so be it! 😉 I  just really like what I like and no other brand will do…Ever!

I won’t be tempted by some other brand to give it a whirl. Or even a well meaning Twinnie I know and love will not be tempting me again. 😉 Let’s give this other brand a try she says, just the other day when together we popped into  a grocery store for a few items. She was so very convincing, this may be better than Oikos says Autumn. Sorry to report, the poor Twinnie thinks the other brand was “quite good”. I say she is so off base! Come on Twinnie this other brand, I am naming names now…Chobani does not compare to my lovely Oikos! Is the Twinnie undercover working for this other brand? Of course not, I am being dramatic. 🙂 The Chobani doesn’t cut it for me, it does not even come close…I should have know better. To stray, I mean…I have tried all the others and they all pale in comparison. What a misleading ad this is, look what it says…So not true!

A couple months ago I wrote a post it was a product review of sorts all about Oikos by Dannon. I said it was the best and I am sticking with it…forevermore! Did any of you kind readers try Okios? Any thoughts if you do enjoy my favorite brand? Do any of you truly like the competion better? You can tell me, I will disagree of course, but we are entitled to our own thoughts an opinions after all.  Sorry Dannon, my deepest apologies my sweet Oikos! Don’t worry, I did all the taste testing I am ever going to do. Torture, all of it and I am not exaggerating one tiny bit! If the  Twinnie wants to stray, she will be straying alone. I know the TF <3=Twins Forever and all you ask? Oh no, what are you saying…Surely not breaking up the lifetime of TF <3=Twins Forever!  A touch of drama again, sorry I couldn’t help myself. 🙂  My aspiring actress dreams bombed in third grade….A whole other post indeed! 😉 All you kind readers, as well as Autumn knows NOTHING will ever, ever break up TF <3=Twins Forever. I do have to tease her about it, that’s all. After all, the bond of twinship is way too stong! I love Autumn dearly, but no more messing with the Oikos Twinnie!! 😉 🙂