Magic Meeting

Under the magic tree

look and see

Unicorn meeting

and greeting

they drink from the stream

and sort of dream

of magic to grow

and they will soon know

the spell has been cast

will  it last?

they dance

and prance

waiting to find the way

love is here to stay

that’s what they both say!

Setting sun

their time has begun

the magic swirls about

there is no doubt

yes, the spell did work

it wasn’t just a quirk

love spun so sure and true

they  knew

off they go

a life brand new …


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The Fairy Princess

For my niece, Bonita, the best fairy princess ever!! love, Auntie (Masi) Autumn

Bonita is Soma’s daughter, and we all know who Soma is 🙂 that famous writer 🙂

She is magic through and through

she talks to the animals who all knew

that she loves them all

she’s such a doll!

The unicorns come to call

they nuzzle and prance

what a happy dance

She wears her crown

and never a frown

always a smile

all of the while

She is pretty as can be

and a friend to all animals, you see

they love her a lot

without any thought

The mommy unicorn knows

the fairy princess shows

love to all that visit the magic land

where the castle stands …

Walking in the forest …

All dressed in pink

she stops and thinks

her unicorn in tow

she knows where they want to go

through the forest of green

walking and in between

stopping to see

what all there might be

that will part of this lovely scene

it is just like a dream

she loves the forest, it’s true

she looks for a clue

here and there

and laughs without a care

Oops time slipped away

she has a bit farther along the way

till she gets to her house

she scampers along, quiet as a mouse …

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The Last Two Unicorns

Another tale of magic and love so true

the unicorns danced

and pranced

and took a chance

the last two,

the very last unicorn pair and they knew

that once they were safe and sound

the magic would protect them and surround

them with safety and hope so strong

so they went to the place that they belong

with the fairies and all the rest

their safety had been put to the test

now they live free

and are happy as can be

in the land of the magic folk

so many have now awoke

to the magic that weaves

and believes

that these last two unicorns are here to stay

for many a day …


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