Christmas Songs…Everyone’s Got a Favorite ~by Gabby Angel

Or do they? It really is hard to narrow the choices down and actually pick a favorite. My other thought is…Some people actually dislike all Christmas songs. At least I have heard that one from several diffent people in my travels through life.

When you work with the public, you just get told things. Sometimes whether you want to or even when you really don’t. I found it quite sad the first time someone actually said…I hate them all! While you’re at it, turn off that stuff (not the word they really used) you’re playing. How Grinchy was that? Anyway, I just said it was on the store’s sound system and couldn’t do that. About that time Autumn strolled over, she had heard the exchange. Yay, twinnie to the rescue! Autumn nicely told the unpleasant shopper, “It’s Christmas time, what were you expecting to hear when you walked in?” I loved how she presented her best smile as she said this, too! Said shopper just kind of did a growly noise but did proceed to shop, guess it was the twinnie’s smile? 😉

Anyway, this time of year either brings out the best or worst in people it seems. Back to Christmas songs…I like so many but will try to narrow it down to only a few. Autumn is the same way, maybe nobody can narrow it down to one! Who has only one favorite? Is it really possible? If (shudder) anyone reading this dislikes Christmas songs, do feel free to say so….If you dare. 😉

One of my favorite and Autumn’s is “Happy Christmas”, John Lennon with Yoko. My other few faves are “Silent Night“, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, “White Christmas” ( Memories of our Dad singing it), as well as others. There really are so many, too many to mention here! Autumn when asked named off “Walking in A Winter Wonderland“, “Jingle Bell Rock” and then the twinnie went on…”Merry Christmas Darling“, “Merry Christmas Baby”,” All I Want for Christmas is You” and I had to stop her there. Does anyone besides me see a theme developing? 😉

So, now it’s any of you kind readers turns! Only if you feel like particapating…Tell us twinnies your favorites, please? 🙂 Come on, don’t be shy…It will be fun! 🙂