Catching Wishes

Catch a Wish Bonita 🙂  love and hugs Autumn Maasi

Catch a wish or two
your dreams will surely come true
Twirl and spin
and try to win
your fondest wish you dream
just close your eyes and it will seem
just a bit of time will pass
what dream did you catch?
Make a wish for me
I wonder what it will be?
So much magic to try
as dreams fly by
Make a wish or three
open your eyes now and see
Did your wish come true?
give me a clue
Magic is so much fun
and catching wishes
under the sun …

Tis the Season ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Tis the season,

what’s your reason

for the happy times?

Any answer is fine

but why just for a day or a few?

Some people never knew

or just don’t seem to care

or think it’s fair

to question why

some don’t try

I have a mind that does ask

and I have a task

and it won’t be the last

I just find it somewhat sad

that only for a few days people are glad

running here and there

charge cards beware 😉

think about it this year

All the ones you hold so dear

would rather have you loving and giving

for more than just awhile

Look and see the child

the one that still knows why

you will get a smile and not a lie

Tis the season for love

and twinkling stars above …

Beautiful People ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Look around and you will see

Beautiful People like you and me

Sometimes you won’t know who’s who

so take the time to see those that do

know it’s true

We have the caring to share

we should all start to care!

Strangers can be friends

the journey never ends

we do have so much in common, we should reach out

and on and on without a doubt

No one would have to be alone at all

we’d have a friend nearby to call

we would never fall

just reach out a hand and try

The changes begin with you and I

Perhaps we can … ~by Autumn Sunshine

Perhaps we can …

Start a trend

so it never ends

a dash of sunshine

and a sprinkle of love

mix it well

and we can tell

them all

it’s easy

just say

you can …

just give it a try


I know we danced

this dance


but this time

I am letting

you lead …

and I will