Magical Kingdom

Starshine Land

Queen Sunshine and King Moonbeam

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom named Starshine Land, lived a royal family, unlike any other. The king was named Moonbeam and Sunshine was the queen’s name. With their love and magic they spread joy and happiness to all the people who lived there. Moonbeam and Sunshine were blessed with twin daughters, beautiful princesses, Summer and Siera.

Summer and Siera

From the day they were born, it was obvious to all that they were quite special. They ran and played in the golden meadows surrounding the castle. They had a gift, for like their royal parents they were born with magical powers. They talked to the animals, birds, every living creature who lived in Starshine Land. The wonder of it all was that the animals could also talk to the girls. They grew each day and their gift with the creatures of nature grew with them. They used their magic and their special powers wisely under their parents watchful eye.

Twinkle and Sparkle

Summer and Siera each had her own tiny fairy godmother to watch over her. Siera’s godmother was named, Sparkle, and Summer’s was named Twinkle. Like most children, the girls were quite mischievous, they kept Twinkle and Sparkle quite busy…


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