Mistaken Identity Strikes Again~ Written By Gabby

I wrote a post a number of months  ago about a guy thinking I was Autumn’s and my sister S. Well, that was a weird and unusual happening since she is 9 years younger than us Twinnies. Also, because he was so persistent about me being sister S until I proved by my ID I wasn’t. That one sure left me shaking my head about people being rather intrusive and just annoying.

This time around, and I still can’t believe it happened again honestly and why me?! This biker guy really did think I was Autumn, he was one of her old boyfriends, too. I was as always minding my own business and leaving a store, in the parking lot and getting into my car. All of a sudden and much to my surprise a guy on a nice Harley cruised up along side my car and getting so close. OMG I was thinking, why is this guy kind of cutting me off from leaving and if I opened my car door to get in I would bump into his Harley. Then I thought… Who in the heck is he, what does he want anyway? Once he took off his helmet I realized it was B, who was way back when one of Autumn’s boyfriends.I should have known, who else would be brave (or foolish) enough to be out cruising about on a Harley in the wintertime?

His greeting made me disgusted which was “How are you pretty lady? Hey, but here you are!” I seriously don’t like that kind of boldness either and think it’s pretty tacky. This made me remember how taken B was with Autumn and kind of over taken, if you know what I’m saying.

I hadn’t known he had moved back to our little hometown, oh but Yay and wait until dear Twinnie heard this news. The funny part is, I was heading over to her house after I left the store so I could tell her very soon! Back to B and his chatting that was getting so on my nerves, before I start digressing. I did inform him right away that oops, but he was speaking to the wrong twin! He did remember me, being with my husband Dave of course and he did extend his sympathies over my loss.

Oh no, now he was looking disappointed as he went on to ask all about Autumn…B really kind of never got over her to hear him tell it. I had a silent chuckle on how I would tease her, because I was sure going to! Leave it to Autumn and our little sister S, they had the way of making these guys never forget them…Those two girls were just plain heartbreakers, weren’t they? But, why did I have to keep running into them?

B was wanting to know if Autumn was single, where did she live and on he went…Sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news. B took the news downright pitifully about her engagement and impending wedding. Thankfully he dropped asking where she lived. I sure was getting way too much information about their old romance, here I thought I had known the whole story, too! According to B, he would hope to see Autumn again since he was divorced and back living in our town…Good luck Autumn! I finally gracefully got away and headed for that Twinnie’s house. I must tell you I kept checking the rearview mirror to see if he was following me because you never know with these kind of guys, the lasting devotion and all!

I got to Autumn’s place and kept smiling as I went off to tease her! How disappointing it was to have Autumn act like our sister S, according to her B was so exaggerating! I tell you kind readers, these heartbreaker sisters of mine…I hope no more old boyfriends mistake me for one of them again! If they do, never fear because I will be sure to report! 😉 🙂


Pinky Swears Are Serious Business

Another fascinating and perhaps bizzare title…Never fear kind readers, I will explain! 🙂 I’m not sure if you all will know what a pinky swear is, again never fear if you don’t know because I will explain! 🙂 It’s something we used to do as kids, Autumn and me and still do as grown ups just to be silly of course.
A pinky swear is locking or linking your little finger (the pinky finger, that is) with another person and promising to keep the big and exciting secret that’s divulged. It seems so funny thinking about it and it makes me laugh at the words that can go along with it, too. Hope you are ready for those magic pinky swear words because here we go–” I will not bend, I will not break, this pinky swear I now do make”. How is that for young girl drama, I bet it made some of you laugh and maybe remember something similiar about your own pinky swears.
Oh my goodness but they were such serious business back in the day. I do need to add one thing, the little rhyme or magic words, sometimes we didn’t bother saying them if we were in a big hurry. Just merely locking pinky fingers still counted as a pinky swear, at least to us! 🙂
 The question I just have to ask is how many of you ever did your own version of the pinky swear? I sure am hoping somebody has and will be happy to share, please. I am so counting on you kind girl readers to share. After all, it really is a “girl type thing” this pinky swear business…No offense to you guys but it’s just a fact. Anyway, if you all are maybe wondering what reminded me of the pinky swear don’t ask! My mind tends to wander all over the place, random thoughts just pop into my head…And I was merely polishing my fingernails. Doing my little finger, the pinky one of course just conjured up this fun memory! Go figure, huh? 😉 🙂

A Case of Mistaken Identity

What an enticing title this is if I do say so myself!  OK maybe not, but  this is the best title I could come up with for this very strange happening. First I do need to state, I think I really dislike shopping without Autumn and I am never going anywhere without her again! Of course I am kidding since she can’t be with me everytime I venture out there in the shopping world. But she handles these wacky things so much better than me.

There I was in a department type store, shopping and minding my own business and looking at greeting cards. That would finish up my shopping and then I could be on my way. Well, I was going to slowed down because I was suddenly approached by a stranger in the form of some guy who was just plain overjoyed to see me! Here’s where the mistaken identity comes in, and no this guy wasn’t mistaking me for Autumn…He was calling me by one of our younger sisters names.

The funny part is sister S is 9 years younger than us Twinnies and I seriously don’t know or would never remember who all her friends, etc. were/are. Plus, what a nice compliment to be mistaken for a younger sister, right? Well, kind of except this guy was having a hard time believing I wasn’t S and that was somewhat interesting and annoying. He started telling me how he remembered me dumping him after only 3 dates and on he went, it got just a bit amusing as I heard all about S and his never forgetting her.

That sister S was quite the heartbreaker in her dating days, but my goodness she sure must have stomped on this guy’s heart only after 3 dates! I am not kidding how hard it was to shut him up either and convince him once and for all I wasn’t sister S! I finally stopped him in his tracks by pulling out my ID! His face sure got red as he quickly started apologizing tripping over the words, “You are one of the twins and I can’t believe I thought you were S and I knew she had a bunch of sisters”, etc., etc…You get the idea. Thankfully, he left in a hurry after telling me his name and asking me to tell her he said hi.

Oh, you just better believe I would tell sister S all about it as soon as possible. She is happily married with 2 kids, but I just had to know the story of their 3 dates. Here’s the kicker, first S couldn’t remember him and it took her some thinking to recall the guy at all! So no big story, but she did think it was cool he still thought so highly of her, oh sister S and that tiny streak of drama she has! So, there you have it…Case of mistaken identity and the weirdest thing of my solo bout of shopping. Yes, Autumn was missed because that Twinnie would have handled it much better. On a sidenote… She did have a good time of it teasing sister S though! 😉 🙂

Mimes … How Do They Do It?

I got the idea for this post from looking again at the image of the mimes. Hence the title…Meaning the mimes! They were featured in the post “April is National Humor Month” and as always it got me thinking. Because I confess I am never at a loss for thoughts…But that can be a good thing, right? I am never, well hardly ever at a loss for words. But those mimes, how do they do it? Not uttering a word, trying to convey a message. Well, they do make it look easy I must say. Very interesting they are, as well as entertaining, too. But not uttering a word, that alone would just drive me crazy. I’m not kidding either, I just couldn’t do it! Could any of you kind readers? Come on, think about it, not one word! Silence is the key with this mime business.

I am sincerely honest in saying, I do not do charades…For obvious reasons. 😉 How about you kind readers, anybody simply excelling at charades? If so, please do share because I just can’t maintain the silence. I do have to report, Autumn is very much the same…Oh, what a surprise, right? 🙂

The Twinnies are so not into being quiet…The stories I could tell about us in church as younger Twinnies! I am serious, just picture us whispering back and forth and oops by mistake starting to laugh. Made our parents ever so proud of Autumn and me both for sure! 😉

But, back to these mimes…They can’t speak. It’s not allowed in the mime world. I think they just might have a handbook they need to follow, what do you all think? 😉 But what if somebody says something funny to them? They can’t laugh…How awful for them! Somebody could try their hardest to make them talk, but the mime rules don’t allow it. I guess it would be enough to make them get fired…Well, then they could talk all they wanted! Without a job that is…Their talking would be a lot of complaining. Or telling off the person who caused them to speak, why not? They sure could be making up for lost time and get it all said!

Like I said, I was just thinking about all this mime stuff and just cracking myself up. I am so very easily entertained, what can I say? Autumn was laughing herself silly right along with me when thinking about finding some mimes. It really would be kind of fun to try to get them to talk, don’t you think? 😉 I am kidding, we wouldn’t do it because it really would be so not kind and rather thoughtless. But, the thoughts of it all are amusing! 🙂

All of these thoughts and pondering about mimes…Well, I do admire them I must say. Would I ever make it as a mime, would Autumn…Heck no! But would any of you kind readers? Think about it and please do share your thoughts on my latest off beat pondering and wonderings. Just think about the mimes…Surely you kind readers have something you would like to share! Go ahead, you are among friends! 🙂

April is National Humor Month!

I was so happy and just plain overjoyed to find out about this. Imagine that, the whole month of April devoted to humor, isn’t it wonderful? 🙂 I really do love finding out these things, because after all… Who doesn’t want to celebrate humor?

We can plenty of fun  laughing and just being in a lively, cheerful state of mind all month long. No time for sadness and gloom in this month of April, it just can’t happen! In telling Autumn at my latest findings of the fact of National Humor Month she thought it was quite awesome. As you already know kind readers, we Twinnies do have fun, magic and laughing with some happiness tossed in, too of course.We really do love having wishes, hopes, dreams and good vibes on our blog and try to make it a pleasure for everyone who visits :).

We Twinnies do crack each other up with silliness a lot of the time anyway, so for us we can just do it all that more often! Yay, laughing, smiles and all those good vibes floating around…Autumn said it was a magical happening! You all know how she loves her magic…Always weaving lots and lots of it here. 🙂 We both just simply love the brighter side of life, it’s better to laugh than cry and all that sort of thing.

It’s true you know, and also let’s always turn than frown upside down! Oops, I do sometimes get a bit carried away, don’t I? 😉 But there are so many, too many sad and serious sides and parts of life. Well, we just have to find something uplifting and humorous to balance things out. Makes sense, doesn’t it kind readers? Who is just smiling over this month of humor? Anyone thinking it’s not that special or shaking your heads in disgust? Well, I sure do hope not! 😉 Of course you can disagree with thinking it’s an awesome thing, this month being about humor.

That’s what makes the world go around everybody has different thoughts, ideas and all! I have got to say, doesn’t everybody have something that tickles that funny bone though…Hmm something to ponder! I can be all alone and find something highly amusing and just laugh, what does that tell us? 😉

I know I usually want to share something incredibly funny with Autumn, thankfully we do have the same type of humor! Well, there you have it my latest findings… April is National Humor Month! Don’t worry, I will be sure to keep everyone up on what else this month holds for us…Did anyone doubt it? 😉 🙂

Backwards Day is here!~~ by Gabby

Can you believe it? January 31st is another one of those wacky or bizarre holidays. One you won’t find on your calendar, by any means but celebrated by some people all the same. You really can find one for every single day of the month. Backwards Day…Do everything backwards, is it possible? Of course it isn’t, but you all knew that. It may be fun or amusing to do a few things backwards just to give it a whirl.

Walk backwards? Not for me, I would be running into things or falling all over the place! Come on, who can walk backwards gracefully? Talk backwards? My brain couldn’t process that one I’m afraid. Everything would come out complete gibberish, wonder if anyone can possibly do that? Write backwards? Maybe one word, I wouldn’t want to try for a whole sentence. I once saw a movie when the guy wrote the woman’s name he was trying to win over backwards on a wall. How romantic, show off a hidden talent for his love,  that was in a movie though! I believe it was said the actor had the talent of writing backwards…Well, maybe. That could have been highly exaggerated for publicity’s sake, how would we know? Wear your shirt backwards? No, just so not a good fashion statement!

It seems to me this said holiday is aimed for young children, they would find all these things fun. What about our inner child getting out there for Backwards Day? Not for me, I am not risking life, limb and sanity…My inner child is staying put for Backwards Day! She isn’t talking me into it, no way! I ask Autumn if she was going to try a backwards thing, she laughed! I take that as a definite No. So there we have it Backwards Day is here…Anybody going to give this backwards thing a whirl? If so, please do share! 🙂 😉

Today is a Holiday~ by Gabby Angel

Yes it is, I checked into it! January 11th is a holiday, of sorts anyway. The name of the holiday you ask? It’s “Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day”! You never heard of it? Neither did I quite honestly, until I stumbled on bizzare holidays for every day of the month. Somebody was bound to have thought of such a fanciful idea like this! Of course you won’t find this holiday on your calendars, but let’s embrace it all the same, shall we? 🙂

This one struck me as quite amusing, so I just have to write my take on it. I know it is a bit weird, but humor me just a bit. It might be worth a laugh or possibly two, I hope. 😉 If any of you kind readers didn’t already realize… You just have to go with the flow on this blog, kind of always expect the unexpected.) 😉 We make our own fun and do cherish and simply love to laugh!

OK, stepping in puddles and splashing…What fun it was when we were kids. Just having a good old time, dancing through those puddles! Splashing in a puddle as an adult, still fun…For the young at heart anyway! Splashing your friend? Not too nice I would have to say right off hand. Unless your friend has a very good sense of humor and doesn’t mind such things, that is. The other drawback to this wacky holiday is…In some parts of the country puddles are frozen! I know they are here in Pennsylvania…So no splashing will be going on around here. Splashing in puddles in my youth, I did it all the time and so did Autumn. How many of you loved jumping in puddles and splashing like crazy when you were young? How many of you still love splashing and jumping in puddles? How many of you made someone a bit mad while jumping and splashing, and they maybe got wet? How many of you would care to tell us about it? I perhaps do ask a lot of questions, don’t I? I can’t help myself…It’s just all about the sharing! I still love to jump in puddles, and so does Autumn we freely admit it! 🙂 We will never grow up in certain areas of our lives it seems, which is probably a good thing I say! I think it’s really all about bringing out the inner child, what do you all think? Isn’t it rather fun to let that inner child loose?

I say yes, let’s all make it our goal to have that inner child just run wild for 2012, what does everyone think? Twinnie says she is going to give it a whirl…Didn’t everyone not already guess this? 😉 Come on, let us know…Are you with us? Remember…Inquiring twinnies just need to ask! 😉 🙂

It’s a Simple Question…~ Gabby Angel

Looking at a half glass of water, if you don’t like water pick another beverage. 😉 Is the glass half empty or half full? My answer of course would be…It’s half full. Why? Well, because I am an optimist and I do count my blessings I am. It’s a thought I was pondering yesterday and remembering. My twin sister Autumn, yes she’s an optimist, too. Hate us or love us, that’s what we twinnies are.

This is kind of unusual memory…We once took a survey of the half empty/half full theory. Call us weirdos if you want to (we’ve probably been called worse), but we were working a 12 hour plus day. We co-managed a small store and had lots of work to get done and catch up on. So, Autumn and I both planned a long day for ourselves. The survey started out as a joke, but started to catch on…We had asked a few shoppers their opinions. It was kind of strange every one of them had answered half empty!

Well, being the ever curious types we twinnies decided we would take our day long survey. I must explain, it was a fairly small store and most of the shoppers knew us. They were all used to our sense of humor and sometimes rather amusing thoughts or conversation. Never a dull moment with Autumn and I, we like to interact with people. So, the day went on and we actually were keeping track. For real, we really were…We asked as many as we could. Is the glass half empty of hall full? The surprise was, and I do remember this clearly…70% said half empty. Only a pitiful 30% said half full, Autumn really got into a few intense chats with some of the lucky shoppers. She was trying to talk them into the half full theory being the best answer! What can I say, the girl loves a good debate! Anyway, isn’t that something? The majority of people were pessimists, how disheartening that survey was.

I wonder if any of you reading this would care to offer your own opinion? Come on, don’t be shy…Simple question! You could be so kind to let Autumn and I know what does that half glass of water look like to you? We twinnies are needing another survey, please make our day all you kind readers. I know Autumn and I would be overjoyed  to get a happier percentage this time around. I am not trying to sway anyone ;), but really isn’t it a nicer thought…The glass is half full! 🙂

Quite seriously, we would all be much happier people if we took that attitude in life. Look for the up side of things, not the down side. Positive thoughts, not negative ones. Something to ponder for the day and please do feel free to give us twinnies your answer. No pressure, honest! 🙂 😉