When Life Gives You Lemons…

You make lemonade, right? I’m sure everyone has heard this expression, if not just where have you been? I am kidding of course, some of you may not be familiar with it. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. What if you don’t like lemonade, then what do you do? What if you think lemonade and lemons are just plain yucky or disgusting? It’s something to ponder and I do love pondering and may that never stop! Because pondering is just way too much fun.

I shouldn’t be joking about it, but I can’t seem to help myself! Of course the saying is telling us to take a bad situation and make it positive, look at the bright side when things look bleak and so many other such things. You get the idea, right?

Anyway, I saw this saying on a bumper sticker on a car if front of me at a red light. I hadn’t seen such a bumper sticker in a long time…Yet, there it was! I sat through the red light and looked at the bumper sticker and of course I thought about it later when I got home. That’s what got me thinking of how easy it is to just keep looking at the positive not the negative.

I had to tell Autumn about the bumper sticker and she thought it was interesting. She thought of a really funny thing about the saying and lemons, it cracked me right up, too. That Twinnie really has a good sense of humor I must say and thank goodness. She said if somebody hands you lemons, make a lemon meringue pie and throw it in their face because they are annoying as all get out.

What if you didn’t feel like cheering up and just weren’t in the mood , you know it could happen! It was funny, however did she think of such a thing I asked her. Well Autumn didn’t know, it just popped into her head and she felt the need to share it with me. Therefore, it makes you wonder about this pair of Twinnies sense of humor doesn’t it?

OK, so this bumper sticker thing, we got to talking about those, too. Neither one of us has any bumper stickers on or cars and we were wondering how many of you kind readers have one on your car? It would be fun to hear about what everyone has to say! If not and you don’t feel like sharing…Well, please do give us your opinion of bumper stickers, lemons, lemonade and all that type of thing! 😉 🙂


What’s on your desk? by Gabby

It was a passing thought yet again. I seem to have plenty of those thoughts, don’t I? Well, I was looking around my desk. It got me wondering if I had all kinds of interesting things, what does everyone else have on their desk? The nice thing, I have a laptop now as my primary computer. I don’t always have to sit at my desk, I can wander to any room I choose. Yet, I still find myself mostly working from my desk. I also prefer to use a wireless mouse, I know some people do quite well without them, not me my friends!

Anyway, back to my desk…It’s a secretary desk and quite nice as desks go. I love all the kind of little slots and special compartments. They help me look so more organized, my desk doesn’t look too messy. All those nooks and crannies sure do come in very handy!

So, what’s on my desk? In sharing what’s on mine, I hope all of you kind readers might do the same. We can also get the low down on what’s on Autumn’s desk perhaps. That way we all be sharing. My desk is home to a nice lamp, a clock, a couple of candles that smell heavenly and an angel statue (they are all over my home, as are the clocks)! I have a cute little pot …The home of many pens and pencils. A picture of my husband Dave, of course…I glance at it often because memories are comforting and good. I have a spot for envelopes, tablets, stamps and all kinds of those type of things pretty well hidden in all those nice slots. I’m not sure if this is boring, wonder if my desk and it’s treasures are normal?

What do your desks look like? Are you organized, messy or a combination of both? Autumn is calling hers organized chaos, by the way! Her desk is the home of much the same as mine except with a different lamp, no candles and she has a lovely little jade elephant with its trunk pointing upwards. It’s from her darling man, it was very thoughtful of him…He wanted her to have a mascot of sorts! Last but not least, a picture of her darling man because her desk wouldn’t be complete without it! That about wraps up what’s on the Twinnies desks!

Who would like to share what is on theirs? Do you have some interesting or unusual things on your desk?  Come on, you are among friends…You can tell us! Remember, sharing really is fun! Of course inquiring Twinnies as always, would love to hear. 🙂 🙂

Some Hello Kitty Magic… ~ by Gabby

Hello Kitty is doing so well these days. She is very busy, happy and spreading the magic all around. With a wave of her wand she is just having a good time of making magic and bringing smiles. Who would have guessed, right?  Isn’t that just wonderful news about Kitty? I knew she was special, but now to come to realize she is  also being a part-time good fairy of sorts! Yay Kitty, you are the sweetest and doing such good deeds, too. Fixing hearts that are broken and mending frowns turning them into smiles wherever she goes. I hear tell she loves turning the frowns right upside down, left and right. She loves spreading happiness around! Kitty can make just everyone laugh out loud with a touch of that magic wand! 🙂 What a busy girl that Kitty is. Such a good news update,  isn’t it?Autumn and I were just a bit troubled about the last rumor of perhaps too much indulgence of the pink beer. Well, if there was trouble there, it has disappeared, Yay!

Mimi is being the supportive twin sister and has only stepped in here and there to lend Kitty a hand. She has had to, Kitty was exhausted with those long hours of magic!! She had traveled all over the globe, each and every country was visited, nobody and I do mean nobody was missed! That is a lot of traveling…Even with the help of a magic wand!

Shh…Because that is very top secret, so let’s  don’t spread it around! Mimi only stepped in as any good twin sister would, happily changing which side her bow was on. It was easier when she got to put on that nice little crown of stars though. What a trooper to be so very unselfish, don’t you all think? Both Kitty and Mimi are just so special to many of us. We just happened to know the top secret info from a friend of the family who told us twinnies that tidbit of news. It really is nice to have an inside source every now and then sharing the happy things about Kitty and Mimi. Better than last report, which we won’t speak of. All we will do is share this picture of Kitty waving her magic wand and thankfully her little wings weren’t the slightest bit crooked. She has a very good fashion assistant I heard, which is a good deal. We all could do with one of those, couldn’t we? Anyway, there you have it..The latest on Hello Kitty and her lovely twin sister Mimi! All happy and It’s all good…May it continue on that way, too! 🙂 🙂

It’s February 7th… ~ by Gabby

I know, it’s another bizarre and unusual holiday!  But, I indeed have to share this one…It’s a good one! 🙂 It’s called “Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day”. Can you just believe it?

Imagine my surprise when I was checking into the bizzare and unusual holidays for this month. I figured we could just have some fun with this day, too…Why not? Waving at neighbors, that is always nice. It’s a good practice, wave, smile and stay on good terms with your neighbors. Waving using all your fingers…Well, please do be careful on that one. Just a warning, no using just one finger…You know what I’m saying.

Flashing the peace sign? I suppose that could work, but the holiday does say…Wave ALL your fingers. We don’t want to break any rules on this special day, do we? Waving like a queen or a princess, you know the “royal wave”? I have a feeling that’s not what they mean either, that could perhaps look just a bit too snobby. We want to be doing a nice wave to the neighbors! 🙂 Just a good old wave, wiggle all your fingers if you want to. Show some enthusiasim, make the neighbors know you are aiming for friendly! 🙂 It will make for happier times I do believe.

Of course I have been known to be called the overly optimistic one, by family and friends. If you don’t like the neighbor at all…Well, maybe it’s time to think about moving? I’m kidding of course! We can all co-exist fairly well, I hope! So, everybody have fun, wave all your fingers at your neighbors and remember to smile! So far it’s worked for me pretty well. Autumn, too has reported a couple nice waves she gave her neighbors. Let us know how your waving goes today, too! 🙂 🙂

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not… by Gabby

I was looking at a magazine and noticed a picture of a bunch of daisies arranged nicely in a vase.That’s all it took and my mind was off to my oh so happy and younger days. It happens quite often to me, go figure! 🙂 As I’ve said on more than one occasion, my mind really can be a mystery on how it works and the way it works. I’ve decided not to tamper with a good thing! 😉 I think what I think, that’s the way it goes. Those thoughts that pop into my head are worth something, they need to be shared. My mind would be a terrible thing to waste! I think… therefore I am. Oops, I veered off subject  just a bit it seems.That happens kind of a lot, too…it’s a problem maybe, the digressing thing. 😉

I will get back on track, daisies and those younger days. Of course they would be Autumn’s younger days,too since we’re twins and all. There was a game we twinnies played plucking the petals off of a daisy. While you were happily plucking each petal you would say, “he loves me, he loves me not.” Naturally hoping all the while the last remaining petal would end up to be “he loves me”! If not, then you were sad a couple of minutes, then got over it. The worst part of course would happen if you were playing the daisy game with friends around. You just had to hope, wish and pray it didn’t end up with “he loves me not” in front of your friends! If it did, they would all tease you relentlessly about your misfortune.

All the wild daisies that were sacrificed over this now ridiculous seeming game! We had a huge field by our house and the daisies grew like wildfire, but they still shouldn’t have been ripped apart petal by petal. Oh well, the ways of the young. 🙂 The weirdest  thing that ever happened while playing the daisy plucking game.Well, that would be when was our friends and neighbor boys Tim and Alex wandered over to our yard and witnessed the daisy plucking game. Autumn had just finished her remaining petal, “he loves me” she shouted out, doing a little happy dance! I was holding my daisy, it too had one remaining petal… “he loves me!” Just in time, I saw those boys coming and  I wasn’t about to join the twinnie’s happy dance! Noticing the boys she just smiled and explained the game…Trust me they were not impressed! How embarrassing, Tim did tease the poor twinnie for a little while though. Autumn told him off of course and brought that to an abrupt stop to any further teasing. Oh, those younger days, they were fun and simple alright.

Do any of you kind girl readers remember playing this game and if so, want to share? Come on, sharing is fun girls! We twinnies as always would love to hear! 🙂 🙂

Another Special Day ~ by Gabby

It’s here and yes it is a rather special day, another bizarre holiday! 🙂 Of course it’s not marked on the calendar, but very much worth mentioning. Today is “National Compliment Day”, that is an amazing chance for everyone today. Give everyone you like, love and maybe those you are not especially fond of a compliment. I mean it, come on kind readers…It is a good day to do this. It should bring out the best in all of us, are you with me?

I say, let’s spread some joy, love, peace and warm wishes and hand out those compliments. Sure, go ahead…Give it a try, it’s easy! 🙂 Wonder who all is laughing at me by now? 😉 It’s a possibility, some of you may think I am just a bit on the ridiculous side. Why hand out compliments to people? Because it’s nice, it will make you feel good…You know, all warm & fuzzy inside! 🙂

There has to be some redeeming quality in everyone to deserve some sort of compliment, right? Why do I feel some of you just may be shaking your head No? Look deep, it’s there somewhere I’m sure…Imagine the people you may surprise! Compliments given should come from your heart, make somebody smile and be glad they know you. I admit it…I am an eternal optimist! I am always looking for the best always in everyone I know or may meet up with. It’s my nature, it’s Autumn’s nature, too! I heard from her how she has a not so pleasant neighbor, she gave him a compliment anyway. She told him he had a nice pair of boots on…It was a start, make someone’s day! He actually smiled at the twinnie…Wow, a first! I gave out a hearty compliment to a not smiling and somewhat unhappy looking grocery store clerk myself. I told her the blue ribbon in her hair was pretty…She actually smiled, too! I am off to hand out more compliments, now it’s your turn…Go ahead and give it a try! 🙂

I love National Compliment Day, this could really catch on. You just never know unless you try! 🙂 By the way, all you kind readers are the best and we twinnies give you smiles and hugs! 🙂 🙂

Would You Open the Mystery Box ?? by Gabby

I know, it’s a weird question, isn’t it? It’s kind of a fun question actually, well it seemed a good idea for a post when Autumn and I talked about it earlier.   As always we twinnies were having one of our unusual chats, we seem to have quite the habit of doing that. 😉 In discussing the Pandora’s Box story, we were also talking about any unwatched type of mystery box.

Would you open it if you had the chance? Nobody’s watching this mystery box and it’s just sitting there. What do you think you would do? It’s wrapped up, looking all pretty, too. The temptation is kind of there, but who is brave enough to chance it? It could hold something good, maybe something fun and really quite awesome. On the other hand it could hold something really bad! Possibly something really scary and creepy…Something you just wouldn’t want to see! It could unleash some evil woes so to speak, it could happen. 😉 On the other hand, it’s not our box to go snooping into, is it? Just because it’s sitting there alone and unsupervised, do  we have that right?  The right answer morally is of course,  No.

We shouldn’t open it because it’s not ours or our business whatsoever. But, nobody is watching and the mystery box could be calling your name! Who can resist such a thing? The curiosity could be overwhelming, couldn’t it? Autumn and I may be inquiring twinnies, but both of us said we wouldn’t open it. I know, that may come as a bit of surprise…Or maybe not?

What about any of you kind readers, what would you do? It’s one of those wacky questions that just needs to be asked. 🙂 Just think about it and give the first answer that pops into your head. Who is with us, anyone caring to share their thoughts? We twinnies promise not to judge, after all it’s all pretend…The mystery box is just a picture, after all! 🙂 It’s really all in how you look at it…Help us out kind readers. Sharing is always fun and besides that… Inquiring twinnies just need to know. 😉 🙂

What is Your Favorite Meal? ~by Gabby

This is going to be a fun post, I just know it! 🙂 Autumn and I were talking about food, our favorites and what we were hungry for. Well, that made us have a nice thought.

We are posting a couple pictures of our favorite meal! Well, one of our total favorites anyway. So many to choose from, but we twinnies narrowed it down. Take a look, aren’t we just shameful baked tortellini and cannoli for dessert? Think of the calories…Let’s just don’t!

Sometimes you just have to enjoy the good food and throw caution to the wind, right?

OK, now it’s your turn…What is your favorite meal, dessert and all? Come on kind readers, it will be fun! Let’s share our favorite foods…What do you say? Are you in…As always, inquiring twinnies are wanting to know! 🙂 🙂

The Twinnies Take on the Principal~ by Gabby

This is a true story, no matter how obnoxious it sounds…I remember it all too well. When Autumn and I were 5 years old, 4 months shy of our 6th birthday we started first grade. It was a bit early, I know! Here in our area, back when we were this age they didn’t have kindergarten or pre-school. Being a bit advanced for our age, our parents decided to start us in school. It was good in a way, but little did everyone know…We started quite early bucking the system. By all rights, I should be embarrassed to tell this one. Well, I’m not and Autumn agreed with me it was too funny not to share.

OK, we twinnies were excited when we heard about going to school and were all for it. Our Mom and Dad had talked to us all about it, what fun it sounded. Our Mom took us to the first day of our first grade, all was not fine! The principal had talked our Mom into putting us in separate classes, as there was 2 first grade classes. Autumn and I did try and go with the flow, honestly we did. A few minutes after our Mom left we started separately sniffling and tears were flowing. The teachers were busy comforting other students, their mistake.

Neither of our teachers noticed this stunt right away, I am serious. Autumn, the bold twinnie that she is took it upon herself to right this major wrong! Without permission she trotted out of her classroom and into mine, grabbed my hand and off we went! Where you ask? Off to see the principal, of course…Where else! Did we stop and think about being scared for being so gutsy, of course not. We made our way to the principal’s office, not stopping for any teacher who noticed.

The school nurse tried to get us back to our classrooms, too. She had no luck whatsoever! A few of the foolish enough teachers to ask where we were going…Autumn spoke up to them with no fear. That twinnie merely answered, “We are going to see the principal and you can’t stop us!” I know it sounds rude, we weren’t trying to be because we were raised quite well and taught respect. You have to understand, the twinnies were not being separated and that was final. Another answer to a poor teacher from Autumn…”Somebody made a mistake, the principal needs us to talk to him.” Nobody stopped us either, what were they thinking? Maybe that we were harmless and wanted to see the show?

We twinnies reached the principal’s office and got quickly ushered in. Our parents knew this man, our Mom had pointed his office out to us, poor Mom she really wasn’t expecting this to occur, obviously. Mr H. tried to get in the first word…But on we twinnies went with our speech. Telling him how we needed to be in the same classroom. He needed to fix the mistake and we didn’t want to quit first grade but we would if he wasn’t going to listen. Mr. H. called our Mom after calming us down and Yay, we got our way and Mr. H.. had seen our side of the story.

The downside of all this, it was talked about for years to come by the principal, the teachers and the school nurse. Even as adults, they still reminded us…Oh well, it was a small price to pay. Never again did the school try to separate the twinnies! You see, TF <3=Twins Forever had started quite young for us and will remain! 😉 🙂

The Twinnies Celebrate A Birthday ~ by Gabby

Yes indeed we twinnies were born January 15th. Being twins, we never knew anything else but having to share a birthday. It was just fun and a nice thing, in case nobody else ever remembered we could wish each other a “Happy Birthday“! 😉 Our birth was such a trauma to our poor Mom, she will never forget of course. An emergency c-section, Autumn and I were delivered only a minute apart. We all could have really not survived, so that is a blessing we all made it! I am the one who is a minute older, not that it’s ever been lorded over Autumn’s head. Seriously, I have  never gloated about the one minute thing, (I think). 😉

What a start to parenthood for our Mom and Dad…Twins, a little double blessing we were. At least that is the story we got told, how exciting it was to find out it wasn’t one baby but two! We had grandparents, aunts and uncles who looked forward to our birth, too. It’s a nice feeling to know we twinnies were so welcomed. To think, we never gave Mom and Dad one problem or woe or cause for headaches after that…OK, that is a total fabrication I admit. 😉 I hear tell we were quite a handful, charming and cute…But also very much double the trouble at times.

Anyway, it was an exciting day for all…January 15th and it kind of went down in history, too. Not us twinnies, I am referring to Martin Luther King! What an honor to share his birthday…Such a man of peace and wonderful thoughts, dreams and inspiration to many. It’s just very sad how he was gone too soon and with such tragedy…I am happy he has his own special holiday. Celebrated of course on Monday the 16th of January, may he be remembered forever!

Anyway, birthday thoughts…Autumn and I are grateful to be here yet another year of course. We have always celebrated together, it’s been a tradition since the start and it’s always fun.How old are we? As Autumn nicely put it…Still a couple years away from the dreaded decade. Age is really is only a number after all, isn’t it? So, there you have it…Another birthday for the twinnies and hopefully a very good year! 🙂 🙂