Love that grew ~ by Autumn

I learned from you

that love is true

The past has gone

where it belongs

When love is meant to be

it’s very easy to see

Right from the start

I knew in my heart

That you were the one

yes, the past is done

We live each day

in a loving way

We talk and grow

the love just shows

A lesson learned

a love returned …


You are my rock

You are my rock, sturdy and strong

Everything right, nothing is wrong

You heal with a touch

and help me so much

A man set apart

I knew from the start

You’d win my heart

And as time has passed

the feelings still last

You are you, you’re all I see

your strength nourishes me

The love I feel

is oh so real

It grows each day

in every way

A rock is strong it’s true

as are you …

PHOTO CREDIT: Jenn Southworth

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You and Me

You and me and me and you

Have a love that’s oh so true

As we travel through the years

We’ll talk through all our fears

Together from the start

we hold each others hearts

With a love that’s meant to last

bad times never seem to pass

We stand together very strong

nothing can go wrong

It’s a love that’s meant to stay

in each and every way

Better than the best

we’ve passed every single test

Come and take my hand

together we will stand

Forever and a day we go

the way is clear to know …

From my heart to yours

I send you waves of love

mixed with moonlight from above

Close your eyes and there I’ll be

beside you, surprise it’s me

As day turns into night

we walk along, our dreams in sight

Love is me and you

together always, we knew

so take my hand

we’ll make a stand

our love is strong and true

no longer new

we say I do

smiling into each others eyes

until the sunrise

laughing at the time

yours and mine

another adventure we found

whispers in the night, barely a sound

me and you

our love is true …

Love on a Beach

No matter what our age

we’ll just turn another page

and remember our beach

it’s still within our reach

For days may pass

but our love will last

We smile and remember the smiles

walking many miles

in the sand

hand in hand

your fingers laced through mine

so fine and rather divine

love on a beach

it’s a lesson to teach

for those who want to learn

and pages to turn

that love is the best

forget all the rest …

Forever Love

You are the man I love forevermore

I could never, ever be more sure

I know of love because of you

This my darling is very true

I never trusted, now I do

The words make sense now

almost magic somehow

You touched my soul

we’re together and whole

My heart belongs to you

through and through

We live and learn

and pages turn

My forever love, always so strong

Together we belong

Forever I say

every single way

as we love through each day …


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Forever we are …

I want forever and after

and loads of laughter

with you my darling man

I take this stand,

I know we can

soul mates we are

we both wished on a star

singing through the rain or sun

our time has just begun

years ahead to love through

we both knew

that we were meant to be

happy and everyone can see

that love so true, will never end

heaps of wishes to send

and as we go along our way

it’s just another wonderful day …


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Love is all of these

Love so bold

love to hold

very near

really dear

love so true

love, I knew

it was always you

So here we go, another day

a loving way

always so much

and it’s such

a grand way to live

love to give

love to share

and dare

to believe it’s real and strong

we do belong

to each other,

never another

we have no doubt

it’s all thought out

love so bright

and oh so right …


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Summertime Smiles

I love you

yes it’s true

carved in watermelon ?

well it’s summertime after all

time to recall

our days in the sun

just begun

so have some fun

that’s what I say

and a lovely day

feeding you bites

of that melon delight

is the best

no time for a rest

let’s dance through the waterfall

hear the birds sing and call?

They want to add sound

as they swoop all around

they see the smiles

and all the while

our love sparkles about

without ever a doubt …


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