Angel on a Cloud

See the angel on the cloud

she should be very proud

sending messages of love

from up above

If you’re lucky you will see

that good that is meant to be

sprinkling and soaring around

making not a sound

yet one can feel it in the air

it flows without a care

The Angel on a cloud in blue

wants joy and love so true

to reach the land

and make a stand

so all will know

that love can grow

The Angel turns to go for now

she waves and then she takes a bow …


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International Twit Award Month?!

I have discovered a rather amusing fact for this month of February! It is too funny not to share, so share it I will. For this month of February is International Twit Award Month…I am not kidding, it really is! What a laugh I got over this when I discovered this one, there is a reason behind it. I have for years called certain type of people I’ve unhappily encountered a twit. It’s the nicest word I could come up with for them and no I don’t say it to anyone’s face. Well, maybe a couple times, but they were asking for it. The word means a silly or annoying person, it’s rather a polite term compared to other words. I know, it’s rather an old fashioned word, but it so perfectly fits! 😉 I just can’t help myself, but if you think about it it’s a lot better word than I coud be using, right?

Imagine my immense surprise to find International Twit  Award Month…You will have no idea how I laughed myself silly! 🙂 I, of course shared the fact with Autumn as soon as I found out. What did the Twinnie have to say? Well, first she laughed nonstop, then got control of herself and said you have to write a post about this one! You gotta love how Autumn always encourages me! 😉 It’s harmless really and I have a perfect set of people to award the Twit Award to! We all don’t really know them, but they hide out in our blog comments section. Thankfully they are filtered out by Akismet, they have wiped out and destroyed well over 2, 000 on the Twinnies blog since September! They must really have some weird attraction for our blog, is all I have to say.

So the Twit Award goes to…(Imagine a drumroll here) all those Spammers out there! Come on, do you have nothing better to do with yourselves? I mean it, seriously? Shame on all of you is what I have to say!! Who is with me kind readers? They are evil and some are downright too disgusting to even have a glance at. Some are advertising something, some are just plain ridiculous, too. I must say that they actually make very little sense. Hey, no offense to you spammers, but how about you leave all of us alone? No, you say? Well, then do kindly take this award…Nobody deserves it more!

You have no acceptance speech planned you say? That’s OK, we weren’t expecting one, but you are the proud recipient of the Twit Award and you can’t give it back either!  And just guess what? If you still persisit in bothering all of us nice bloggers…You will get the Twit Award next Februray, too! Be forewarned Spammers…you heard it here first! What do you kind readers have to say? Come on, please do share your thoughts…Sharing really is fun! The Twit Award has been presented for this month of Februray 2012! 😉 🙂

Moonlight on the Water

Sparkle and shine

looking so fine

rather divine

the moonlight

hits the water just right

and makes it all bright

So beautiful and quite a show

do you know

about the glow?

it might be magic, what do you think?

well in a blink

and a small little wink

you will figure it out

maybe give a shout

all about

What a lovely place

the  beauty reflects the space

and the pace

what do you say

want to come back another day??

you may

the sparkle will grow

and you will know

it’s on with the show …


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In matters of the heart ~ by Autumn Sunshine

In matters of the heart

the most logical place to start

is not to part

without talking things over a lot

Happiness is what is sought

it can’t be bought

after all,

so stand up tall

just talk

and walk

get it fixed and you will see

that all is better as it should be

the course is set

and yet

so often people drift apart

they don’t seem to talk, and that’s the heart

of the matter

feelings shatter

and all can be saved so easy

just give it time

and stay in line

to talk and listen both of these

you will stay in love

and always be pleased

that you have done you best

to live and love and all the rest …

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Ami tomake bhalobashi = I love you

Kreativ Blogger Award

Gabby and I have been nominated for this lovely award by Michael, Thank you so much Michael!! It means so much to us both 🙂

For this award, I am required to share 10 things you may not know. Then, I will have to pass this award on to at least 6 ( or more ) other bloggers.

About Gabby and Autumn:

1. Gabby is a minute older than I am. We were born by emergency C-section, she battled to be born first 😉

2. We both love the mountains and beach

3. We have 4 other sisters ~ yes 6 girls in all!

4. Gabby’s fave color is green, mine is blue

5. We both love music, PLUS we love to shake our tambourines 🙂 for real

6. We both love spinach, most people don’t, but we are unusual 😉

7. We both really love shoes and boots

8. We love ice cream

9. We drive really different sorts of cars. Gabby has a Ford Taurus with an automatic shift transmission. I drive a PT Cruiser, with a standard (manual) shift.

10. We both have dream catchers over our beds, and have for years 🙂

The bloggers who we nominate for this award are :

1.  Lauren

2. PJ

3. Russell

4. Lori

5. Catcher of Stars

6. Jaded Heart

7. Belle


Congrats to Everyone!!! Merry Christmas 🙂

Tis the Season ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Tis the season,

what’s your reason

for the happy times?

Any answer is fine

but why just for a day or a few?

Some people never knew

or just don’t seem to care

or think it’s fair

to question why

some don’t try

I have a mind that does ask

and I have a task

and it won’t be the last

I just find it somewhat sad

that only for a few days people are glad

running here and there

charge cards beware 😉

think about it this year

All the ones you hold so dear

would rather have you loving and giving

for more than just awhile

Look and see the child

the one that still knows why

you will get a smile and not a lie

Tis the season for love

and twinkling stars above …

Oh Christmas Tree ~ by Autumn Sunshine

We chose our Christmas tree today

we agreed it was the only way

our tree was alive and living in a pot

we laughed as we chose which one,

the perfect one we got!

We don’t kill trees

and so you see

our tree will  live to be so old

we’d plant it where it’s secrets could be told

it’s branches seem to unfold

You may think we’re silly, or not

it was the perfect one we bought

but the tree was happy and so were we

it was made for us, we could plainly see

as we left for home we each said “we saved another one”

so we did and it was also fun

because you know or maybe can guess

Our tree was way more special than the rest …

A Smile For the Day ~ By Gabby Angel

This happened yesterday and I am still laughing to myself. My neighbor and I met up while I was hanging my Christmas wreath on my door. She was heading for her car, her little granddaughter who is about  6 years old in tow. I can never get over how chatty this little girl is, she just talks so much! Being pretty chatty myself, I can only say Katie, this ever so cute young girl is off to a great start. Not a shy bone in her body, Katie will sometimes share  a bit too much information.

She came over to give me a hug and her greeting to me friendly as always. Her words spilling over each other I need to add. “Hi Gabby and how are you, how’s Autumn, haven’t seen her for awhile,all ready for Christmas, Christmas is my total favorite!” On she went…Your wreath is pretty, I am getting a new baby sister or brother and not sure which, but I want a sister.” I answered all her questions and statements, I think.

While Emma her grandmother chuckled and gave me a smile, saying how excited they were about the expected baby. Also telling me how bad her daughter’s morning sickness was, but hoping it would pass. Katie barged in to the conversation with “morning sickness means the barfing thing, yuck”. Emma and I laughed as Katie kept rolling…”I bet it’s a boy, they can make you sick sometimes”.

On she went about an annoying little boy in her class and how he always was telling her how pretty she was and had even kissed her on the cheek! Gutsy little boys in first grade these days it seems. I don’t recall them being quite so bold in Autumn’s and my young school days!

Anyway, Katie said this funniest thing about how said little boy Jake told her he loved her so much he just couldn’t say…Emma and I were both laughing again on that one. Kind of cute expression, I have to admire that boy he seemed to have quite a way with words. Emma told Katie it was time to get going, that they had to get to the grocery store. OK Katie agreed and gave me a nice hug goodbye, Emma and I exchanged goodbyes and she led Katie to the car.

I was still smiling and chuckling to myself as I went inside my house, little Katie…She is so funny and made my day. Oh, to be a kid again! 🙂

Christmas Cards… ~ by Gabby Angel

Upon checking my mail today, oh my goodness…Quite a few Christmas cards had rolled in! How is this possible? I know we are only about three weeks away from the big day, but I haven’t even started mine yet. Wow, some of my family and friends are quite the early birds or am I running late this year? Hmm…I it could be either way, I’m not sure.
November flew by and here we are on the very first week of December, how did that happen? I do feel somewhat hopelessly behind now, opening that mailbox caused just a tiny bit of panic. Sometimes it doesn’t take much with me! I do feel like I am perhaps slacking maybe a little, or am I?
The variety so far this year just amazed me. All so pretty and cheerful with lots of handwritten notes on most of them, I am blessed I know. Well, the relative who will remain nameless had the usual Family Christmas Letter. It was wild and hectic as ever, making me ponder. How in the world do two adults and two teenagers have time to do all that stuff over just one year’s time? I am not kidding, it was rather exhausting just reading it! All these busy people, already having the Christmas cards sent out…I will start mine later, or tomorrow, maybe.
How many of you kind readers already have your Christmas cards sent out? Is it a bit early do you think? I am wanting reassurance, Autumn is also wondering. The twinnie hasn’t touched her lovely boxes of cards yet either, by the way. We twinnies bought ours at the same time a couple weeks ago.Reassuring each other we would have them done early this year.
Let Autumn and I know…Are your Christmas cards sent out yet or are they patiently sitting in their boxes? No pressure, inquiring twinnies just want to know. 😉 🙂

Fire Alarms Going Off.. by Gabby Angel

How loud it was, too! This is another wacky adventure, I swear could only happen to us twinnies. Maybe it’s happened to other people, if so Autumn and I would love to hear your story. It may be comforting in a small way, because at times it feels like trouble and weird events follow us. You know what I’m saying, think about what you’ve read on these blogs. Need I say more? 😉

Anyway, we were making a couple stops, first one was the drugstore. Yes…The same place I was accosted by that bizarre woman of teen girl. If you didn’t read that one, I will briefly say a mother of teen girl tried to get my opinion. It was about the shade of nail polish the girl wanted, the mother thought it was unsuitable for said teen. Wouldn’t have been so bad, but she grabbed my arm asking my opinion! Anyway, I digress as usual…So back in the same drugstore. I did say, I wasn’t traveling without the twinnie…I meant it!

Picking up a couple perscriptions and some greeting cards, that sounds easy right? It turned into a twilight zone deal…Autumn and I had just finished paying for our things, when blasting fire alarms started blaring like crazy. They were so loud, first the alarms then flashing lights on various spots on the walls. You know that kind of sound and lights like when you are the millionth customer? No, that wasn’t what it was…The twinnies didn’t hit it rich, win anything or set a record. 😉 It was a for real fire alarm, people freaking out all over trying to get out of the store. There wasn’t smoke, so one gutsy guy customer was refusing to leave as he kept shopping!

Needless to say, the twinnies hightailed it out of there but fast. There was about a dozen or so not so happy customers milling around outside, I tried to hustle us to the car…But you know how Autumn loves to chat. 😉 This lady was telling us how rude it all was, how dare the fire alarms go off? She had a cartful of merchandise she needed! Meanwhile the fire trucks are rollling into the parking lot, we made our escape to the car. Thankfully, we weren’t blocked in and got out of there…That drugstore does seem to have some bad vibes attached to it.

The good news to report, it was a false alarm and nobody was injured, no damage done. So, my question is…Did anyone ever have anything like this happen? Please do share, if you would be so kind. By the way, the twinnie and I aren’t going into that store for awhile…Can you blame us? Wonder if the place is cursed…Hmm, something to ponder. 😉