Flowers and Wishes

Pick me a flower or two

It seems all my wishes came true

I was all alone

heart made of stone

Wishes and flowers

hold all kinds of powers

Magic and trust

both are a must

I’ll pick you a flower or three

and know you’ll smile at me

we laugh, what a sound

happiness abounds

wish me a wish, if you will

all your dreams will be fulfulled

Flowers hold power, it’s true

just look at me and you …



Get Well Fast Gabby!!!!

I wanted to post and let everyone know, Gabby had minor surgery this afternoon. She is of course, having some discomfort, but she will be fine.

Gabby will be back in a couple of days if all goes well.  Since I’m her Twinnie,  she and I  wanted you all to know what’s going on and not have to wonder,  “where is Gabby” .  She’s not off on vacation, that would be way more fun.

Gabby told me to tell all the kind readers Hello 🙂 She is so thoughtful of others!



Happy Easter and Some Quotes, Too! :)

Autumn and I would like to wish every single one of you kind readers a Very Happy Easter! Please enjoy it and spend your time with family, friends and just have a Very Blessed Day in whatever way you choose to celebrate. Also, if anyone is having an Easter egg hunt…Have lots of  fun and good luck! May those Easter baskets hold everything you wished they would!  I have found a varied selection of quotes for Easter, so please do enjoy them. 🙂  Again, HAPPY EASTER~~Gabby and Autumn 🙂
1.Easter is a demonstration of God that life is essentially spirtual and timeless~Charles M. Crowe
2.On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer~Douglas Horton
3.Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of a new life~S.D. Gordon
4.The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise~Carl Knudsen
5.’Twas Easter Sunday. The full blossomed trees filled all the air with fragance and with joy~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
6.I think of the garden after the rain; And hope to my heart comes singing, “At morn the cherry blooms will be white, and the Easter bells be ringing!” Edna Dean Procter (Easter Bells)
7. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket~The Easter Bunny
8.I lied on my Weight Watcher’s list, I put down that I had 3 eggs…But they were Cadbury chocolate eggs~Caroline Rhea
9.My Mom used to say that Greek Easter is later because then you get the stuff cheaper~Amy Sedaris
10.An Easter bonnet can tame the wildest hare~The Easter Bunny

Wish …

We make our own magic, it’s true

each day is brand new

Close your eyes, twirl around

don’t make much sound

Wish about what you want right now

don’t forget to take a bow

magic happens each time

with a sort of rhyme

Believe it’s real

can you feel ?

It’s works

with a sort of quirk

We do our best

and don’t forget the rest,

those who wish on a star

The sages know where you are

magic whirls here and there

and everywhere

It swirls

and twirls

So make your wish, if you please

It will show up with ease

Just believe …


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If You Could Make One Wish…

What would it be? One wish that’s all you get, we can’t be greedy! Let’s just say some nice Fairy Godmother wanders in and says she will grant each and everyone of us one wish. Wow, what to wish for and it has to really count, too…Only one wish that’s all we each get. I got this idea for a post while chatting with Autumn about magical things. It only takes one thought and I am off and writing, plus the Twinnie thought it was a fun idea. After all, we do have a lot of happiness, magic and just plain good vibes rolling on our blog here. So, why not a post about wishes?

One or two stipulations…Not anything of evil is allowed, or wanting to do away with anyone. It has to be of the good kind of wish only type of wish kind readers. No wishing for anyoone’s demise or bad fortune…It isn’t going to happen and you will lose your wish for sure. The Fairy Godmother will be very upset, she may even bop you over the head with her magic wand! So, be forewarned and play nice…I hear tell the Fairy Godmother can just get a tiny bit testy.

Rumor has it she does have a temper of sorts, even though she is of the “Good Fairy” variety.  I for one am being very careful because I want my wish to count! I will go first in telling my wish and then we will hear Autumn’s wish. I love this free wish idea, I really am anxious to hear any of you kind reader’s wish…So please do get ready to share! OK, my wish is for as much sadness, despair, fear, loneliness, anger, and that sort of thing to be done away with. Knowing the Fairy Godmother can only do a certain amount with my wish and cover only as many people as she’s permitted…I still want that as my wish! Yay, she is on it and Thank You Fairy Godmother!

Now for Autumn’s wish…She has a simply wonderful one, too! Autumn just wished for all the animals suffering, abuse, unfair treatment, etc. to be ended! I love it and the Fairy Godmother is getting on this immediately, too…Another Yay! Our wishes are from our hearts and the Twinnies had to make the best wish each for sad things and happenings to be brought to a halt. Now, we are waiting to hear about your wishes kind readers…Do share!

Do go with the first thought and wish that comes to mind, if it’s a wish for a million dollars for yourself just wish your hardest! Hmm…I guess you all better be prepared for one thing I forgot to mention. Oops, how did that happen? This particular Fairy Godmother does kind of favor the more unselfish type of wish…So good luck to everyone and wait and see what happens when you make your wish! 🙂 🙂

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not… by Gabby

I was looking at a magazine and noticed a picture of a bunch of daisies arranged nicely in a vase.That’s all it took and my mind was off to my oh so happy and younger days. It happens quite often to me, go figure! 🙂 As I’ve said on more than one occasion, my mind really can be a mystery on how it works and the way it works. I’ve decided not to tamper with a good thing! 😉 I think what I think, that’s the way it goes. Those thoughts that pop into my head are worth something, they need to be shared. My mind would be a terrible thing to waste! I think… therefore I am. Oops, I veered off subject  just a bit it seems.That happens kind of a lot, too…it’s a problem maybe, the digressing thing. 😉

I will get back on track, daisies and those younger days. Of course they would be Autumn’s younger days,too since we’re twins and all. There was a game we twinnies played plucking the petals off of a daisy. While you were happily plucking each petal you would say, “he loves me, he loves me not.” Naturally hoping all the while the last remaining petal would end up to be “he loves me”! If not, then you were sad a couple of minutes, then got over it. The worst part of course would happen if you were playing the daisy game with friends around. You just had to hope, wish and pray it didn’t end up with “he loves me not” in front of your friends! If it did, they would all tease you relentlessly about your misfortune.

All the wild daisies that were sacrificed over this now ridiculous seeming game! We had a huge field by our house and the daisies grew like wildfire, but they still shouldn’t have been ripped apart petal by petal. Oh well, the ways of the young. 🙂 The weirdest  thing that ever happened while playing the daisy plucking game.Well, that would be when was our friends and neighbor boys Tim and Alex wandered over to our yard and witnessed the daisy plucking game. Autumn had just finished her remaining petal, “he loves me” she shouted out, doing a little happy dance! I was holding my daisy, it too had one remaining petal… “he loves me!” Just in time, I saw those boys coming and  I wasn’t about to join the twinnie’s happy dance! Noticing the boys she just smiled and explained the game…Trust me they were not impressed! How embarrassing, Tim did tease the poor twinnie for a little while though. Autumn told him off of course and brought that to an abrupt stop to any further teasing. Oh, those younger days, they were fun and simple alright.

Do any of you kind girl readers remember playing this game and if so, want to share? Come on, sharing is fun girls! We twinnies as always would love to hear! 🙂 🙂

Beautiful People ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Look around and you will see

Beautiful People like you and me

Sometimes you won’t know who’s who

so take the time to see those that do

know it’s true

We have the caring to share

we should all start to care!

Strangers can be friends

the journey never ends

we do have so much in common, we should reach out

and on and on without a doubt

No one would have to be alone at all

we’d have a friend nearby to call

we would never fall

just reach out a hand and try

The changes begin with you and I

Magic things ~ By Autumn Sunshine

Fairy wings

and magic things

happiness rings

all through the land

a lovely band

of  flowers stand

around the house of stone

no longer alone

the princess smiles and turns

and learns

so much love now burns

inside her heart

he loved her from the start

and now she knows

so  she grows

with the sparkle that is theirs

they have no cares

all they share

Is the magic  of loving  time

they pay no mind

to yesterday, for it has gone away

Love is here to stay …

We can do anything ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Fairy tales and stars so high

close your eyes and just try

Don’t say you can’t, just twirl

and swirl

and spin


One more time

and say the magic rhyme

it will be just fine

never say never

not ever!

You can do anything you wish

no one can miss

the chance

or the dance

take a stance

You dream it and you can make it happen

It’s the magic that is you…