Winter Fairy

See the snowflakes falling

Can you hear the good times calling?

Frost and snow

Oh what a show!

The spirit of winter is here

and the fairy of winter is near

She watches to see

how much snow there will be

As snowflakes swirl around

all over the magical town

Sleds to be found

happiness abounds

Magic so clear

winter is here

Sparkles and shine

on each house down the line

What a time of year to enjoy

for each girl and boy …



Fairy Lights

For Bonita, I hope you smile, sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚ love and hugs Autumn Maasi

Fairy lights

Oh what a sight

Pointy ears

are rather dear ๐Ÿ™‚

A splash

and a dash

of color so bright

whirling with all its might

A princess fairy so true

through and thorough

she’s cute as can be

so many sparkles to see

a sort of cover on her hair

some people stop to stare

but I love her look

she doesn’t go by any book

she has her own style

all of the while

she twirls and waves goodbye

Visit me again, you must try !!

Dandelion Fairy

She’s a lovely sight dressed in yellow and black

There isn’t a charm, or a spell she lacks

She watches over them all ever flower that grows

All around the meadow she goes

here and there

and no time to spare

making sure the dandelions are strong

her magic can’t go wrong

let the breezes carry the seeds

some people call these flowers a weed!

She flies here and there

she does this because she cares

that her flowers flourish so nice

she never thinks twice

flying so high and true

checking through and through

All is going well for today,

she flies off to go play

and she’s shouting hurray !


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The Fairy Princess

For my niece, Bonita, the best fairy princess ever!! love, Auntie (Masi) Autumn

Bonita is Soma’s daughter, and we all know who Soma is ๐Ÿ™‚ that famous writer ๐Ÿ™‚

She is magic through and through

she talks to the animals who all knew

that she loves them all

she’s such a doll!

The unicorns come to call

they nuzzle and prance

what a happy dance

She wears her crown

and never a frown

always a smile

all of the while

She is pretty as can be

and a friend to all animals, you see

they love her a lot

without any thought

The mommy unicorn knows

the fairy princess shows

love to all that visit the magic land

where the castle stands …

Garden Angels

The garden angels big and small

watch over the growing,ย from Spring until fall

the magic weaves

and such healthy leaves

they make sure the veggies are so yummy

for everyone to have a happy tummy

they watch the tomatoes turn a beautiful red

and tuck the new growing carrots into their bed

chasing the weeds that dare to grow

those things ruin the growing as we all know

so each day and night

in the dusk and the light

the angels fly and check each one

this year, growing season has just begun …


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Walking in the forest …

All dressed in pink

she stops and thinks

her unicorn in tow

she knows where they want to go

through the forest of green

walking and in between

stopping to see

what all there might be

that will part of this lovely scene

it is just like a dream

she loves the forest, it’s true

she looks for a clue

here and there

and laughs without a care

Oops time slipped away

she has a bit farther along the way

till she gets to her house

she scampers along, quiet as a mouse …

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The Faeries Meet

In the magic meadow the faeries meet to talk
they always fly, they seldom walk

All colors and shapes they are
floating and flying, their magic isn’t far

They have all sorts of plans
for the better of man

All kinds of hopes and dreams
the magic will work it would seem

They all gather round
and make a soft swishing sound

The magic grows strong
they know it can’t go wrong

will it work do you guess?
it will, for they are the best

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