Mistaken Identity Strikes Again~ Written By Gabby

I wrote a post a number of months  ago about a guy thinking I was Autumn’s and my sister S. Well, that was a weird and unusual happening since she is 9 years younger than us Twinnies. Also, because he was so persistent about me being sister S until I proved by my ID I wasn’t. That one sure left me shaking my head about people being rather intrusive and just annoying.

This time around, and I still can’t believe it happened again honestly and why me?! This biker guy really did think I was Autumn, he was one of her old boyfriends, too. I was as always minding my own business and leaving a store, in the parking lot and getting into my car. All of a sudden and much to my surprise a guy on a nice Harley cruised up along side my car and getting so close. OMG I was thinking, why is this guy kind of cutting me off from leaving and if I opened my car door to get in I would bump into his Harley. Then I thought… Who in the heck is he, what does he want anyway? Once he took off his helmet I realized it was B, who was way back when one of Autumn’s boyfriends.I should have known, who else would be brave (or foolish) enough to be out cruising about on a Harley in the wintertime?

His greeting made me disgusted which was “How are you pretty lady? Hey, but here you are!” I seriously don’t like that kind of boldness either and think it’s pretty tacky. This made me remember how taken B was with Autumn and kind of over taken, if you know what I’m saying.

I hadn’t known he had moved back to our little hometown, oh but Yay and wait until dear Twinnie heard this news. The funny part is, I was heading over to her house after I left the store so I could tell her very soon! Back to B and his chatting that was getting so on my nerves, before I start digressing. I did inform him right away that oops, but he was speaking to the wrong twin! He did remember me, being with my husband Dave of course and he did extend his sympathies over my loss.

Oh no, now he was looking disappointed as he went on to ask all about Autumn…B really kind of never got over her to hear him tell it. I had a silent chuckle on how I would tease her, because I was sure going to! Leave it to Autumn and our little sister S, they had the way of making these guys never forget them…Those two girls were just plain heartbreakers, weren’t they? But, why did I have to keep running into them?

B was wanting to know if Autumn was single, where did she live and on he went…Sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news. B took the news downright pitifully about her engagement and impending wedding. Thankfully he dropped asking where she lived. I sure was getting way too much information about their old romance, here I thought I had known the whole story, too! According to B, he would hope to see Autumn again since he was divorced and back living in our town…Good luck Autumn! I finally gracefully got away and headed for that Twinnie’s house. I must tell you I kept checking the rearview mirror to see if he was following me because you never know with these kind of guys, the lasting devotion and all!

I got to Autumn’s place and kept smiling as I went off to tease her! How disappointing it was to have Autumn act like our sister S, according to her B was so exaggerating! I tell you kind readers, these heartbreaker sisters of mine…I hope no more old boyfriends mistake me for one of them again! If they do, never fear because I will be sure to report! 😉 🙂


You are my rock

You are my rock, sturdy and strong

Everything right, nothing is wrong

You heal with a touch

and help me so much

A man set apart

I knew from the start

You’d win my heart

And as time has passed

the feelings still last

You are you, you’re all I see

your strength nourishes me

The love I feel

is oh so real

It grows each day

in every way

A rock is strong it’s true

as are you …

PHOTO CREDIT: Jenn Southworth

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An Ocean View …

An ocean view

a day with you

my darling man

you always can

make me see

the beauty that can be

all around

as we are homeward bound

I find the sea a lovely sight

day or night

it’s always right

to say, it’s the best

no matter where we are

near or far

we love the land

and find love and stand

happy and strong

right not wrong

we belong

to you and me

and me and you

so very true

and the ocean so blue

the birds that fly

high in the sky

we see them go by

take my hand

my forever man …


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Something Old, Something New…

I was thinking of this little bridal rhyme, a friend’s daughter is getting married in the fall. That’s what got my mind on this rhyme and the whole huge endless planning that is going on with this wedding that I have heard so far. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence for her shoe! Oh my goodness, it really is just a superstious rhyme…Not to the bride she is doing it all by the book! Who will know if she indeed does have a silver sixpence in her shoe I ask you? Well, maybe if she starts to limp a little bit! 😉

Come on kind readers, did any of you ladies have one of those lucky sixpences in your bridal shoe? I know I didn’t, Dave and I had a good laugh over the thought though. Autumn didn’t for her first marriage we won’t speak much of. Well, except to say she didn’t have a lucky silver sixpence in her shoe. When she ties the knot with her darling man she won’t be having any lucky silver sixpence in her shoe. The Twinnie chuckled over the fact actually when saying no to any type of object in her bridal shoe.

Back to the bride who is marrying in the fall… Her plans are really in full bloom, she is in love, he is in love, too. They are just so happy, but everything has to be just perfect…She will make herself sick otherwise! Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be at all disrespectful…But insisting on a silver sixpence for her shoe? I know they can be purchased, I think she already has hers. The garter thing is also up for debate I hear tell, too…The perfect one has not been located yet. I remember finding mine very early, wonder if the perfect one was easier to locate back then? I don’t recall the type of flowers and all of  the bride to be’s choice, but they may need to be flown in from somewhere I heard…For real? The bride is also wearing a strapless gown, so she is working out like crazy on those upper arms. They, too have to be just perfect…But they already look fine, honestly they do. It is so not necessary to be stressing over them…Is she realizing this? Sadly no.

I don’t remember all this frenzy of sorts going on while planning Dave’s and my wedding. It was a happy and joyful time for both of us, we didn’t have a large wedding…Because we chose not to. But it was very nice, it needed quite a few plans, but not like this. Isn’t there a point when people really do get a bit carried away? I am not meaning to rain on anyone’s bridal parade, honest! I just think this wedding is getting just a wee bit over the top…Praying the bride doesn’t turn into one of those dreaded bridezillas, too! It could happen, these things do tend to occur when people get stressed.

I have to ask any of you kind readers who are married…Did any of you have weddings like the one I am describing? Do share, but only if you feel like you want to…I know everyone is different in these matters. Just kind of curious, so is the Twinnie…This has made her happy her someday wedding will be  so much calmer, peaceful and fun to be had by all! 🙂 🙂

Till the End of Time ~By Autumn Sunshine

Till the end of time I’ll love you

with a love that’s tried and true

I always knew

that someday I’d find the right man

Who would do all that he can

till the end of time

we’ll be just fine

You are mine

the man I love so much

you are such

a treasure in my life each day

making the way

much brighter

and lighter

no one but you for real

I just will always feel

The love that flows

and grows and knows

We are so very right

we try with all our might

to make our love

last until the end of time …

Totally you~ by Autumn Sunshine

In my thoughts

I take you with me

and I can be


of fear……

wherever I go

I know

I’m safe

as if I were in your arms…

no harm

or alarm

this time I will be

the me

who can see….

I can do anything

you said I can

you are right again

we win

let us begin

a love so strong

is rarely wrong…

my heart belongs

with you always…

Quotes about Love ending~By Autumn Sunshine

On when love ends…

“I’m smiling … don’t look too close or you’ll see the tears”

“I’m surviving … what you destroyed within my soul, I am rebuilding”

“It’s so easy … no one notices as I fade away into the shadows of doubt”

“Laughing at life … the joke is on you … I win, because you lost”

“Love is not supposed to hurt … so you and I are not LOVE”

“My walls are higher now … somehow I will close this chapter and turn the page”

“Save my soul you said, I just looked at you and laughed, you have no soul”

“Strange, I actually like you again … our dance with destiny ended … yet we are friends”

“Take one last look if you want to … I’m gone, you never deserved even one tenth of the love I gave you

“You made me smile … now the tides have turned … I’ve learned”

“Your silence tells me more than your words ever did”

Quotes~ about Love~by Autumn Sunshine

On Love

“After all it is written in the stars”

“All I know is that you love me … in my dreams”

“Brand new together, … me and you”

“Don’t walk away … I can make you change your mind about miracles”

“Do you feel the magic that is us”

“Every word that you say, another piece of my heart you take”

“Follow me into the night, we can wander till we can run to catch the sun”

“I am so lucky,so blessed to love a man like you this time around …”

“I feel blindsided by this feeling … the happiness that is you”

“I have found the answer in your eyes … you lead me out of the darkness”

“I looked at the stars tonight, and thought of you … wishes do come true sometimes”

“I never met a man like you and probably I never will again”

“I never said that to a man, I will go anywhere with you; but I will…”

“In my dreams we are dancing slowly, the music flows around us …”

“My love for you never ends … it’s forever”

“Peace and tranquil thoughts … loving you feels so right”

“Take my hand,it’s OK … we can climb this mountain …”

“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything”

“Thoughts of you wander through my mind so often … I wonder do you do the same?”

“Through the darkness you found me … and I will love you for that forever, for real”

“You are free in your dreams, as I am in mine … follow me in never never land”

“You are the man I love … it is you, it always was you”

“You hold my heart … please treat it very carefully”

“Your smile touches my heart, my soul … I believe in magic again”

Quotes ~about Happiness~by Autumn Sunshine

On happiness …

“All I want is forever with you … always and always …”

“Connections and reflections … this is really real”

“How did I get so lucky this time around, I found you … I’m alive …”

“I am happy, smiling, dancing, twirling … all because of you …”

“I am happy…today is mine … I love you”

“Our hearts beating as one … that is happiness”

“Sleeping, smiling in your arms … you chase away the demons of the past …”

“Sunshine and smiles to you my love … you are my happiness”

“The ending will be for real … they lived happily ever after … and we will …”

“The stars shine down on us glittering their happiness …”

“Watching the sunrise, the sunset with you … it is all new”

“You are my happiness at the end of a very long tunnel of grief…”

“You bring out the fire and the spark in me; happiness begins with a smile …”

“You take my breath away … sweeping me on wings of wonder”