About Us~The Twins

About US~The Twins

Hi :) we are twin bloggers, our names are Autumn and Gabrielle (Gabby)

Being a twin is unique and so are we!  We both love music all sorts of music, depends on the mood what kind. Music is the best.

We have had and still have loads of fun adventures, being a twin seems to attract quite a lot of attention. For whatever reason? Being identical twin sisters is rather normal to us, we’ve after all spent our whole lives being twins! 🙂

Check back we’re really interesting and entertaining and you may have fun getting to know us.


People Make Me Wonder…~By Gabrielle Angel

That’s the thought I am pondering for the day, people make me wonder. Yes, they surely do and I am starting to question this world around me even more. Being a person who tries to look for and at the best in people, against all odds sometimes. Well, my spirit is now starting to not respond the way it used to, I am feeling a bit troubled. I am the type of person who would never hurt anyone on purpose, thoughtful to a maybe ridicoulous extreme.

What has now dampenend my spirit, the demented actions of others. Why was I a target, I am kind and try to be cheerful to all I encounter, while minding my own business. I had an angel statue setting outside my door for quite a few years now. It was comforting and I liked it sitting there, it was my special angel. Well, imagine my surprise when opening my front door today and there’s the angel trashed and in pieces. Who would do such a thing, why this destruction? My neighbors and I get along, or so I thought and this has left me just a bit shaken. Nothing else was touched, just the angel statue.

That is just something that crushed me to the core of my being, it made me cry. Not for the money involved in the cost of this beautiful statue, but for the invasive feelings that now haunt me. Is nothing sacred, I live in a small neighborhood and who could have done such an unspeakable act? Someone who hates angels, hates me or perhaps just a very unhappy and troubled person?

I don’t like the word hate, I rarely use the word. Of course the police being called, what can they do? They offer their sympathy and regrets, also knowing I am a person of peace. They will keep their eye on the small neighborhood, maybe ask some questions. It is a surprise to everyone that knows me…Why, Who and How did this happen? There has been a stir of problems between neighbors about Halloween decorations, but I wasn’t involved in any of this. I just honestly try to be at peace with all of those around me, some minor vandalism has gone on with pumpkins and decorations being trashed at some other houses. But why my angel? I used to feel at ease living here, it is a very small town, nothing that bad or evil ever happens. Oh my goodness, doesn’t that sound so cliche?

Nothing bad ever happens here, well looks like times are a changing. It just has left me needing to find some realm of peace back within myself. An alarm system perhaps, I have one on my car but only because it came that way. I feel as if I have lost something so precious, not the angel as such…Although I do think someone was quite troubled to do such a thing

. I would love to hear what others have to say about this, will anyone comment to this post? I would only like to hear some opinions and thoughts, what does anyone by chance reading this think? I know one thing, I will now be more watchful, does that mean I should stop trusting also?

I really do forgive whoever did such an unspeakable act…It helps, forgiveness sets me free. But how do I stop the hurt and these new questions lurking in the back of my mind? All I know is, I feel violated now and just not quite as settled anymore. Yes indeed, people really do make me wonder…

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I would sure appreciate them. Thank you so very much to anyone who took the time to read this.

Helping Mom at the Bake Sale~by Gabrielle Angel

This one is a passing thought that popped into my head while working in my own kitchen. Making a couple loaves of zucchini bread, something I do for relaxation is cooking and baking. Usually to share with family and friends or even to freeze, but I do love to putter in the kitchen.

Anyway, as often happens I get these random thoughts and this brought me memories of a bake sale. I was laughing to myself just  thinking about this one. And it wasn’t just any bake sale, I need to say.  This was one when Autumn and I got to help our Mom at at a church bake sale. It was being held in the church basement, which was a good spot . Come rain or shine, the bake sale would go on.

We were about 6 years old and Mom (for whatever crazy reason) let herself be talked into the twinnies helping her out. It was going to be an all day long bake sale, so some of the ladies were taking turns. After all, it was only one short hour and what could possibly go wrong? 😉

OK, sometimes Autumn and I could be a handful but lots of time we were quite well behaved. Poor Mom, she thought this was going to be one of the well behaved times. We tried and it all started out so well…It really, really did. The first 45 minutes was great fun, busy helping Mom and chatting with all and any who stopped by.

We twinnies were far from shy, we enjoyed chatting to people from an early age. So, we were an asset of sorts to our Mom. Autumn and I were happy to talk everyone into buying something, after all it was for a good cause. 🙂

Mom was pretty calm, things had been gliding right along and going quite smoothly. Selling cookies, cupcakes, brownies, doughnuts and all that good stuff.

Everything was prewrapped for many reasons, so far Autumn and I hadn’t been tempted to tamper with or open anything. Well, that all went out the window when one of our favorite people stopped by…our Grandpa! Well, Grandpa was all smiles and greeted us with hugs and kisses. Our Grandma was off in the church kitchen chatting to some of her friends and helping out behind the scene, so to speak. Later Mom would reflect on that, why didn’t she herself stay in the kitchen? Autumn and I were so thrilled to have Grandpa as a customer, he was scooping up a few things that he was going to buy and getting ready to pay Mom.

He was catching on to the fact we twinnies were getting ready to act up. Oops, too late Autumn had torn open a nicely sealed bag of cookies! Each of us twinnies quickly had a cookie in our hand and trying to offer Grandpa a bite. I was getting huffy at Autumn because she had gotten to him first, so I started to howl. Before everyone knew it we twinnies had gotten quite loud and things turned ugly.

Poor Grandpa, poor Mom…They each grabbed up a twinnie. The half dozen cookies in a bag had gotten stomped on (by mistake) and we had created a small mess. Not to mention caused a small ruckus…In swooped Mrs L. to the rescue. She took over for Mom and another few ladies came to help tidy our mess. Those ladies were so fast, my could they all move quickly! Autumn and I were quickly helped into our coats and told to give Grandpa hugs and off to the car we went.

As usual a lecture and quite the talking to we got on our 5 minute ride home. Autumn and I very subdued and quiet as we walked with Mom to the door of our house. We were in trouble again, when we were really trying to be good, too. 😦  Dad greeted us with a big smile asking, “How was the bake sale girls?” We never got to answer, Mom sent us to our room! 😦

Twins Forever~Written by Autumn Sunshine

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin, and identical twin?

I am a twin, my twin is named Gabrielle (like the angel) and my name is Autumn. Gabs is one minute older than me. I know one whole minute, we were delivered by Caesarean section, so to the doctor that minute was important. To all of us even our Mom we had a rough time of it. We all made it safely.

We have a lot of similarities as well as differences. It’s just how it is with twins, like with any sibiling, we are very close but we are not the same person.

We attended school in the small town we grew up in, having loads of fun switching places. One time stands out in my mind. I had mono., “the kissing disease” , and had been out of school, Gabs did not get mono. the boy she was kissing was safe  I was just supposed to be there getting some things from our English teacher. Well, firstly, I was not contagious, so I didn’t infest our class with germs. Though there were a couple I should have on! So we switched places, the teacher did not notice but classmates did and told. It still was funny.

Gabby has always felt actual physical pains, in times when I have been in severe pain. I don’t experience that sort of thing, does that make me less nice? No, it makes me less “sensitive” to “vibes” that she feels. She is just way more tuned in to things than I am

Having a twin is so awesome, it’s like always having your best friend to share things with; we have done this always.

We never swapped boyfriends and tried to fool them, they would have noticed for one thing; for another, we had totally different types of guys we liked. Hers had never been in “juvie” hall before  . I am not trying to make myself sound like “trouble”, but I am the twin with three holes in each ear, and 3 tattoos. Gabs had more sense she has one hole in each ear and as our Dad used to joke I already had enough holes in head. She also has no tattoos, I don’t regret mine, she just doesn’t want anything that “permanent” which again is sometimes looking at it from a sensible angle. She is just now way more level headed. She has gotten “grounded” me more than a few times from one thing or another.

She is not an angel, or is she??   Her late husband called her his Angel. She is and she was and will always be Dave’s angel. He passed away from cancer eight years ago this month. She helped him live longer with her love, I truly believe that. They had true love…

I love you, Gabs, you have been a rocking sister always and I love you so much! We have had a few funky road trips without and with a GPS  don’t want to “tell” on us, but we have gotten lost either way. We are directionally challenged. Yikes for real! We still fondly make our “Thelma and Louise” jokes  The ultimate road trip.

I have been blessed, and I am the twin writing this so I will say my sister is “perfect” or close to it. She just keeps giving and has the angel name, she deserves it!!

She is my twin. We were born twins. We will be Twins forever!


Pass the time with you in mind
It’s a rather quiet night
Feel the ground against my back
Counting stars against the black
Thinking bout another day
Wishing I was far away
Whether they were dreams or worries
You were there with me

Sister, I hear you laugh
My heart fills full up
Keep me please
Sister, when you cry
I feel your tears running down my face
Sister, Sister keep me

I hope you always know its true
I would never make it through
We could make the sun go down
Just by walking away
Playing like we used to play
Our kingdom will never go away
Feel you beating in my chest
I’ll be dead without

Sister, I hear you laugh
My heart fills full up
Keep me please
Sister, when you cry
I feel your tears running down my face
Sister, Sister will you keep me?

I would never make it through
Hope you always know its true
You could make the heaven’s fall
Just by walking away

Sister, I hear you laugh
My heart fills full up
Keep me please
Sister, when you cry
I feel your tears running down my face
Sister, Sister keep me

Lyrics: Dave Matthews
Performed by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds