Kitty Love

So many hugs

they’re so much in love

“Meow” says he

“I know” says she

Flowers in hand

he is the best in the land

she says it’s true

and I love you

Meow so loud

we’re very proud

We smile a lot

of  happy thoughts

Kitty love is fun

the best under the sun

they can’t wait to say “I do”

these kitties knew

that love was right

and now it’s with all their might

they love each other

and “meow”, never another …


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Garfield the Cat Day

Happy Birthday Garfield, this is your day! Isn’t it awesome Garfield is so special and his birthday is honored with his very own special day, I think that is just the coolest thing. Garfield was born on June 19th, 1978 and that makes him 34 years old and doesn’t he look wonderful? Still so young and kittenish and just as full of fun as he was when he was first-born.

Jim Davis created this charming cat for all the public to fall in love with. Garfield really is much-loved by so many and who doesn’t know who Garfield is, right? His best buddy and sidekick Odie who he loves and also does happen to love to torment is singing Happy Birthday and his owner/person Jon Arbuckle is joining in! Along with all of us that simply love this orange tabby cat just to pieces.

I’m not sure what kind of birthday cake Garfield is having this year but the main course is lasagna and side dish of pizza! It’s funny how Garfield is the only cat I know who makes people laugh when he shreds the curtains. chairs, ferns and a flowerbed or two. He’s just so amusing at times and just a bit sarcastic that you have just got to smile, chuckle and laugh out loud at his stunts. I wanted to share this day with all of you kind readers and feel free to sing Garfield a Happy Birthday song. Yay Garfield! It’s surely is going to be good one, too!

Autumn loves Garfield as much as I do so we sang a nice Happy Birthday to him a bit earlier today, I sure hope he loved it! 😉 So come on kind readers do please share with us Twinnies…Who loves Garfield the Cat? If so, join in the fun as we all celebrate with a big smile…Happy Birthday dear Garfield! 🙂 🙂

Fairy Lake

This lovely place is named Fairy Lake

How much magic does this take?

The deer elegant love the water so cool

Drink as much as they want, there’s no rule

butterflies all flutter about, too

the bird sing as they always do

Beautiful flowers all over the place,

I see a dog across the lake, what a cute face 🙂

Feel the magic in the air

it floats around without a care

Come and visit sometime

All are welcome, it’s always fine

Don’t miss the fun,

it’s never done

magic under the sun

or a night

the moon provides light

you’ll love beauty and feeling of love

if you’re lucky you may see a dove!

It’s the wonder of Fairy Lake

come and visit, for goodness sake …


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Twins with four legs Each

Just look at these twins,

they are meant to win

the survival of  the wild

each is only just a “child”

let’s hope they grow up strong

knowing right from wrong

stay away from cars

come out of the forest to see the stars

be careful who they trust

that is a must!!

Nature at it’s best

puts animals to the test

to live and learn

as they nibble on ferns

walk careful and know

that  they will soon grow

but for now they’re still small

not too big at all

the beauty shows in their eyes

please humans, don’t make them cry …


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Animal Friends and Magic

For Bonita, with love and smiles ~ Autumn Maasi

The magic flows

and the animal friends know

their fairy princess sprinkles love

and lots and lots of hugs

A puppy and kitty

they’re just so pretty!

A turtle and a bear

they have more fun to share

they whirl and twirl

and sometimes swirl

a magic dance, it’s true

the fairy princess loves it, too

smiles so sweet

tapping their feet

there’s magic in the land

those four clap their hands!

Are we ever too Old?

In going with my title…I know it’s a kind of strange title perhaps but hang with me please! 🙂 The question is… Are we ever to old for having stuffed animals, riding a merry go round, eating animal cookies that come packaged in those cute little boxes that kids enjoy, licking the favorite flavored lollipop, dancing in the rain, skipping along on a sunshiny day, twirling around until you get kind of dizzy? This thought hit me when I was looking at the stuffed giraffe I have, I started wondering if I was too old to have stuffed animals.
I only have about a half-dozen or so now, I have given some of them to nieces, nephews or friends’ kids. Am I too old for still owning stuffed animals? I say NO… they are fun and really very cute…Sentimental value in every single one of them! 🙂 Too old for the merry-go-round ride or any of the rest? Again, I would have to say NO NEVER! But then of course I will always be young at heart, something nobody can  ever take away from me. Am I immature? No, not in the slightest, I have been through far too many sad and grownup things nobody wants to face.
Riding a merry go round…Am I ever looking forward to the spring and the carnival time, it’s time for a ride! 😉 Eating animal cookies, enjoying a favorite lollipop…Both of them perfectly acceptable to kids and some of us that are kids at heart. Dancing in the rain, well if it’s warm enough weather…What if somebody’s watching? Oh well, guess they will be watching and perhaps maybe wondering. Never stopped me before, would it stop you? Any of these things the stuffed animals, all of it…Who of you kind readers has a thought to share?
What does Autumn have to say about all these questions? This sharing what the Twinnie thinks is always good, isn’t it? Does she agree with me…The answer is of course! Because we are twins is she agreeing? Of course not, thankfully she shares the love of all these fun things! 🙂 We twinnies do share the living like a kid at heart thing. Are we crazy, or are we normal…Oops, no such thing as normal! 😉 I will rephrase that as are we behaving like undignified people? If we are, may it never change! 🙂
Who has any thoughts they would like to share…Are we ever too old for some things? For everybody’s sake, I sure do hope not. If so, you could be missing out on so much fun and so many good times! I will be waiting to see what you kind readers think, so will the Twinnie. We are now heading off…We have to go pick out some lollipops and the sun is out also,  so we will be skipping on the way! 😉 🙂

Before You Leave Your House…

I know, it’s another strange title. I seem to be so noted for those it seems, don’t I? Or maybe you kind readers haven’t noticed any such thing? Or maybe you are so used to seeing my odd titles and really are thinking nothing of it! That would kind of be nice, or maybe they really aren’t all that odd after all. Oh my goodness, but I always can find myself digressing easily. Maybe none of you kind readers noticed that either? But you have, I do it and I am always pointing it out! Anyway, before you leave your house is there anything in particular you do? I don’t mean you make sure the door is locked either! We all do that, right? At least I hope so, if not please do start doing so!

I am talking about the one thing you do upon leaving the house. I don’t want to call it a ritual, that sounds just not right. Kind of too magical, mystical, mysterious…Let’s leave that to Autumn who writes those beautiful poems of magic and all, OK? I was leaving my house today and this thought just popped into my head.

Surely I’m not the only one who has thing to check or do before they leave their house. You know one of those quirks we do, by routine? Quirk is a fun word, we’ll go with that one… Everybody has them, I just know it! Wouldn’t it too strange if it was case that nobody has these quirks? No, it just can’t be!  Well, I know someone else who has the one thing they must make sure of before heading out the door. Yes, that other person would be Autumn. It’s not just a Twinnie thing, I just know you all have some little quirk! 🙂

If I fess up and then tell on the Twinnie with her permission of course, will you all share your quirk? I sure hope so, I really don’t want it to be only the Twinnies sharing. OK, here goes with my “must do” before I leave the house. Nobody needs to laugh either…Well, unless you can’t control yourself! I have a fairly large angel in my entryway…I have to check on my angel before I open my door to go outside. It does sound strange, but it has to be positioned “just so”. Oh no, do I detect laughter? It’s OK, when typing this out it does sound kind of nutty! Oh well, we all need our quirks is my theory. The reason I do this? It started before I lost my little 17 year old siamese cat Sapphire. I used to check on her before I left the house, so the angel has replaced that. I am not able to find it in my heart to replace Sapphire  just yet and I will know when the time is right. It wasn’t that awfully long ago, I am still grieving her loss. So, in the meantime I check the angel…Am I sounding a bit neurotic yet?

Which leads me to Autumn’s quirk, her two kitties Cassie and Shadow are still thankfully living, and yes she checks them. She has to make sure neither of them has got into a closet or another not good place…I know the feeling well. So maybe the Twinnie’s quirk  is more normal? Who’s to say, what is normal anyway is my other thought? Well, kind readers, any of you feel like sharing? I sure would appreciate it, Autumn is curious, too and sharing really is fun! Come on, it will be fun…Join in! 🙂 🙂

Lions in love … by Autumn

What a sight to see

the love that can be

in the wild so free

the lady and the lion

a happy sign

the lioness says it’s love for sure

as she looks so demure

the lion says it’s love for real

it’s the deal, with a happy seal

the lovely couple  smiles

they also have traveled some miles

so you see it’s true

they have said “I do”

as you can tell

the lion family is doing well

they smile and we can guess

they love the best

and as they go though life

they will be lion and wife 🙂

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Dolphins at Sunset ~ by Autumn

What a beautiful sight

the dolphins at night

sunset time

they look so fine

jumping so high

are they waving goodbye?

they seem a happy pair

so unaware

that many smile at their games

they seem so tame

the moonlight shimmers

and the water glimmers

can you hear their dolphin call ?

they seem to sing

and they begin

to jump and dive

so much alive

happy and free

the way it should be …

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