Violets in bloom

it seems so soon

yet as we walk along the woodland path

we see so many here and back

lovely colors bursting true

some shiny with dew

Violets are growing wild it seems

one of my dreams

fields of lovely purple around

running and falling to the ground

a violet hill, let’s roll along …

smiling violet smiles

all the while

Who can ask for more

I won’t that’s for sure

enjoy the day

dancing all the way!


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All around magic ~ By Autumn

Just look at this

what bliss

there’s magic in the air

it flows without a care

come closer you can share

the essence that is racing

it does seem to be pacing

the whispers on a wing

and all the birds sing

it makes one wonder how it works

and around each turn there seems to lurk

another spell and shining star so bright

working so hard to make the light

just right

So wish a wish and dream a dream

nothing is what it seems

a magical place

a wonderful race

the lightning will flash

and dash

look and see the stars

neither near or far

they’re watching YOU,

it’s true …


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You call me Sunshine ~by Autumn Sunshine

You’re allowed to call me that name

the same

one my Dad once called me

The only man I say, it’s OK, it’s you

it’s really true

You always knew

I thought you special and fine

the kind

I say, “I do” with…

As we walk along the path of life

My forever man and I am your wife

Your eyes meet mine with that silly grin

How can we not win?

You are the other half of me, my heart

and as we start

along on our way

Tomorrow and today

We have the bond of joy so strong

always will belong

together and loving our way

into the future…

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More today … by Autumn

I love you more today

than I did yesterday

yes it’s really true

more than I ever knew

possible, you see

back to you and me

the love that was meant to be

you said you do, and so do I

our love will never die

building castles in the sky

a dream that happened very fast

is meant to last

a journey into the past

it only means we loved in another time

ageless  rhyme

it happens as we know

and as we show

our smiles and joy

we just look at the stars

it was written there, many years ago …

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The Answer … ~ By Autumn Sunshine

You are the answer to my question …

I have found what I’ve been missing

so as I am kissing

you forever and a day

I really must say

this way

is the best ever


will we forget or regret

that we are together

as one

and we have just begun

a life so sweet

our souls will meet

and I will repeat

this to you~ you are my love.

We made a bet

and luck was ours for sure

ever more

will we smile and know that

we are blessed

we have the best …


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There’s magic in the air ~ by Autumn Sunshine

There is  magic in the air

look around if you want to share

in the delight of the season

I think there is a reason

That the magic shows

and also knows

that some of us believe still

we always will

so another year will fulfill

the earthly dreams

so it would seem

that enough still care

and still they dare

to say they do

hmmmm, it’s true

So close your eyes as with each wish

and picture your list

of this and that

and what you say

is I wish, if I may

and stand right there

and you never know for sure

how fast your dream will soar

Think of happy thoughts …

Tis the Season ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Tis the season,

what’s your reason

for the happy times?

Any answer is fine

but why just for a day or a few?

Some people never knew

or just don’t seem to care

or think it’s fair

to question why

some don’t try

I have a mind that does ask

and I have a task

and it won’t be the last

I just find it somewhat sad

that only for a few days people are glad

running here and there

charge cards beware 😉

think about it this year

All the ones you hold so dear

would rather have you loving and giving

for more than just awhile

Look and see the child

the one that still knows why

you will get a smile and not a lie

Tis the season for love

and twinkling stars above …

The month of Christmas ~ Autumn Sunshine

The month of Christmas is here

What are you wishes so dear?

I wish for peace for those far and near

yes, I’m a dreamer it seems

You know what that  means

I rarely  give up or give in

My journey through life is to win

and never lose hope …

The magic of Christmas is close at hand

so take a stand

and nicely demand

that Christmas time be kindness

we need to stop this blindness

Peace and love

and maybe some doves

I wish for all a lovely season

and never forget the reason

please …

We have … ~ by Autumn Sunshine

We have  walked in the sunshine

over and over again

and danced in the rain

picked wild flowers

during a Spring shower

We have done so much, seen a lot

listened to the lessons we were taught

from those so wise and sure

so now we have a love that’s pure

we have laughed in the shadows of  night

wandered hand in hand through the moon light

shared so many lovely sights

We have hiked a mountain so high

heard the wind sigh

and through it all

we’ve never said goodbye

We have made a promise this is true

We have agreed to say…. I do

The best of love ~ Autumn Sunshine

We really have the best of love

the stars above

do shine

yours and mine

So we are here

with so much cheer

another surprise it seems today

flowers for me and kisses coming your way

the wonder that is you and me

is plain to see

Dazzling rays of sunshine and wishes that come true

How did we get so lucky and who

would have ever known?

now time has shown

the seeds of love are sown

“Follow the sun”, the winds whisper aloud

the sages are proud

of a couple so loving and alive

there is magic afoot, just listen

the sun will glisten

and we will smile …