I Strayed… ~by Gabby

Did I lure you in with that title? 😉 It’s nothing sordid, trust me! What in the world am I again talking about you may be asking? I strayed and I never, never will again…From my favorite brand of Greek Yogurt, that is. My all time favorite is Oikos by Dannon…I will not budge on this ever again! I am quite passionate about this, I can’t help myself. Wonder if that sounds perhaps just a bit on the wacky side? Well, if does then so be it! 😉 I  just really like what I like and no other brand will do…Ever!

I won’t be tempted by some other brand to give it a whirl. Or even a well meaning Twinnie I know and love will not be tempting me again. 😉 Let’s give this other brand a try she says, just the other day when together we popped into  a grocery store for a few items. She was so very convincing, this may be better than Oikos says Autumn. Sorry to report, the poor Twinnie thinks the other brand was “quite good”. I say she is so off base! Come on Twinnie this other brand, I am naming names now…Chobani does not compare to my lovely Oikos! Is the Twinnie undercover working for this other brand? Of course not, I am being dramatic. 🙂 The Chobani doesn’t cut it for me, it does not even come close…I should have know better. To stray, I mean…I have tried all the others and they all pale in comparison. What a misleading ad this is, look what it says…So not true!

A couple months ago I wrote a post it was a product review of sorts all about Oikos by Dannon. I said it was the best and I am sticking with it…forevermore! Did any of you kind readers try Okios? Any thoughts if you do enjoy my favorite brand? Do any of you truly like the competion better? You can tell me, I will disagree of course, but we are entitled to our own thoughts an opinions after all.  Sorry Dannon, my deepest apologies my sweet Oikos! Don’t worry, I did all the taste testing I am ever going to do. Torture, all of it and I am not exaggerating one tiny bit! If the  Twinnie wants to stray, she will be straying alone. I know the TF <3=Twins Forever and all you ask? Oh no, what are you saying…Surely not breaking up the lifetime of TF <3=Twins Forever!  A touch of drama again, sorry I couldn’t help myself. 🙂  My aspiring actress dreams bombed in third grade….A whole other post indeed! 😉 All you kind readers, as well as Autumn knows NOTHING will ever, ever break up TF <3=Twins Forever. I do have to tease her about it, that’s all. After all, the bond of twinship is way too stong! I love Autumn dearly, but no more messing with the Oikos Twinnie!! 😉 🙂


Another Special Day ~ by Gabby

It’s here and yes it is a rather special day, another bizarre holiday! 🙂 Of course it’s not marked on the calendar, but very much worth mentioning. Today is “National Compliment Day”, that is an amazing chance for everyone today. Give everyone you like, love and maybe those you are not especially fond of a compliment. I mean it, come on kind readers…It is a good day to do this. It should bring out the best in all of us, are you with me?

I say, let’s spread some joy, love, peace and warm wishes and hand out those compliments. Sure, go ahead…Give it a try, it’s easy! 🙂 Wonder who all is laughing at me by now? 😉 It’s a possibility, some of you may think I am just a bit on the ridiculous side. Why hand out compliments to people? Because it’s nice, it will make you feel good…You know, all warm & fuzzy inside! 🙂

There has to be some redeeming quality in everyone to deserve some sort of compliment, right? Why do I feel some of you just may be shaking your head No? Look deep, it’s there somewhere I’m sure…Imagine the people you may surprise! Compliments given should come from your heart, make somebody smile and be glad they know you. I admit it…I am an eternal optimist! I am always looking for the best always in everyone I know or may meet up with. It’s my nature, it’s Autumn’s nature, too! I heard from her how she has a not so pleasant neighbor, she gave him a compliment anyway. She told him he had a nice pair of boots on…It was a start, make someone’s day! He actually smiled at the twinnie…Wow, a first! I gave out a hearty compliment to a not smiling and somewhat unhappy looking grocery store clerk myself. I told her the blue ribbon in her hair was pretty…She actually smiled, too! I am off to hand out more compliments, now it’s your turn…Go ahead and give it a try! 🙂

I love National Compliment Day, this could really catch on. You just never know unless you try! 🙂 By the way, all you kind readers are the best and we twinnies give you smiles and hugs! 🙂 🙂

Chai Tea Delivery ~ By Gabby Angel

Earlier in another blog I had mentioned my new greek yogurt addiction. Now…It’s time to talk about Autumn’s chai tea addiction! I did ask my twin’s permission before I wrote this. See, anything goes with us twinnies because we share immensely…Maybe too much at times? If nothing else we are honest! Perhaps we make you nice people reading ponder and wonder about the pair of us?

Getting back to Autumn’s addiction…She is very seriously addicted to chai tea. I like it, too but not nearly as much as she does. She is prone to panic when running a bit low, which is why it’s a good thing I keep it on hand. This happened one day last week, the grocery stores had closed and I get a pitiful telephone call from her.She followed up with a frantic e-mail, too in case I wasn’t able to answer the phone by the way.

Oh, Autumn is addicted to her chai tea…Need I say much more? It was kind of just plain pitiful, but she was really upset. Turns out she thought she had an extra box, she didn’t. So, I had to make a late night chai tea delivery to her…Thankfully we only live three miles apart! Besides, I knew she would have done this for me…At least I would like to hope so!

Chai tea a unique taste and either you love it or hate it. I was thinking about all the people I know who drink this and love it. I need to add, none are quite as enamored of it as Autumn is though.Then, the other side of the coin other people are happy to say they simply detest it.

Wonder how many of you reading of this like or love chai tea? Wonder how many of you totally dislike the stuff? Anyone want to share? No pressure, I bet Autumn most people may find this a wacky topic and wouldn’t be interested to say either way. She says people would love to respond.

Hmm…Well, we will see which twin turns out right. I am curious after thinking of how Autumn just can’t function properly without her chai tea. She will be the first to admit it, go ahead and ask her…Autumn isn’t shy about sharing. 😉 🙂

My New, But Healthy Addiction ~ by Gabby Angel

It really is my latest addiction, thanks to my sweet twin sister Autumn. What is this addiction, you ask? Greek Yogurt, it is my new favorite! I simply love it, I find myself needing it everyday now. I was reaching for one earlier, and I thought what a cool blog this would make. Having been eating regular yogurt for years, what a switch this greek yogurt is. So much more creamy, and other perks come along with it. Trust me, I did a bit of research for myself. My favorite brand is Dannon Oikos, I know there are others out there. But this one turned into my fave, I did do a lot of taste tasting of course. 😉 I go for the non-fat as usual and I have a few favorite flavors.

The black cherry, blueberry and honey are my top 3 favorites so far. I am just wondering how many of you reading this are simply loving  greek yogurt. Who has tried it, any input and most of all…Let me know your favorite flavors! I am of course having to point out some things I did compare, since eating healthy is a plus. My discovery is greek yogurt is higher in protein, less sugar, less carbs, lower in sodium and higher in calcium. That is pretty awesome if not impressive to know, isn’t it?

Of course some of you reading this may be shaking your heads at the whole yogurt hurrah. I do know some people detest the whole regular or even fabulous greek yogurt thought. I am expecting perhaps some of you could perhaps be thinking…She is crazy. A blog on greek yogurt? Well, it just needed to be talked about, that’s my humble opinion only anyway. I am seriously quite curious to know who else is loving this stuff!

Autumn and I can’t be the only ones, are we? To be quite honest, my twin doesn’t rave on and on the way I do. She likes it, but upon asking her…Autumn says she isn’t addicted! I am, I just can tell…I will be enjoying the Dannon Oikos for a long time to come! Another note about Autumn and I do love my twinnie dearly…She was semi-chuckling at me while we were in the grocery store together in fact! She thought it a wee bit excessive to buy the amount I was putting into my cart. How many single serve containers was I shuffling from the shelf to my cart? Well, only 20 or so…But that isn’t excessive, is it?! I was just making sure I wouldn’t run out for a couple weeks, that’s all. 😉

The Difference We Make~By Gabby Angel

I was picking up up some groceries in one of our local grocery stores. Slightly distracted, I didn’t catch on that a lady had said hello to me. Well, being never one to hurt someone’s feelings I said hello. Of course apologizing like crazy for not noticing her for a moment. It was a friend of my Mom’s and I hadn’t seen her for a couple years. Right away she knew I was a “One of the twins”…which is always nice. Sometimes Autumn and I shop together, sometimes alone. Well, I had a nice chat with this friends of Mom’s and was happy I had run into her.

A few things she did touch on were so kind. It made me realize that together or separate Autumn and I do bring a smile. In this day and age that’s a good feeling. Even in our small town area, not everyone is kind or nice which is kind of quite sad actually. This nice lady remarked on us both always being good listeners, so nice and also having kind word and real smiles and caring. We also had a little chat about how much fun it was back when Autumn and I co-managed a smalll store together.

That got me thinking and I had to mention it to Autumn, I was leaving the grocery and heading to her house actually. So, the thought was fresh in my mind. We did some remininscing about those days at our little store, Autumn and I…it was nice remembering those good times. What a blessing it was to work together and also the massive amounts of people we got to know. We were both living about 25 miles from our little home town, both married.

The store was on a popular plaza and visited from many miles around, so it wasn’t uncommon to see people from our hometown. At one time the owner had mentioned what “a draw” we were being twins and of course so friendly, generally people loving. We were both a bit insulted, but what were’nt we going to say…”we aren’t a freak show here”. One of the twinnies made that remark, after the owner had departed of course. I won’t say which one of us said it, I will leave that hanging…you all can guess! 😉 It’s something we take for granted maybe, the being twins I mean. Autumn and I are used to it, we’ve been twinnies our whole lives! 🙂 It really isn’t our little store I’m dwelling on here, by the way. The whole thing is about not realizing that Autumn and I do draw people in…Of course because we’re twins. But also because we are honestly caring, thoughtful human beings and we do listen and care what others have to say.

If people are sad, we try to make them smile and somehow uplift their spirits. I guess the chat with Mom’s friend and then later when Autumn and I were discussing this, had me asking her  something. “Did you really realize part of the reason we were put on this Earth? To make a difference in so many different ways, but one of them to connect with people in a good way?” We talked on between us about how it was nice to spread poistive vibes with us, either together or alone.

It’s so true and something everyone should ponder on…Do you make people happy when they see you? Or do you make them happier when they see you walking away, relieved to have the conversation over? It’s a thought everyone should really take a minute and ask themselves! Do it today…It’s never too late to change! 🙂