Twinnies Make a Gingerbread House… ~ By Gabby Angel

It’s not easy, let me tell you that! I was remembering last year when Autumn and I made one. It was lots of fun, kind of confusing…And we even had a kit! How embarassing is that to admit? We are both fairly handy and somewhat crafty, but for some reason it was kind of tougher going than we’d expected. Not as easy as Mom made them look, that’s for sure.

Wonder if was the twinnie combination…Did we laugh too much and not get serious? Probably, we made it more difficult than need be. It was so much laughing, making a mess all over my kitchen table, somewhat on ourselves even! Of course we also debated a lot. ;). The good news, it turned out very nicely after all was said and done. It was so much improvising and changing things on our part, but a fun project for a few hours.

I know, I don’t think it takes people that long…Our youngest sister got one put together so quickly. That was a couple years ago, she made it sound so easy and she had the two little nephews helping her! What prompted this memory? Well, I was looking at this year’s latest gingerbread houses. Some looked easy, some weren’t even made out of gingerbread either…How weird, isn’t that the whole point of a gingerbread house? 😉

Anyway, Autumn and I were talking about my findings and if we were brave enough to try one this year. Sadly no, we decided against it. We twinnies know we just couldn’t stay focused.Both Autumn and I have the need to create…But this year neither of us has that much time to spare.

I was again pondering and wondering…How many of you ever made your own gingerbread house? Did you find it easy, or did you have a hard time of it? Did you use a kit or make it yourself? Oh my goodness, I do ask far too many questions don’t I? That’s what I’m here for it seems, I am curious that’s all…So is Autumn. Again, if any kind readers have a gingerbread house story to share, please do! Maybe somebody had suggestions to make it quicker and easier, that would be quite welcome to hear also. 🙂 🙂


16 thoughts on “Twinnies Make a Gingerbread House… ~ By Gabby Angel

  1. It was fun, but we probably took forever because of laughing so much! 😉 I am wondering if anyone will have some Gingerbread House story or idea to share. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. The kids and I made one a long time ago. It was fun, but we never did it again. Our tradition is baking the roll out sugar cookies, which we still need to do. Dynamics change as they get older! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Gabby!

    • That is so nice that you and the kids made a gingerbread house once upon a time. I know, things change as they get older. Making the sugar cookies is a really nice tradition Lauren! 🙂

      • It is fun making the cookies, but it’s hard when everyone is so busy now! We just got our tree up yesterday, finally, and now we’re feeling a little more in the Christmas spirit! Enjoy your day…I still have wrapping to do! 🙂

  3. I’m happy you guys got your Christmas tree up, it does help. I can imagine, the kids are busy and doing their own things but do round them up for cookie making! 🙂 You enjoy your day, too Lauren! 🙂

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