The fairy paints

She paints the flowers one by one

early in the morning sun

she’s so patient with her brush

the flowers look so lush

with an extra brush or two in hand

she stops to check the land

lovely all around

all the flowers looks so sound

they almost dance with joy it seems

for all know that this fairy means

to make them pretty as can be

everyone can always see

she flies to check each flower when it dries

watching out for bees and butterflies

all is fine, she moves along

another flower, where she belongs

she leaves her mark

with such a spark

the fairy who paints  so well

all through the forest and dell …


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14 thoughts on “The fairy paints

  1. I really did love this poem so much Twinnie! 🙂 The little fairy painting everything with magic and love, the image makes it all so easy to picture exactly what she’s doing! 🙂 TF ❤

  2. Oh so that is why the world around looks so beautiful and colourful..oh a fairies work is never done and how lovely are they painting the world in beautiful colours for us…
    Beautiful poetry Autumn 🙂

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