Look at the Magic ~by Autumn

Magic touches every branch

what a lovely chance

to see the shine and glow

everyone should know

that there is a real pretty show

of all sorts of lights in the air

in the forest that so many share

the magic beings, you guessed ?

They’re not like the rest,

all different you see

could be the pixies near that tree

or a fairy or elf or who really knows

Just look what they can do

light up the night

and it looks so right

glowing like this

Oh what bliss !


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16 thoughts on “Look at the Magic ~by Autumn

  1. This is such a magicial and fun poem, I am always loving the magic! πŸ™‚ Nice writing Twinnie, the forest is bursting with all the magical beings, I just love it! πŸ™‚ TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. Its always a joy reading your poems Autumn…Nature is the best magician…that image of early morning dew or after rain water drops hainging on the trees and you shake them a lil and they shower you again..its beautiful the way you share your thoughts πŸ™‚

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