Dolphins at Sunset ~ by Autumn

What a beautiful sight

the dolphins at night

sunset time

they look so fine

jumping so high

are they waving goodbye?

they seem a happy pair

so unaware

that many smile at their games

they seem so tame

the moonlight shimmers

and the water glimmers

can you hear their dolphin call ?

they seem to sing

and they begin

to jump and dive

so much alive

happy and free

the way it should be …

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14 thoughts on “Dolphins at Sunset ~ by Autumn

  1. Liked your poem about dolphins. They certainly are great to watch. And I liked your line “happy and free the way it should be”. I love all animals to be free, too. Take care. Sincerely, Connie Webb

  2. In my time by the ocean this site was more common than most people realize, and I can honestly say I never took it for granted. Each time I drove the highway next to the bay and saw this site I would be reminded of how beautiful and magical our world is. A lovely work!

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