Are we ever too Old?

In going with my title…I know it’s a kind of strange title perhaps but hang with me please! 🙂 The question is… Are we ever to old for having stuffed animals, riding a merry go round, eating animal cookies that come packaged in those cute little boxes that kids enjoy, licking the favorite flavored lollipop, dancing in the rain, skipping along on a sunshiny day, twirling around until you get kind of dizzy? This thought hit me when I was looking at the stuffed giraffe I have, I started wondering if I was too old to have stuffed animals.
I only have about a half-dozen or so now, I have given some of them to nieces, nephews or friends’ kids. Am I too old for still owning stuffed animals? I say NO… they are fun and really very cute…Sentimental value in every single one of them! 🙂 Too old for the merry-go-round ride or any of the rest? Again, I would have to say NO NEVER! But then of course I will always be young at heart, something nobody can  ever take away from me. Am I immature? No, not in the slightest, I have been through far too many sad and grownup things nobody wants to face.
Riding a merry go round…Am I ever looking forward to the spring and the carnival time, it’s time for a ride! 😉 Eating animal cookies, enjoying a favorite lollipop…Both of them perfectly acceptable to kids and some of us that are kids at heart. Dancing in the rain, well if it’s warm enough weather…What if somebody’s watching? Oh well, guess they will be watching and perhaps maybe wondering. Never stopped me before, would it stop you? Any of these things the stuffed animals, all of it…Who of you kind readers has a thought to share?
What does Autumn have to say about all these questions? This sharing what the Twinnie thinks is always good, isn’t it? Does she agree with me…The answer is of course! Because we are twins is she agreeing? Of course not, thankfully she shares the love of all these fun things! 🙂 We twinnies do share the living like a kid at heart thing. Are we crazy, or are we normal…Oops, no such thing as normal! 😉 I will rephrase that as are we behaving like undignified people? If we are, may it never change! 🙂
Who has any thoughts they would like to share…Are we ever too old for some things? For everybody’s sake, I sure do hope not. If so, you could be missing out on so much fun and so many good times! I will be waiting to see what you kind readers think, so will the Twinnie. We are now heading off…We have to go pick out some lollipops and the sun is out also,  so we will be skipping on the way! 😉 🙂

10 thoughts on “Are we ever too Old?

  1. I still have stuffed animals!! 🙂 I love them!! So I guess I am never to old! 🙂 I can not help it! 🙂 shhh..don’t tell (smiling)
    great post!!:) (May you never change!!) 🙂

    • Then you are right on board with the stuffed animals J! 🙂 Thank you for liking this post and don’t worry I will never change. I am sure you will never change either! 🙂

  2. All I can say is that I am sure glad you are so wonderfully, colorfully, and playfully young at heart! Reading your posts makes me want to skip, while I’m sucking on a purple tootsie pop [oh ya, I forgot, I always bite it open to get to the chewy chocolate center :)], while I’m flying a colorful butterfly kite!

    • Thank you so much, your kind words are much appreciated. I am so young at heart and always will be. So will Autumn be, my beloved twin here on our blog…Well, you can tell by her poetry! Happily it works for us, we would love the whole world to be this way! It makes me happy you are also that way yourself, tootsie pops are very cool and that chocolate center is the best. 🙂 I love the flying of your butterfly kite while skipping along, too! 🙂

  3. Oh Gabby what a wonderful post..this one touches me more than the rest cos in my house i buy stuffed toys..absolutely love them specially the cute little cartoon ones…they are so warm and fluffy and often i hug them before keeping them back..
    and the rides in a park..
    you wrote it so well.we have this kid living inside us who is enjoying so much
    and this is what keeps us sailing in tough times too..
    hug n love you rock 🙂

    • I just had to smile over your comment on this one Soma! 🙂 Thanks so much for loving this post and I am happy this touched you. I love what you said about the stuffed animals, I do that myself always…They need hugs, too. 🙂 Of course you already know that since you give them hugs, too! Right now I have a stuffed siamese kitty on the other pillow beside me on my bed. Autumn’s daughter got it for me when I lost my real siamese kitty who was 17 yrs. old to renal failure. I have the others from Dave, so of course they are very special, too. We are so blessed to have that kid living inside of us, aren’t we? May we never lose that, ever! It keeps us going when those times get tough. You rock, too Soma, Hugs and Love! 🙂

  4. Ok you are exposing my dirty little secret…my name is Indi and I still devour those animal cookies in the red box with the cloth handle. LOVE THOSE! And I proudly have a stuffed mini bear that resides in my car windshield. I am all for any childhood indulgences that keep us young in spirit as long as possible. This one made me smile a sweet smile.

    • You love those animal cookies in the little red box, too! 🙂 Well, you are just awesome and so on board here Indi and I am loving it! That is so cool about the little mini bear residing in your car, too. Lol, Indi that was too cute and funny…Exposing your dirty little secret! 🙂 I am so happy you are in agreement we always should indulge in anything that keeps us young in spirit. Also, very glad this post made you smile! 🙂

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