Love everyday~ by Autumn

it’s everyday, the love we share

off we go without a care

we know the way

we gladly say

it’s easy once you try, you’ll know

love does grow

day by day

time after time

a beautiful rhyme

of me and you and you and me

a stronger bond, you’ll rarely see

it’s the magic of “us”

and of course lots of trust

your music is like a dream

I love it, it hardly seems

to take but a while

to make me smile

sing to me

you always see

the love flows and shows

and we both know

we are forever …


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8 thoughts on “Love everyday~ by Autumn

  1. A poem about you and YDM’s love is always so beautiful Twinnie! 🙂 I know in my heart you two have all the magic, love and everything else going to make it last forever and always! 🙂 TF ❤

  2. Hey Autumn its beautiful isnt it how love can bring spring in summer..oh all your poems are so filled with love that you guys share..every leaf is a blessing,telling us time and again the power that is love
    hugs 🙂

    • That little bear is just soooo darling 🙂 You said that so well, the power of love is amazing for sure. I feel blessed and it does help me write, when I was depressed I wrote such sad things. Life is so happy and all now. I say YAY 🙂 love and hugs

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