Music …

Hum a tune

the words appear soon

The music soars, loud and clear

chasing away sorrow or fear

music heals

music feels

like magic at it’s best

just rest

and relax and go with the flow

you’ll know

each melodic note will show

let go and feel, you’ll smile …

tap your feet

don’t miss a beat

all the defeat

will trickle away

you will stay

peaceful and calm

don’t be alarmed

Music is magic …


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20 thoughts on “Music …

  1. Such beautiful poem Autumn, I’m actually jamming to some music as I do some catch up before I go to bed! Praying not to get inspired since I’m still not feeling my best! I so love my music and ~cough~ singing love in my life who can blow me away! PJ don’t get inspired! I hope you feeling much better! God Bless 🙂

    • Thanks, PJ 🙂 I’m still laughing about what you said about two Russells 🙂 he knows we all think he’s a sweetie! I feel better each day and taking the antibiotics isn’t fun, but they sure do help 🙂 You get inspired. I hope you feel better, too. God bless you, sweetie 🙂 HUGS

  2. This Image is amazing Autumn..loved it
    yes yes yes..I belive in the healing power of music..its heals a wounded soul and nourishes it..enriches heart and mind..
    what a beautiful poetry
    Big warm musica hug 🙂

    • Hi Soma 🙂 I am still laughing about you wanting a twin 🙂 lol. I also loved the image. I am finding some really inspiring ones. I’m glad you liked the musical poem, I also always have believed in the healing power of music. love and hugs, I’ll find some magic spells, maybe a twin for you 😉 lol that would be fun.

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  4. Love this melodious melody, Autumn! When I was in my teens, I had my moment in the spotlight, singing, that was my passion, and I’m grateful for those moments, since I changed my path. Music is magic and a definite necessity! Beautiful poem! xx

    • I’m so glad you got your time in the spotlight 🙂 I did a few times, just back up with my cousins band. It was loads of fun though. That poem really did turn into a music and melody piece. TY for always supporting my writing! xx HUGS

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